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June 26, 2009


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Senator #60 for the Democrats. Bo, if we were in trouble before we have the potential for an unstoppable railroading of Liberal policies now. I'm sure you'll address all this soon. I can only wonder:

Where has common sense and responsibility gone? Is this what it was like in Germany as the masses followed Hitler without a thought? Have we elected a bunch of Lemmings? Can it be that the Democrats of the House and Senate all believe in this massive spending now followed by massive tax increases? Where are the Blue Dogs? Liberal intellectuals? Even intellectuals so prone to fantasy policy dreams are supposed to challenge ideas, debate policy and look at alternatives. Isn't that why our colleges are so full of Liberals? This is a mass march to the sea unimpeded by thought, debate,reason or common sense. Are all politicians blind to the lies that were told to the American public during the election process? I don't even hear the Republicans screaming as the gallow awaits the free enterprise system. Only Fox news seems to be aware of the slaughter of debate and consensus in America. Liberal Democrats were always known as the tax and spend gang. This is the new gang: Spend and Tax. First, alarmed that we were headed for the great depression II we were rushed into massive spending to "stimulate the economy". This resulted in the implementation of the social programs long held in check by a balanced congress. I could argue that this rape of conservative values started long ago in the Freddy/Fanny move to finance houses for the low income Americans championed by Clinton, Dodd and Barney. Second, the alarm was sounded for the change of America to save the world from Global Warming and slowly drive the consumer to believe we should legislate our way to new products not yet welcome in the markets of America. At the same time we capped wells and restricted drilling at home. Taking America from a country that produced 50% of it's own oil to a nation (who's President chose to bow to the Saudi King) that imports virtually all of it. Third, we were led to believe that Bush had misled us into another Vietnam conspiring with General Powell (who's endorsement of Obama was welcomed) to justify the attack. The war would break America, was unwinnable and required an immediate pullout. It turned out that within 100 days we were winning and the transition GWB promised to deaf ears was doable all the time. This is no Vietnam capitulation--this could be a job well done if it is not rushed to failure. Fourth, we basically nationalized the car companies to control their products for the good of the environment not the consumers. I believe it was California who began the march to legislating the auto products and today will begin to issue their IOU's to creditors. And, now we have the push by Obama, Reid and Pelosi to get every big spending measure in place. Then facing an insurmountable mountain of debt the Democrats will deliver the final blow to the economy: a massive tax increase that will hit every wage earner and consummer in the nation. It will be followed by every imaginable tax to continue to reallocate the income of Americans beginning with energy taxes, sales taxes, etc. Then will come the government intervention in businesses' and consumers' lives to control what they do when they sell, buy or build a house, car, boat,land, etc. It is really sad that so few people are challenging this insanity.

Even if one were to be a believer that some of this change is good then one would think that someone would stop the train and say isn't this too much too fast? Health care? They havn't solved the Social Security problem or the medicaid problem or the all but forgotten "Recession" problem yet. If these are "Good ideas" then what is the rush to get them through. If they are good then politicians will be happy to fund them in the future.

The reason America has trouble competing in world markets is that we legislate work standards, safety standards, minimum wage,environmental controls while accepting products from countries who don't. Now we are going to compund the problem with massive taxes and more constraints on business. World competiton will not exist for America and that is likely exactly what the labor unions want. Our only defense to sell our products will then be massive tarriffs on imported goods forcing Americans to "buy America". Isolationism from the world economy. Hmmm sounds like a 1920's idea to me which was followed by The Great Depression

Bo, Remember the Alamo? As we waited the transition from Bush to Obama we were told by Obama/McCain/Bush that we had to rush to save the banking system so Bush in the interest of his country GWB acted like Santa Anna was at the gates. Whether he really wanted to or not is immaterial he was really just doing what Obama was going to do a month later. Unfortunately, as with many of the things GWB did, he will either be blamed for them or be robbed of credit by the Democratic pirates if it goes well. For example why do you think Obama can begin the pull out of Iraq and focus on Afghanistan? Because the surge worked. Why is Iran in turmil? Certainly not because Obama showed them "love" but more likely because Bush kept their feet to the fire and the Iranian people who are linked to the world through the internet know what is really happening to their country. The Bush admimistration also tried on several occassions to get Freddy and Fanny under control. Barney and Chris Dodd praised them. (Just as Pulosi ignores all the warnings today.) I'm no big fan of the way Republicans blew their chance to change America but for the Democrats to blame Bush for all the ills is pure politics. It is a smokescreen to confuse the voters while the Liberal arm of the Democratic party installs as many of their high cost social programs as possible to reward the labor unions who swept them into power. Once in, these programs are going to be hard to dislodge. The best the future can hold is that they are changed and budgeted down. Unfortunately, (even in the Reagan-Gingrich era) the only way spending is cut in the Federal budget is to limit growth. It is never really cut. So, if all this is really installed the US will have to find a way to live with it. And I fear that is not going to be comfortable.

In Virginia, businesses were anxiously awaiting the new wave of infrastructure spending as some hope of safe haven. Last week the state cut the highway budget by $500M. Now we are not even repairing pot holes let alone fixing bridges. So much for stimulus. Is this economic program all smoke and mirrors? If Virginia with low unemployment cannot pay it's bills then how are the remaining 48 states ever going to bailout the bankrupt liberals in California if asked? God forbid California uncap their oil wells and pay their bills. That stupid Palin in Alaska is just some dumb broad hell bent on destroying the planet with a balanced budget--giving rebates to her citizens. We MUST keep a person like that out of national office.

In fairness let me say that I would never agrue against fixing the health care system. But fixing it should begin with helping those of us who provide healthcare for our employees (small businesses) by pooling us into large groups to get competative rates. Putting us into the pool with the Federal Government employeees would be a start. What we suffer from is being individually rated based on pools of 10-100 employees where one long term claim can change the rate by 100% annually.If you fix this part of the system then we will cover more of the 50M people not covered. If you don't fix it then you will have all ours to cover as well. And, if Obama taxes the small business owner more to pay for those we don't cover then we will cover fewer of the ones we now pay for.

It's great to be a Democratic leader: We have Obama making $4M last year. We have the Clinton's broke when they left office who made $120M during those horrid Bush years. We have Harry Reid who now owns much of the Nevada town he grew up in. We have the Kennedy's with several generations of multimillionaires. We have Al Gore flying around the globe saving us from global warming who is now worth $106M. That's $226M for the Clinton/Gore administration earned during the Bush 8 years. Thanks for serving your country guys!! We like the way you put America first. And then there's Pulosi---what is her air bill for travel--$500M?

In closing let me make one last reference to outrage. The older I get the more convinced I am that liberals are the people in the country who grew up without mothers. Is that a shocking statment? Let me tell you why? I don't think that people raised by mothers would ever say the hurtful things about other people that liberals do. Letterman's comments about Sarah Palin were so out of line that I lost all the respect I ever had for his comedic talent and all those years of watching him. And then there was Jamie Foxx on Miley Cyrus suggesting a sex video. As if she needs any suggestions from him on achieving success. If I had made either of the comments these public people made my mother would have either disowned me or hit me over the head with a frying pan. David Letterman was clearly exploiting Palin's visit to NYC for a charity event to create a giant controversy for himself to take the spotlight away from the Jay Leno transition to Conan O'Brien. What's the motto these exploiters live by? "Bad publicity is better than no publicity" Who's mother ever told them to dishonor females for their own benefit? I hope not theirs.

Great article! Hopefully, the American people will wake up before it's too late and stop this madness.

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