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January 09, 2009


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Hello, Bill,

Your post today caused me some pause.

To my knowledge, not even an Afghanistani has ever imposed effective central rule in Afghanistan. Just too tribal. The same appears to be true in Iraq, except when a large dose of terror is used to meld it together.

We seem to be bogged down in both countries due to the "pottery store rule". Presence of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" do not currently exist in Iraq [maybe the stockpiles were used up on Iranians and Kurds?]. The bad guys are in disarray in Afghanistan/Packistan. So, it appears that our national interests would not be impacted by chaos in either country, provided that efforts to export terror to the USA are interdicted. Unfortunately such interdiction is about to be severly curtailed because of vague
"concerns" about potential violations of "civil rights". Maybe the new administration could marry disengagement from Iraq/Afghanistan with a continued strong policy to interdict threats? One facet or another of such a policy should make everyone happy.

The Israel "problem" is more complicated. Mohammed slaughtered all the men/women/children of two of the Medina Jewish tribes, then expelled the remaining tribe, if my historical sources are accurate. Later, the Crusaders murdered all the Jerusalem Jews [as well as Moslems-the Crusaders did not discriminate]. So, the Jews have not fared very well in the mid-East [or in Europe]. In retrospect, creation of the State of Israel may have been a mistake because it put Jews back in harms way.

California is a large state that has graciously accepted homeless from throughout the USA, providing them succor and housing. Might California donate land so that Israel could be replicated on the West Coast? True, California might need to relocate some of its valued illegals from South of the Border. If the compensation was high enough, however, the "illegals" would not object. Israel would be happy to develop oil fields that Californian places off limits for theological reasons--and export resulting gasoline to California. Sounds like a winner for everyone.

We have been promised "Change" on the federal level for 2009. California might do its part to implement the above through the Proposition process. After all, you have enough Propositions on the ballot that few read what they are voting for.

Just trying to help. Al Bowen

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