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July 02, 2009


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Good piece, Bo. The USA is the greatest, most blessed and dominate country on earth. We do have a chance to recover but we need positive incentives for the economic (business) centers across the board in America not just these targeted industries designed to reshape America's policies for healthcare, energy and enviroment. And not just the educational and governmental agencies.

It is this all out attempt to "change" the policies of the USA in the name of economic stimulation that is disturbing. During the early years of the Clinton Administration we faced a similar situation and were told that soon Japan would rule the economic world. Japan with it's government based economy soon crumbled under US free enterprise resurgence and Clinton took the credit for the balanced budget brought on by the spending constraints of the Reagan-Gingrich era and the surging economy. What is different is that Reagan attacked the economy by constraining Federal spending and across the board tax cuts aimed at giving consumers spending power. Until he planted the seeds of the Fanny-Fredie fiasco Clinton acted as a moderate Democrat until he was frozen by scandals.

Obama is doing the opposite. He is targeting only those industries he wants to create jobs to fulfill his agenda for stimulus. He has given the consumer nothing to stimulate their spending. He has focused on delivering speech after speech on how bad things are and why it is all GWB's fault. Their are no tax cuts. Regulation for small businesses is increasing. Oil prices are rising. Their is no bank lending and consumers are so terrified that they are paying off debt and saving for the day they get laid off. This is the leadership of oh-my-God we miscalculated. (Biden yesterday.) this is the "pay you back" administrtion who is delivering on promises made to the labor unions with money targeted to save labor unions members jobs. If he accomplishes that then he will have won their support for the next election and provided them a basis to recruit the poor nonunion laborers left out in the cold.

The Republicans are beginning to rally individually. Palin is the most public. While the media (including Fox) speculates on her intentions and even promote the idea that some scandal is about to hit us she is preparing to "go on the attack" which she rightly cannot do while she's running the State of Alaska. While her early departure will give fodder to the skeptics it was the right thing for her to do so that she can focus on her book deal to raise money, bone up on the international issues she has no time to pursue and travel throughout the nation to see if she can overcome the liberal media assault and the undercuts by McCain's staffers. She may never make it as a Presidential candidate but she will have a say as to who is the candidate. She is highly respected by at least 33% of Americans and that is a pretty good base to start with.
John Kasich, one of the Republican party's brightest minds, is running for governor of Ohio. This is a keystone state for any future Republican victory in the White House. This is a key move. His voice in Ohio will be respected and success would be a great start for the party.
Gingrich is active and a powerful voice of reason. Chaney is having some success in defending the GWB legacy and making some headway in reducing the antiGWB era that was fueled by the last election. McCain's failure to defend Palin is curious. Is he going to run again? Is his reelection to the Senate making him vulnerable to defending the conservative Palin? Romney is virtually invisible at this point. If he is to be the leader when will he take on the fight? But the key for Republicans is to defend us against the onslaught of liberalism. They must find a way to get these policies and progams into a debate before they are enacted. The 40 Senators must unite and get the conservative Dems behind them in forcing debates on this huge debt increase and these policies. Even if they lose the votes they must debate the issues and they must propose realistic healthcare, social security and economic stimulus programs of their own. Republicans must not make the mistake of going all the way to the right again in reponse to this. Find conservatively responsible alternatives but propose solutions to the problems not just vetos.

China lives off America's markets. Without them they will follow Japan down the slippery slope of government run economies. American business will rise again despite the government's policies. Once upon a time Lennin proposed a scheme that allowed the government to run and produce everything to keep the people from being exploited. How did that work out? Free enterprise should have minimal interference from the government in order to motivate people to invest in America and create opportunities for our people. IS that we are seeing? Minimal interference? I think not.

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