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September 11, 2009


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And now the second major look inside the support system and inluences of the Obama Administration is offered in the form of undercover videos inside ACORN. I watch with disbelief at the audaciity of these people boldly inviting people to scam the US government of our tax money. Baltimore, Washington , Brooklyn and another one to come tonight on Fox. Long before the voters put these guys in office the evidence was mounting that we were in danger of electing something very elusive and wrong. Thanks only to Beck and Fox news the public is beginning to get to see behind the curtains the fraudulent behavior of the Obama/Democratic machine. Jones was just a mouthpiece of radicalism. ACORN is a full fledged crime organization stealing government monies and packing the ballot boxes to keep the Democrats in office. Once again this has the appearance of black America trying to scam the government and the taxpayers out of what apparently they think they are entitled to. It is a social embezzlement program. If left to benefit from the stimulus package funding they stand to gain billions of dollars. Fortunately, the public is now on to them and the politicians are already scrambling to cut them off. Meanwhile ACORN is launching it's counter attack claiming discrimination, illegal videos and every other defense common criminals and con men use when caught.
Meanwhile Obama leaves town when the citizens approach the gates. He heads to his safe haven in Minnesota. Then, interestingly, lunches with Bill Clinton, his shadow Secretary of "excuses?". Along the way another stop at the union halls of the AFL-CIO to make sure they are on board with his health care strategy. And, then "off the record" he calls the black entertainer who interupted Taylor Swift--a Jackass. Why did that have to be off the record? Well then NBC publishes it and immediately apologizes!! For what? Fianlly reporting the news once?
It appears that Beck and Fox have initiated the unravelling of this administration. If Americans can find a justice system that is not corrupt then we are perhaps on the road to uncovering and stopping the financial rape of America that began long ago in the Federal and State governments. How many politicians will go to jail
if the records of payoffs, real estate schemes, stock deals are revealed? Capital Hill must be a nervous place to be about now.
Stay tuned.

Wow, Bo, it is really refreshing to go from the Healthcare debate to the International progress that Obama is making. Thanks for making my day!
So, just a few months ago GWB was bankrupting America with his war in Iraq where terrorists led by AL Queda actually engaged us. In a war with a clear exit strategy of building a Democracy in the middle east that could defend itself GWB was too slow. It was too expensive. Too many soldiers were dying. But by the time he left office the end was in sight. And, Obama, using GWB's Secretary of Defense, quickly took advantage and claimed he was the master planner of the end replacing the evil GWB/Chaney crowd who wanted war forever. And, now where are the money and troups going? To Afghanistan. To fight the Taliban in what amounts to a civil war of sorts. The Taliban are based in the mountains of a neighboring country: Pakistan. The are still coached by Al Queda. They are undoubtedly aided by another neighbor: Iran. They employ exactly the same strategy as the US did in aiding the Afghanistan freedom fighters including Bin Laden to fight and defeat the Soviets. This same strategy was used by the North Vietnamese to aid the Viet Cong and defeat the US 50 years ago. A similar strategy worked for the North Koreans aided by the Chinese and Soviets in the Korean War (a war we still have not found a way to end) to bring the UN to a standoff.
So what's new? What's the change? More troups running around the mountains of a drug producing nation chasing people who don't wear uniforms. People who come in and out of a country that partially shelters them even though they attack the government troups and assassinate political leaders. A country that releases a nuclear proliferator. Now we'll send in more troups. Sound like Vietnam? Sound like the Soviet strategy in the same mountain country?
Look I'm convinced we will fight Al Queda and it allies for the next thousand years. I'm for taking the fight to them. I have no idea where the special forces of the US are but I believe that below the radar the US is kicking ass all over the world. If we weren't then logic tells me we would have been attacked again. But it is time for us to come up with a stratey to fight this war long term. One we can finance and get the support of the American people. We need to get out of the strategy of "administration of the day" allowing the political opposition to continually gain points by attacking the approach. Let's acknowledge that we are going to lose soldiers just as we lose police and firefighters every day. After all we lose 36,000 Americans to the flu every year. We lose 50,000 in car accidents every year. There is a price to pay for Freedom and not to pay it results in Pearl Harbor and 9-11 attacks. It was realatively easy to fight the Germans and the Japanese: they wore uniforms. The terrorists we will fight from now on are embeded in the society and are clothed in civilian clothes. Just watch the Isreali's try to defend themselves and you can see the wars of the future. Pakistan has nukes. Are they helping deter the Taliban/Al Queda from attacking from within?
And now we have a President who wants to make friends out there. Most of us who comment on and off this site are ex military academy men. So we know many who gave their lives to protect the freedom of this country. We are the ones who are calling for a strategy that the public can support but at the same time when we watch the 9-11 attacks that were aired again last night we know that these are not friendly people. We know they cannot be defeated so we MUST have a long term strategy to fight them. I appreciate Obama's willingness to fight in Afghanistan but it cannot be just a political token war. If you cannot win it with soldiers then fight it with drones, airpower and special forces.
Undoubtedly, the Isreali's will strike at Iran soon. I suspect the Soviets are now playing the role of "oh no don't do that to our friends in Iran" knowing full well that Isreal will strike if the Soviets don't support the sanctions and apply pressure. They just struck Syria a couple years ago.
Well, Bo, your assement of the Obama international mess is right on. And you know what the bad thing is? Obama is supposed to be fixing the economy--is he?
On a final note I visited the Air Force Memorial the other night and was so proud to see Lance Sijan on the wall. What a guy he was. He brings tears to my eyes every time I hear his name.

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