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October 16, 2009


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Lisa, You sound like all of us or at least most of us. The political system is one that responds to one thing: future votes. Obama and his party are doing what they believe is going to keep them in power for as long as they can so that they install their version of the America they feel is best for their constituents. The President is just the head of a "team"
of administrators and Congress members who systematically install their programs and enact their philosophy so it should not shock us that other people actually emerge as the key people behind the scenes while the President handles the public spin on what they are doing. There is no intention of doing anything for the "other side" or all America. Unless , of course, the other side happens to gain by accident, changes it's way of thinking, or if they think they can capture fringe votes.
The only way I know to influence the other side is to convince them they will gain votes if they use your idea. Complaints won't work. Our biggest problem is that in the current climate the "out" side spends too much time complaining and not enough time engaging in an exchange of ideas.
I think the strategy in Afghanistan long term needs to be tied to that of a nuclear Pakistan and the economics of the Afghan people. We cannot support a drug based economy there. So he does need to get it right if possible. So a little time may be frustrating and not help your cousin but it could save your kids and grand kids from going someday. Let's hope they get it right.
Keep the comments coming--they help Bill target his subjects to address.

I would really like to hear from anyone who can give me a reason to hope. My small consulting business will be faced with high insurance costs when ObamaCare is passed; future inflation is bound to eat up profit; my cousin is in Afghanistan fighting a war that this administration won't support. We fear he will never come home alive...keep getting letters about exhaustion and lack of morale given that the President will not send more troops and is showing no sign of leadership. If he won't lead, then he should step aside and let the military lead in Afghanistan.

There is no transparency...things are being done behind closed doors. The level of corruption is high...even to the point of the man who painted Obama's picture and lied to the courts about how he "lifted" the portrait from the press. I can't believe we are telling the Afghans that their election was fraudulent when Acorn was responsible for so many fraudulent voters in our own election.

Everyday, no matter whether I am reading the paper, listening to NPR or a mainstream media source, I am discouraged and depressed. I cannot figure out how Rahn Emanuel is able to run our country when we did not elect him...anymore than Karl Rove and Bush.

What really worries me is that all of us who are so discouraged will not vote in the next election because we no longer believe in or trust our government. Each party is to blame. Ideas? Thoughts? Encouragement?

Thank heavens for people who think like Mr. Bowen and others who have taken the time to comment...


How the fringe controls the center: It is beginning to occur to me that the biggest problem we have in America is that the Congress is controlled by the minorities. The Far Left of the Democrats and The Far Right of the Republicans probably each represent 20-25% of the voters. These minorities are referred to as the "base" of each party and must be catered to by their party leaders or they won't cooperate. The middle of America referred to as Moderate Democrats, moderate Republicans and Independents represent 50-60% of the voters. The split of these voters decides most elections based on who makes the best general appeal for bipartisan solutions or their mix of positions satisfying enough to win.

Once in, the base of the elected party expects action on their behalf--what we are now seeing from the Democrats. And the base of the other party blocks and tackles the implementation. Any call for bipartisan solutions to the nation's problems which would require a watering down of the "in Base" positions is met with blocking from the "in base" --as the Far Left are currently threatening to do over the public option. At the same time the "out base" calls for blocking and tackling and wanting no negotiation providing stiff resistance to a win for the "in Base". In this perverse way the two groups farthest apart in America and representing two minority viewpoints dominate the majority of Americans who are in the middle and simply want progress made on the fundamental problems we face. The threat today is that the White House and the "base" Of the Democratic party are of the same mindset and the Democrats have a dominant position in the Congress so long as they can control their own members. Moderate Republicans have little leverage to do anything but block and tackle--one defection to bipartisanship and the party's over. Will the people bring back balance in 2010?

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