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August 15, 2008


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I'm enjoying these blogs...makes me think a bit deeper about politics in general. The comments about health care deserve a reply from someone who is not on either coast.

I am self employed and my wife works part time. We have two kids...one in nursery school and one in first grade. Together we earn approximatly $75,000...a little more or a little less in any given year. Our priorities are shelter, food, health, education and finally fun. On our salaries we do not eat out, we do not take expensive vacation but do camp with the kids. We don't go to movies or belong to clubs. We work, read to our kids every night, and spend all of our free time with the kids. We do have health insurance because we prioritize it. Yes, it's expensive but not as expensive as no insurance.

So I look like the guy who would want universal health care, right? Wrong! I don't want the government interfering in my life and telling me what they'll cover and what they won't. My wife and I made the decision about our insurance and we are happy with it. Why should I, who budgets and prioritizes my insurance, be taxed to pay for health care for some rich guy? My sister, who is divorced and raising two kids on her own, can't afford insurance. My parents took out insurance for her and the kids. My wife and I have my sister and kids to dinner often to help her out financially. We pass down clothes just like friends have passed down clothes to our kids.

I know that there are really people who cannot afford the insurance (without my parents my sister would fall into that category) and I am happy if the government gives them health care. They need it and our society is better if everyone is healthy. But I don't want to pay higher taxes to pay for people who either abuse their health or who have more money than I do or who refuse to set their priorities so that they can get insurance.

In our town we have nurse practitioners and clinics that are relatively inexpensive. It works fine. There's a doc available if something serious occurs.

This issue will not be solved easily but hopefully our government will check out what people really want or need. Don't look to the coasts for the answers.

The health care debate is much hot air and not really addressing the core problems. Neither candidate wants to confront the insurance industry for fear of their power in an election year. The need of this country is that all of us should have availabilty of medical care (as we would all have if visiting anywhere in Europe). The very presence of a for-profit industry in the health care montage is immoral. All monies that people pay into any healthcare scheme should be used ONLY for health care and not for anyone's profit and enrichment. Granted modern technology is expensive, but once that technology is paid for and its maintenance covered it should not be charged for as though it still required being paid for.

Among those things that shoud really be funded by any society to sustain itself is its health care system.

an interesting post. . .or at least it's halfway there. I've enjoyed reading RISF, largely because unlike most political blogs you tend to bring things to conclusion and propose specific alternatives to the positions you are arguing against. However, here you commit the same sin you have been heard to criticize in, for example, those who say ANWAR drilling is wrong w/out proposing alternative energy solutions. So. . .what is YOUR healthcare plan? If McCain's is bad and Obama's worse, to whom should we turn? Are we to believe from your post that you think the status quo is appropriate, or is there a third proposal forthcoming?

-- Waiting in Williamstown

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