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February 06, 2009


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Bill is right on here. Obama promised a new approach : Bipartisan inclusion in leadership and solutions to the nation's overwhelming problems. Then he begins it all by assigning the stimulus package design to the Congressional leaders who are, according to public polls, the most unpopular leaders of all time--far lower than George Bush. When will a President come into office and call the 6 leading Democrats and the 6 leading Republicans into a closed door session, hand them each a longneck, and say "Let's get this nation's problems solved together." Then, after these people have negotiated and compromised on a set of plans send them to Congress to get it funded and direct the Cabinet to implement them. Go to the people in a national address and explain exactly what the party leaders have agreed to and why.
Obama's idea that the people wanted change is correct: but the change is not a move to the left it is a move to cooperation and solutions to the nation's problems. Political war is what we now have once again, barely a month into the new presidency, and at a time we can least afford it. Most Americans have a disdain for the far left and the far right. They live in a world of everyday compromises and they don't understand why politicians can't compromise for the good of getting things done. Bill Clinton and John McCain were compromisers and both can get things done. Obama needs to rethink what change really means to the people or he will quickly see how fast they will change the structure of government once again. Just as they did when Republicans blew their chance to compromise trying to force their far right agenda on us. It's too bad Ross Perot gave up on creating a true middle of the road party so we could vote for it instead of playing this ping pong game between uncompromising parties.

Right on! Thanks for saying what I have been unable to put into words. We're worried. My business is down but fortunately my wife has kept her part time job. The congressional bill made me just plain angry. All I see ahead is high inflation and little help for the middle guy who has been saving what he can all along, paying taxes, taking care of the family.

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