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March 26, 2009


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Bo, Now that you are back I look forward to your view on how the Americans view Obama's approach in Europe. So far the O'Reilly crowd has been somewhat soft on him by agreeing with his attempt to soften the view of the US as the World's Bully but unable to understand why he cannot get anyone to change their approach to contribute to his call for armed forces in Afghanistan and more stimulus to help the US reignite the world's economy.
Other than Mrs. Thatcher and Mr. Blair what European leader has ever stood firm with the US on anything? So why now would the President think that he can persuade them to give up the free lunch under the US military umbrella that has saved their bacon since we entered WWI in 1917? For 102 years we have paid the bill economically and in blood to protect our "friends" in Europe. And for that we have to listen to their criticsm of our policies.
Afghanistan is a long way away and really nothing but a drug producer for their liberal society that long ago decided drugs were recreational. It goes with socialism. The Russians failed there. The Pakistan government is little help and might even fall to the terrorists someday giving them the nukes they seek. Why would that bother the Europeans? They can't remember the trains in Spain or the London bombs or the shoe bomber? Much like many in the US can't seem to remember 911 or the USS Cole. You know why? Because there is no need to support the US, we will do it alone and always have even if they don't help. So Obama is popular in Europe. Why? Because when he didn't get what he wanted he didn't raise hell. Instead he smiled and went off to Turkey where he apologized for the behavior of the US in our treatment of the Indians, the blacks, the Musims,Prisoners, etc. All to do what? Make the Turks feel guilty for their treatment of the Kurds perhaps? Or is it to make the Muslims think that he is different than GWB and will "talk" with the Muslims instead of threaten them? I really don't know what he is thinking. But, I do know that GWB had a coalition of 40 when he went into Iraq. His father had more. Obama has a coalition of very few to continue in Afghanistan.
How many times does the US have to learn this lesson? "If you are going to fight a war then fight it to win and get it over." Remember Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan? If Obama is going to fight it then do it and get it over with. Forget partners. Better make Pakistan the partner because to win it you are going to have to fight it there perhaps even more than in Afghanistan. And it may be more important to stabalize that government ---they have the Nuke's.
Evidently, Obama is not going to be giving speeches on the Axis of Evil and lecturing the world on the evil's of terrorism. But, he better be careful that he doesn't give the impression that you can do anything you want to while he's in power. Israel is already making it clear that it will act alone against Iran if need be. North Korea has already defied him once and they supply missile technology to Iran. Russia and China more than the US set the agenda for the recent visit to London. I think that Obama, like Jimmy carter, sees the US as one of the countries of the world and wants to be a good world citizen. But, the world has relied on the US to "contain or destroy the bad guys" for 102 years and now is not the time for that to change. As Robert Ringer pointed out in his Book "Winning Through Intimadation" Reality is not the way we wish things to be, nor the way they appear to be but the way they actually are. You either acknowledge reality and use it to your benefit or it will automatically work against you." Reality is: The world is full of bad guys. We are the police. No one else that we would want to be the police will do it. Do we want the Chinese or the Russians policing the globe? Failure to acknowledge reality leads to disaster. (Who was right about Hitler: Churchill or that nice Mr.Chamberlain?) And for Obama disaster in this world can make 911 and Pearl Harbor look like industrial accidents.
As for the economic side, stop begging for help and lead. Simply get back home to Washington DC (not California or Chicago) and get the banks lending again. The Europeans are not going to spend money to help us-- only themselves. So forget it. Make America the place to invest in and the world will do it. Then the US dollar will be repected once again. Despite the rhetoric I don't see a lot of dollar dumping going on.
My thoughts on the Obama US image changing project. Our image was best when the statue fell in Iraq, America liberated Kuwait and when US forces entered Paris.

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