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June 05, 2009


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Have not written in some time. Our family is just trying to hold things together by working as hard as we can. And my neighbors are doing the same. I don't pretend to understand what the "financial systems" are doing but homes in our area are selling again On the flip side, more of my friends are losing their jobs or, if like me are self employed, are having trouble finding work. BUT...our kids are fine, there is food on the table, we still have our health (and our health insurance), and summer vacation will be another camping trip nearby. Our neighborhood is into sharing...one guy is good with mechanical things so keeps our lawn mowers running and sharpened, I help with plumbing issues, my wife and her friends make big casseroles and share with others, kids play together and create their own fun. They are amazed at what a big box can become.r

My advice to all Americans...hunker down. Spend only what you earn and cut way back on everything. Play games with your family, eat in, wear hand-me-downs...don't look to the government to pay your way. And help your neighbors when they are out of work, in bad health, etc.

Inflation will be down the road so get back to basics. It has freed our friends and neighbors up to become real people again.

Posting a comment on Part II since Part II does not appear to let comments in.
My views on North Korea are that we waste too much time on these guys. What we should do is just announce we are pulling out of South Korea over the next 3 years and give the Japanese, South Koreans and Chinese notice that their defense is on their own unless the conflict requires nuclear weapons and then we will act. That serves notice that we are no longer going to finance the stalemate that has existed between Japan, the Korea's and the Chinese while they get rich selling Americans cheap products at the cost of the environment, the world's wildlife and child labor laws. This would get the Chinese off their duff and get them thinking about war in their Region again. It might just shake them up to think of a nuclear North Korea fighting a vulnerable Japan and South Korea who would be forced to quickly arm themselves with Nuclear weapons. Maybe even Nationalist China would get a Nuke or two. (Even if they don't have them they should just say they have them. Who would know for sure?) Then, we can turn around and announce to the Europeans that we are prepared to remove our forces from Europe as well unless we get some cooperation in the middle east, war on terror, Africa and funding their defense/UN.

Sure, I know that this is all too radical for any politician. But, until the USA shows the world we are not going to watch them destroy the planet, financially exploit our markets, use us to come to their defense and then blame us for all the problems that exist; the world will continue to do it. Why not? They are asking the US to pay the bill for everything and getting away with it. Reminds me of the Liberals putting everything on the backs of the tax paying Americans.

As for a missile defense system for the rogue nations: I havn't been in that business since 1974 but when I was we were well on our way to developing the laser systems necessary to deploy a missile defense system in space that could do the job. It was delayed by the Space Weapons ban. And at the time it was vulnerable to being taken out by sophisticated preemptive technology of perhaps a China or USSR. But I doubt that a North Korea or Iran could accomplish that so I would think that a space based system to defend against these nuclear catapults of the emerging axis of terror would do just fine. While we fly laser guided weapons through windows from thousands of miles away, these guys are trying to develop Sputnik technology.

The US Military has saved every one of them in the past. Then the US Military reponded to the Tsunami. Now the US military is finding the missing plane in the Atlantic. The US military saved Kuwait. The US military has intervened in Africa where no one else seems to dare venture. The US Military intervened in the Balkans. It is time now for us to cash some chips and for the world to acknowledge their debt to this country. But as soon as the US demands it we will be told how aggressive and arrogant we are. England, Austrailia and Canada will be there to help. Few others.

On a final note while the "Greatest Generation of American Warriors" are passing away in their "Final hour" the Europeans have to create a big fuss by not inviting the Queen to the Honoring of the invasion of Normandy. What a shame. The self serving people of this generation can't even honor their "Finest Hour" without calling attention to themselves.

