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July 24, 2009


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Bo You are really getting good at this. Hopefully that World Series of Poker comment wasn't aimed at me.

First the Stimulus package: The Governor of Pennsylvania, an Obama fanatic, this week on FOX told the story of how effective the $1B of infrastructure money was in getting some people reemployed in Pa. But he was quick to add: that's it--the Stimulus package was woefully short in infrastructure dollars. Hmmmm--wonder what would have been the outcome had Obama and gang sought the advice of Republicans. Perhaps more infrastructure $$ which not only do create jobs but create value for the next 50 years --exactly what the country needs. Harry Reid and I grew up right next to Hoover Dam. This massive project that tamed the Colorado and brought power to the SW was funded to put people back to work in the 30's. It will contribute to the USA for 100's of years and should have come to Harry's mind while he had the President's ear and before the people of Nevada got a whiff of the way he and Obama structured the plan. Instead Harry's idea was to build a high speed train from LA to the casinos of Las Vegas. And now according to my buddies back home he might have to fight to get reelected. SO somewhere between 10 and 15 % of the stimulus has been spent. So exactly what was the rush and why did we expect this to help the economy?

Then the banks: We have restructured the banks and they are now able to loan money---so why aren't they?

Cap and Trade: Cap and Trade is to clean up the environment but without China and India it is another agenda for change in America that will put us further in debt and do little for the planet while destroying the opportunity to develop our own energy resources in oil, gas and clean coal. The Gov of California has just cut their deficit in half with a series of negotiated deals including letting the prisoners in California serve time at home. Hopefully he won't get any of the terrorists. While the final bill, I believe, continued the ban on offshore oil drilling. So the one thing that will allow Californians a future is banned. What idiots. Every other country in the world drills and sells to us. But we consume, fail to drill and pay the price. Just think what an America we would have if we drilled, Consumed and paid our own companies. Jobs, balance of trade, strong dollar, tax revenue, etc. But that would be stupid wouldn't it? Who ever thought this Cap and Trade policy was a sound fiscal or environmental strategy? Certainly the American people are waking up to what they have brought upon themselves. This could be the fastest turnaround since Jimmy Carter.
It seems to becoming clear that Obama is really a leftist with an anger toward the people he feels have wronged his "people" and he is out to level the playing field. But he is not content to do it through education and opportunity. Instead he appears to be trying to do it through redistribution of income and services. In essence he is skipping the "work ethic and opportunity" door and going straight to giveaways. I really don't think Americans want to be given wealth, I think we have too much pride. I think Americans want the opportunity to earn it. He is our President not our Father. He has mistaken the unethical,rich people as entraprenuers. The ones we see most often are speculators. But true entraprenuers create opportunity for others and share the fruits of their success. And their are millions of us who are not abusive millionaires exploiting the inner city youth.

In closing let me say: When Ford turned down the bail out I bought Ford stock. I figured that had to be a CEO who knew what America was all about: Freedom and Free Enterprise. The stock was about $2. After a $2.8 Billion dollar profit last quarter the stock is about $7. Who do you think the American workers would rather work for Chrysler, GM or Ford? I hope they give the CEO $10M for having the guts to turn it down. And I hope he donates half of it to charity for our soldiers.

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