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May 22, 2009


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Bo What a mess you live in. America is blessed with the best geographical position on the globe, an abundance of natural resources, a technologically advanced society and a fantastic college system. And the same can be said of California as a state. So what the hell is messing it all up? Politicians--period. Politicians are elected by us to provide for our common good in ways we cannot provide ourselves. In order to allow them to do this we fund them with tax dollars. And we should be far more critical of their use of these funds and how much they get. Unfortunately, the politicians appear to have become a group of people who once elected are looking out for their good not ours. It is up to us to change the system and get it efficient again. Your blog is a start. Thanks.

This weeks subject, and Burt's post, caused me to give the subject some thought (not necessarily a "good thing").

Just returning from South Carolina, my first thought was SC's somewhat disasterous reaction when SC felt that the Federal government was intruding on state rights. We currently have a bill pending in the legislature instructing the Governor to ignore "Unconstitutional" demands from the Federal government.

On second thought, however, this is California's obvious solution to its budget problems. Think about it---no budget problems, print your own money, glamorize gay marriage, no stigma about "illegal" status, declare war on Israel/Iraq (and Dick Cheney), create official platforms for Sean Penn et al, etc. Having successfully enlisted our homeless, and to a lesser extent our illegals (and gays), who outside CA will object? Particularly if CA manages to induce Massachusetts to join it in leaving the Union.

No big deal in redesigning the flag to have 49 (preferrably 48) stars. California really deserves to be its own state rather than having parity with midgets such as Delaware and Rhode Island.

Al Bowen (recently disowned by Bill Bowen)

PS: Sorry Burt--you encouraged me to quit smoking & I have 2 & 1/2 years of built up anxiety that just erupted.

Thank God the Gov't. has taken over Detroit as much as it has to FORCE our auto mfgrs. to make cars that conform to the Calif. standards (and hopefully) much more. And the public will buy them!

Burt Goldstein

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