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September 18, 2009


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You rival O'Reilly in the use of words for us to scramble to the dictionary and look up. But, once I decoded the message you are once again on the mark, Bo.

Finally, Obama has delivered a speech that I liked and believed in. Today at the UN he delivered the message that many Presidents past should have: America will no longer carry the load alone. Now for the difficult part: the enforcement or implementation -- whatever you want to call it.

In days past only GB Sr was able to unite the world to throw Saddam out of Kuwait. As quickly as it was done the alliance evaporated and many of the dollars committed by other nations probaly were never received. For Iraq Part II few joined with us.
In Global warming/pollution India and China ignored us. The UN has gone for decades funded chiefly by the US. It was the US money and military that responded to the devastation of the Indonesian sunami. GBW led the funding of AIDS in Africa. The Marshall Plan monies were never repaid. The Socialistic countries of Europe continue to live defense cost free under the shield of American tax payers. So exactly what is the plan for implementation of this world we will ask to pay their share of blood, environmental controls and money to have the priviledge of standing shoulder to shoulder with America in International society?

This plan like those of healthcare, economic stimulus, Afghanistan, help for small business, immigration control, etc is nonexistent. When Chavez moves on his neighbor will the world rush to stop him? When the terrorists blow up a Las Vegas or Atlantic City Gambling Hotel (place of "Amusement and Sin") will the world care? If the Russians were to actually send tanks into Ukraine or Georgia would the world respond with us? Or shirk from their nuclear weapons?

And what is the plan to make sure that Iran and N Korea give up their nukes? Who will join us in that one? Libya? How much influence did we have over our closest ally, Great Britain, in the release of the Libyian terrorist by Scotland?

In the end the reason the US has had to go it alone is because "we will" and "they won't". And their excuse then becomes "oh damn those Yankees they are imperialist powers!" So we pay the bills, we spill the blood and we clean up the planet first. And for the most part we do it alone. So I applaude the idea and the speech of Obama. But now let's see the plan. Let's start with something easy: the UN. Let's get them to pay for it. Then let's go to Korea and replace the American forces who have been standing guard since 1952 with some German and Russian forces. Then, let's pull all our forces out of Europe and replace them with Chinese. Then let's have a joint Isreali/Palistinian summit with Hamas,Iran,Syria,Egypt and Saudi Arabia at the table and the US leaders watching it with the World on CNN. Then we'll see the real politics of the region.
Next, let's replace the US forces in Afghanistan with Indian and Pakistan forces working toward a common goal whatever that might be in Afghanistan. Now let's turn the continent of Africa over to our European allies and have them solve the AIDs problem and the 20 or so genicidal wars going on in the Congo, Sudan, Dufar etc.

I could go on of course but the folly is evident. And what is scary here is that these are just a small sample of the problems the US is funding and doing for the World at a time when we can't balance our budget. So the President is right we cannot do it alone anymore. Actually we never could but we tried--becasue we are Americans not arrogant imperialists but rather caring people who want to do things for the world. This reminds me of the movie "What about Bob?" The plan needs to call for the world to take "baby steps". Let's pull out of a few things and see if they will step up. Let's freeze our contributions to the UN and see if the world will pay the bill. Let's have a timetable for the withdrawal of our troups from Korea and see who steps in.

I applaude the speech but let's see the plan. And for all our sake let's get back to the US economy and focus on reducing the burden on America's employers instead of adding to it. I'm tired of the political campaigning. If Obama can't do this job then step aside and let the Clinton's do it. Or have we done that? Clinton = Gergen?
What say you to that, Bo?

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