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August 29, 2008


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Juanita: In brief, the McCain positions on Israel/Palestine and Pakistan are similar to the bush administration:
1. The Israel/Palestine "road map" begun under President Clinton should remain the basis for negotiations - including exchanging land for peace. Specifically, that would include continuing aid to Egypt, and development of an option for Jerusasalem which would guarantee equal access for all faiths - perhaps under an international guarantee. Divisions within the Palestinian community between Hamas and Hezbelloh, as well as Israeli politics, have prevented much progress, but involvement of the US administration should continue.
2. "Under the radar" efforts to support the democratic forces in Pakistan should continue, in the form of good relations with the two main political parties and support for the Pakistani military - most recently shown in an agreement to provide new military aircraft. Cooperative efforts to defeat extremists should continue, with the recognition that this is best done quietly.

Neither of these subjects is best discussed in terms of presidential politics. McCain understands that; Obama does not.

I am new to this blog. I am seeking out opinions, etc. When I read your #1 above, I thought "good, he's doing a McCain's position on a particular concern is "A" and Obama's is "B." However, this A-B presentation was not present in #2 and #3 points. I would have appreciated the more parallel commentaries.

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