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June 20, 2008


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Fred Thompson had an excellent discussion at TownHall.com about the extensive rights currently granted to prisoners at Guantanamo, and the implications of this decision. See http://www.townhall.com/columnists/fredthompson/2008/06/23/boumediene_a_supremely_problematic_court_decision

1) I'm not a lawyer but when thinking of the two decisions (Supreme Court and Legislative), it appears to be that we increased the rights of people who wish us harm and decreased the civil liberties of our own citizens. Anyone else concerned about this?

2) I believe that the statement regarding the "first black man" to be President is a racist statement. It indicates that Obama would be elected "because" he is black...not because he might be a qualified man who happens to be black. Our President should be elected based on the ability to lead and not on race, age, or gender.

3) In the end, no matter who our President is, our Civil Liberties must be protected.

Thanks to all for thoughtful discussion.

As to the status of this time in our history - I think you overstate its importance.
I'd say the possible election of the first black man to be President of the US is more significant around the world by far.

Burt G

There is some concept that the telecommunications companies when requested to allow "tapping" by the US Government assumed tghat the request was lawful. So their compliance was understandable.
We now have reason to believe that the government's request, tho' stated by the gov't. to be lawful may in fact not have been. this itself creates problems in this dispute.
As long as whatever happens going forward does not allow a president under any circumstances except invasion or verified imminent threat to go outside the laws then I can accept the outcome of this compromise. I think the idea of democrats' being scared of "crossing" the President in Nat'l. Security items is still extant and particularly in an election year. That's politics -- an expedient lack of courage.

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