There were WMDs in Iraq. They were used against the Kurds and Iran. The question is where did they go and at what point? Did Saddam destroy them and if he did when? Are they still hidden in one of Saddam's deep hardened facilities? Were they shipped to Syria and if so when? Given the high level of prisoners we captured and the length of time we have occupied Iraq it is incomprehensible that we do not have the answer. But there were chemical weapons used by Iraq. We found no biologicals and no nukes. So in the eyes of the world we were wrong. But there is no doubt that chemicals existed. The world just wants to be right like the liberals in the USA. It allows them to hate GWB and promote their political agenda. Unfortunately, GWB did not make much of a case for himself and he was naive to believe the war would not become a urban/terrorist battle. He looked stupid after his Aircraft Carrier speech declaring the end of combat operations. And he never recovered. Why we don't have the story of what happened inside the Iraq regime is beyond me. Does the CIA have no ability to interrogate those prisoners? Or is there some national security reason that we are not told where they are? Could Isreal have targeted those assets in Syria last year? This is a war fought mostly in secret I suspect and as GWB told us long ago we will never see much of the action. And we don't.

In the end though, Bo, US presidents have to act to protect us. It matters little what their political fate. And I suspect that they will when confronted with the intelligence we never see. We've seen Obama change considerably in his approach to "ending" the war. So, I hope that American leaders will not let this case inhibit them. The American Senate is presently taking on the liberal leadership of the House over the picture release. Sooner or later Americans will be Americans--watch the 2010 elections and I think we'll see it happen again.

I agree that this will be one more milestone on the path to a world with widespread nuclear weapons, which will eventually be used. But, to change the path would take greater political courage than is on the stage. It is one of the great ironies of history that there were no WMDs in Iraq - that undercut the ability of future presidents to take preemptive measures to eliminate these threats at an early stage.

Wow, Bo, This one is complex. Ironically, the US could take out North Korea in a week. But to do so would require a staged build up to get ready like we did prior to both Gulf Wars. The question is whether the NK leaders would preempt us and head for Seoul inflicting devastion before we got them out of there. Now we could prevent that with the use of nucear weapons but that would send a message to the world that we probably don't want. It's better that we send 1 Million dying soldiers running back up the highway of death with laser guided weapons hunting them down. Somehow that's acceptable. But it's unlikely in my opinion that the US will strike unless they start it. Unlike the Japanese in WWII or Saddam I don't think the NK motivations are the same. Or even definable at this point.
So, Iran and NK on the verge of nuclear weapons and long range missles bring a whole new world of thought into play. With the USA under the control of liberal politicians what will happen? You can be pretty sure that until we are attacked we will not go to war no matter what the "crisis" is. And, you can be pretty sure that the weapons will be developed and deployed in NK. As for Iran I have a feeling that Isreal will strike and soon. I don't think they are likely to be lulled to sleep with Obama's program of friendship before peace. They are already taking action as the people have now elected a government of action. It is in place. And, likely planning and prepared to strike at Iran. After all, as you point out, they struck in 2008. So why not 2009? Only the US can stop them and that will only happen, I believe, if the US gets something positive to happen and soon. Obama is on the hotseat. Many thought that GWB was being a "cowboy" President when he termed the "axis of evil" but it turns out that this President is finding out that the "axis" are not too open to friendly conversations over a beer. Lucky he has Joe Biden to advise him on how to handle all this. After all Joe is much more skilled than Chaney and GWB's father.
In a way these are mini "Cuban Missile Crisises". My guess is that we will accept nuclear Iran and NK. We will simply live with them forever. In the end they will be like Pakistan and India in a nuetralization. Spending billions of dollars for nothing. Guaranteed to be obliterated if they ever launch one offensively. The USA and Russia went about our business for 50 years in that position and still engaged in conflicts around the globe with 3rd parties. We still point about 100,000 nukes at each other and the Chinese, our financial partner. Nothing happens.
But, sooner or later as proliferation continues something will
happen and the world should be figuring out what the rules are going to be when it does. A fanatical ruler or terrorist will eventually get one and detonate it. The problem will be absorbing the damage and then waiting for the second shoe to drop rather than disharging a wave of nuclear retaliation. The danger is that countries like Isreal are not willing to absorb the first one--and therefore have a preemptive policy. This keeps the world in crisis.

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