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February 20, 2009


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Can't agree with your assessment of Limbaugh. He drives me crazy! I find him mean spirited and shrill. On the other hand, folks should vote with their dial and turn to another radio station if they don't like him. Having the government curtail ANY first amendment rights is just plain wrong.

Also don't like the liberal commentators...anyone know if anyone in the middle? Where does Glen Beck fall? Seems he's more of a populist than liberal or conservative.

Bill - you're hitting on the cause of our malaise; it's political, not economic. The economic disaster is simply the result of a political problem. We hear a lot about the housing crisis as a catalyst for the economic problems; in fact, as we all know, it was political pressure by those who wanted 'affordable housing' -- read that as subsidized housing for those who wanted to circumvent the historic path of getting a job, saving money, and making a down payment. Although a liberal agenda item, conservatives accommodated the request to 'get along.' Now, however, the political calulus has taken a radical -- and I fear an irreversible -- shift. Our new government has unabashadly tacked 90 degrees to the left. (And that's basically heading 180 degrees from sustainable democracy). Not only have they energized the existing left to an extent never seen before, they are empowering a new liberal base. Illegal immigration? Where? Never paid taxes? Here's a 'tax refund.' Universal health care? You have a God-given right. With a majority of voters - notice I didn't say citizens - now being assured they have rights to someone else's money, we are closer to political collapse than we have ever been. The Civil War and the Great Depression will look like a cakewalk compared to what lies ahead. May God protect America.

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