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May 08, 2009


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I can't resist this one!! I grew up with Harry Reid. He was my divorce lawyer. He was my company's lawyer in Las Vegas. He is my friend. Politics is a strange thing. In real life Harry is a wonderful man. He cares. He's smart. He's a good husband and friend. You would never recognize him as the ruthless, biased person you listen to on TV who pushes the liberal agenda without even an appearance of cooperation with the opposition. In real life I think Harry would pick up a rifle, put on his helmet and boots and defend America to the death against its enemies. But on TV as the leader of the Senate you would believe he is a draft dodging softball from the Vietnam War evaders days. What does this to our friends?

Is it power? Is it a role they have to play? Is it all a game? Does someone really own all these guys and push their buttons? I know it's not the people who elected them because many of my friends grew up with Harry and are appalled that the little guy from Searchlight, Nevada, can act like he never knew what it mean't to be nice. In all of the 8 years of his Presidency I never ever heard GWB act like he hated the US Senators or specifically Harry Reid. On the other hand for the last 4 years of his administration I watched with disbelief Harry publicly dishonor and disrespect the President of the USA. The job of the Congress is to tax and allocate the resources of the USA. Harry is in charge of that. So exactly why are we so irate with GWB for the financial mess created by the Congress of the US? Pelosi and Harry can balance the budget ANY TIME THEY WANT TO. Obama cannot spend a dollar without their approval. GWB could not have funded any war they did not approve the funds for. I know Harry knows all this--but politics is evidently all about blaming the other guy for what you were party to--so Harry plays the political game. I predict, however, that after the rosy glasses clear and before his death Harry will stand up to Obama and offer the US public a glimpse of the Harry I know. One who cares about America not just America's unions.

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