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August 07, 2009


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On the lighter side of Healthcare coverage you will pay for, please imagine these scenes occurring daily throughout America:

1. In a back alley a yuppie is buying a bag of cocaine from his dealer. The yuppie comments: "I'm having a tough time raising the money for these buys. Can you help me out and lower the price?" The dealer asks " What do you do for a living?" The yuppie says "the pressure got to me so now I'm a junkie. I'm getting less work. I can't pay for my habit and my healthcare too." The dealer answers " No problem, man, just hang in there. Obama is gettin us both free healthcare soon." Yuppie: "Really? Who's paying for it?" Dealer: "Your kids and the guys making over $250 grand." Yuppie: " I used to be one of those guys. How much you make?" Dealer: "A lot more than that." Yuppie: "But you don't pay taxes--right?" Dealer: "Nope and I get free healthcare too." Yuppie: "That's a nice deal. Can I get into your line of work?" Dealer: "I'll talk to my boss in Mexico. He's thinking about moving here for the benefits."

2. A seasoned second story man is breaking in a new recruit he met in prison. They are sneaking along a ledge three stories up on an office building when the recruit says "This is dangerous work. What happens if you fall?" The veteran says "not to worry President Obama is getting us free healthcare soon." Looking down, the recruit sees a cop car with lights pointed up at them. He asks "Will it be good while we serve time?" "Sure" says the vet as he raises his arms and smiles.

3. Along the main road in your home town you see one of those homeless people with a cardboard sign that reads: "Sick, no healthcare --please help" A few months later after Obama passes his healthcare plan you see the same man, looking healthier, on the roadside with a new cardboard sign. It reads "Have Healthcare, need money---can you help?"

Among the 47 Million people not covered for healthcare we have the drug addicts, the drug dealers, the criminals and the people who won't work. We have the thousands of rapidly growing gang members in the cities of America. The illegal immigrants. The prostitutes. The young, indestructible teens and adults. How is it fair that these people are lumped in with the truly needy? And who will be the Czar of the "fairness in healthcare" department?

How many times does America have to learn that profit provides incentive to innovate and motivate? Take the profit out of Healthcare and you have a declining system. Will the government make the new machines for healthcare? Does the government make our laser guided weapons? Will we put our doctors and nurses on the government pay schedule? A doctor will make a max of $186k a year? Will he enter the system as a GS 9? Or is it just insurance companies that can't make money? Profit abuses are rare but highly publicized in America. Competition makes it difficult to overcharge for anything for long. The biggest factors in healthcare expense are the liability for lawsuits and the emergency room care for the uninsured that is passed along to the people who are covered through their insurance companies. And the lack of insurance pools for small businesses to protect them from one or two high claims. If we want a great healthcare system then fix the problems that cause the problems. If the government wants to have a healthcare system for the uncovered then build it and fund it exclusively for that purpose. Maybe they can let the State Universities with medical schools run it. If they want to run a national pharmacy for on line prescriptions then try it. Then legislate one national pool for insurance companies to bid on for employers and individuals willing to provide their own coverage. There are solutions to the problems but destroying one system for another is not the answer in America.

Someone tell anyone who has lost a house to fire, a loved one to death, a payroll to embezzlement, a leg in a car accident or had to go on long term disability that the insurance company that paid their claim should not make a profit. Having insurance companies not make a profit would be like asking the state lotteries to pay out 100% on winning tickets or las Vegas to build those hotels just for the good of gamblers.

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