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July 31, 2009


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Never underestimate the cunning of liberal politicians. Their basic agenda has so little real base in America that they have to resort to gaming us in order to ever get in position to implement their ideas. Obama used the economic crisis and a manufactured logic that Iraq was another unwinnable Vietnam we could not get out of to win a victory. Unfortunately, the electorate were so dismayed that they gave him a Congress that set the stage for the "checks and balances", so important to the nation's founders, to be virtually nonexistant allowing Obama to push through any liberal program he wanted. And, he wanted a lot of them.

And, he selected Biden as his running mate eliminating him as a second term advisary. Then he "honored Hillary" by putting her into the Secretary of State job and, as you suggest, immediately parceled all her true power to his (Czars) special appointees. Biden continues to discredit himself with his foot in the mouth remarks. Hillary is in hiding across the ponds and out of the limelight. Even husband Bill is not exactly a handy tool and advisor of the White House. So Obama has done his best to destroy the opposition's position for Term Two.

Hillary and Bill are a formidable team. And, hardly ready to retire from national office. Hillary is likely keeping her options open and undoubtedly letting Obama destroy his own base.
My guess is if his popularity continues to erode she will resign in another year or two and begin the campaign against him. To counter it don't be surprised if Obama offers her the VP job for the second term dumping Biden. Liberals are experts at smiling while they steal your wallet. Even with each other.

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