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February 27, 2009


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Fly over state
If you can figure a way to get heard and to make a difference let us know. Thanks WJM

Love the comment. Hear tons of complaints from my friends who are all "little guys"...own our own businesses, etc. and agree. How can a small guy like me make a difference in what is happening? Don't want to spend the next four years whining...want to do something.

Bo marches on!! Today March 3 was another harsh day for realists to understand. Today the Obama people tried to convince the rest of us that the solution to America's economic crisis is the implementation of the President's moral vision of justice for the American people. God knows we're all for justice for America's people but the question to be asked is: was this an economic stimulus bill or an income redistribution bill designed to redistribute the wealth of America (what remains of it) in a social engineering project? $3.6 Trillion borrowed from who? Our children? Our grandchildren? China? And who exactly are we rewarding? The 12 Million illegals aliens who stole their way into America to take part in this give away? The underground economy of drugs, theft and internet crime who pay no taxes and buy the high priced clothes all our kids want? The retired people on SS who line up in their trailers outside the nation's casinos to spend their rolls of quarters in video slots? Yep that's who.
It's one thing to help the unemployed for a while or try to retrain them I'm all for that. But the only one in America who can put them to work is me and 1000's of people like me who have spent their lives and working our asses off investing our money to create jobs. If you don't build a stimulus package that rewards the people who do that then we won't be able do it anymore.Period.
Small business creates all the new jobs in America. Forget the fat cats of the Fortune 500 you see at Congressional meetings. They didn't do it and no matter how much money you give them they won't do it. Forget the bankers. They could give a damn. They are in the investment business for the quick buck. Give em oil derivitives. You think they want to make money at 5%? Or even 9%? Not on your life. They sell you credit cards with 9% rates and then create rules that quickly get you paying penelties and interest of 29%. Then they raise your limits and make sure you are so far in debt you can't get out. Any changes in those rules in the stimulus act? I didn't see any.
It's the little guys that create jobs. It's us who fight to give our employees medical insurance. And, do you think that the Federal government (which every year has a bidding game for the insurance companies to bid on the medical insurance coverage "POOLS" for their workers) can create pools for the small businesses of America? NO. Instead we get rated individually. So as soon as we get a long term cancer claim or 5 babies in one year or an AIDs case our premiums go so high we have to discontinue the coverage for our employees. Stimulus for America--sorry America it's too simple for your elected officials.
Here is a simple stimulus formula for America:

1. No taxes on businesses under $100M in sales for 3 years. Our employees pay most of our taxes anyway.

2. A government loan fund for small business owners to borrow from with 5% --ten year terms. We'll actually pay it back.

3. State by state or national pools of small business employees for insurance companies to bid on under Federal actuarial tables.

4. Strict limits on credit card limits as a percent of income and a maximum interest rate of 9%.

5. The immediate adoption of the T Bone Pickens approach to energy policy and the move to natural gas as a primary source of US clean fuel.

6. An enforcement of the immigration laws of the US. Find and send back the illegals in this country. In a humane way let them apply for entry under the law if you want but do not fund them under the social experiment.

7. Buy the "bad banks and insurance companies" and sell them to the good banks and insurance companies for whatever they might be worth. Eat the bad assets. Get this nightmare over with.

8. Ford took no bail out money and now their sales are down about 50%. Merge Ford, GM and Chrysler into one American company. Cut it to a size and product mix that can survive, fund it and let it go. Sink or swim. Mit Romney can do it. Create one stck and give it to the owners of record.

9. Have Congress pass a law that allows the President to temporarily suspend drilling constraints on US oil wells any time that the price of oil rises to a level that threatens our national security and economic well being. ($40/barrel) Or pass a law that sets environmental standards for drilling in Southern California waters and Alaska that we can live with rather than no drilling. Let's have the US control the world's oil prices for a while and see how stable the world gets.

10. Use closed military bases in the USA to build modern gas refinery facilities secure from terrorists and lease them to American oil companies who will not restrict production.

That's a few things that will actually create a better America for all of us no matter how much we earn. Few of us small business people are "rich" and deserve to get saddled with the costs of the social experiment. Get your representative "off his ass" and get to work. Like we are.

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