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March 13, 2009


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I think you have missed the greater point. The Republican party lacks a spokesperson at this time. Being the loudest, Rush gets heard most and has become the face of the party. He generally presents himself as a ranting buffoon with no interest in relating to political middle. His own personal faults (drugs, marriages) put him in stark contrast with the Obamas. Until the Republicans can come up with a better face of the party Rush define it for you.

Right On, Bo! Rush is an entertainer. What was his contract? $300M I think I read. If the liberals can get equal time then do you think they'll demand equal pay too? Why not? In this frenzy of income redistribution legislation they may as well make a play for half his contract too. After all, the 3% tax increase is only $9M out of Rush's pocket. The idiocy of the left caring about Rush is pure comedy.

But, Rush reminds me of Archie Bunker most of the time. And, Archie was played by the talented actor Carrol O'Connor who also played the sheriff in 'Heat of the Night'. Both charaters were Rush types: brash and cut to the bone New Yorker/Redneck/right leaning. And, ironically, Carol O'Connor was one of the most liberal actors in Hollywood. So, here was a guy playing his real life opposite so well that the shows went on for 12 years and more than 300 episodes. At a salary of more than $200,000 per episode, O'Connor earned more than $60M playing Archie. And his character is ranked in the top 20 "fathers" of all time in television history. O'Connor once remarked that poor girls and rich girls alike love Archie. And so too does the public love Rush. No matter what he says perhaps. Perhaps it's not what Rush says so much as the entertaining way, like Archie, that he says it. And, the funny way that he gets to the liberal "meatballs" every time they suggest another social program at the expense of the working man. Perhaps it's that we all like to feel defended and Rush never fails to "Rush" to our defense. After drugs led to his adopted son's suicide, Carol O'Conner went after drug dealers with a vengence. He won a lawsuit brought on by the man he accused of supplying his son with drugs. In California, he led the passage of a law allowing people to sue drug dealers for supplying them or their relatives with drugs. This was an amazing change in a strong liberal when drugs hit close to home and were no longer just the way to relax in the San Francisco culture.

And so, Carol O'Connor's ability to portray someone so different than himself reminds me of the newest star on America's stage: President Obama. President Obama became the hopes and dreams of most of America's people and still is. I think his popularity rating soared to more than 70% after the election and still stands at 63% today. With the support of the media Obama managed to dismiss his voting record as a liberal, his years as a union organizer, his cocaine trials, his association with radical preachers and educators for the most part justifying this behavior as youthful or in the name of understanding the issues while not agreeing with the parties. Sometimes, he even apologized for their behavior. He hid his smoking habit well. For a staunch healthcare reform man one would think he would quit smoking and then perhaps his basketball playing routine would have a genuine ring to it for the youth of America. He told us he stood for:

Fiscal Responsibilty--he has since proposed more deficits and debt than the world has ever seen.

An end to Pork--he gave the green light to the creation of a series of Congressional bills with massive amounts of pork.

He was bipartisan---bipartisan has turned out to mean Pelosi and Reid. We were lead to believe it mean't Republican and Democrats working together. His administration, if he ever gets it together, is not bipartisan. In his attempt to get a Republican to join he was "outed" on his plan to move the Census out of Commerce and into the White House so he can redistrict America to the benefit future Democratic candidates for the House. Never have Republicans been so quick to circle the wagons and take a defensive stance as they have in the first 30 days of Obama. I suppose he kept Gates so he'd have someone to blame if he can't get us out of Iraq quickly or Afghanistan gets ugly. Or perhaps, we were already getting out of Iraq and Gates knew how.

He would bring a new look to DC---instead we have the Clinton team back again along with Biden. There are no new faces.

His Administration would have integrity and be free from lobbying influence---he has now appointed or attempted to appoint lobbists and tax cheaters to his team.

His Administration would be "open"---now Biden meets in secret with the unions and Reid and Pelosi meet in secret to draw up the legislation of America.

He would focus on the economy beginning with the Banks--instead we have a new social system being funded and the banks still in trouble. His Treasury department still has the top 19 positions open. More people decline to join each day. The markets wait for resolution.

He would begin the period of a new era letting the past be the past--now we see the beginnings of the "it's all GWB's fault" in every speech by he and his cabinet. Mr. President: You wanted the job. We gave it to you. Now do it. Mrs Clinton and Mr. McCain told you it would be tough. Stop whining.

He said we would open up new talks with our enemies--how's it going so far? Russia is talking about stationing bombers in Cuba and Venezuela. Iran wants an apology for supporting Isreal first. North Korea is issuing threats. Could it be that talking is mistaken for the end of a willingness to stand tall? Kennedy stood tall. Lincoln stood tall. GWB, like him or not, stood tall.

So, in closing, let me just say that Obama, like Carol O'Connor, gave an Oscar winning performance pretending to be what he isn't. Now he is showing what he is and Palin, McCain, Rush, Fox News and others can be vindicated for their unpopular depiction of him. And Rush has more material than ever to continue to entertain us. I just wish Archie was still with us!

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