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October 29, 2009


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Nice piece, Bo.
I have watched the energy problems emerge since the oil embargo in 1971 by the Arab nations. For the record global warming does exist and contribute to our weather cycles. However, the greatest danger to America is the people who become fanatical in their attempts to impose radical solutions on our economic system. Eventually oil will be replaced by alternative fuels and the problem will solve itself. In the meantime stabalizing the American economy is the most important long term goal we have. Without a stable American economy the world economy will suffer, Americans will suffer and the revenues necessary to solve many of the social issues of our time will not materialize. So here's my short take on the sloution:

First, America needs to slow the drain of dollars overseas for foreign oil. To do this we need to have American owned exploration and oil companies produce oil in America. Uncap the wells in California, explore in Alaska and the Gulf for new reserves, subsidize if necessary, deep drilling for reserves in the Rocky Mountain region.

Second, move aggressively to the producion and use of natural gas from US sources.

Third, secure our gasoline refineries by building 4 or 5 major oil refineries on government owned and controlled properties where they can be protected. Military bases would be perfect.

Fourth, Incetivize industry to produce electricity with alternative production means and add the capacity to the national grid.

Fifth, use clean American coal to power utility plants and invest in coal liquification technology.

Sixth, modernize the American electric grid system.

Seventh, utilize the railroad and national highway system to build a modern natural gas pipeline distribution system as well as an exteded electrical power transmission system.

Do all this under the watchful but cooperative oversight of the Environmental Protection Agency coupled with a commission of American business leaders serving short terms.

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