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October 22, 2009


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You really got it right here. Obama is not only in full campaign mode almost continuously but he is also in the full "distraction" mode. In order to get the focus off healthcare, Afghanistan and Czars he creates smoke screens by demonizing the people who ask tough questions and challenge his ideas. The people challenging the huge debt that his programs are creating are characterized as uncaring about the uncovered and unemployed. The people who worry about the appointment without vetting of the controversial Czars are fear mongers. The people who question the strategy of appeasement and apology are far right war advocates. And, Fox is sent to bed without their dinner for daring to present a point of view as if MSNBC were a nuetral broadcast company. While I think that Glenn Beck is a little too zealous in his pursuit to out the communist takeover of America it remains to be seen to what extent his findings hold up. So far he and Fox have ended the tenure of Jones and brought to light the corruption of ACORN. It could be argued that Greta's trip to North Korea is bringing us some opportunity to influence their thinking. She works for Fox--right? Where's Hillary?
The UN is challenging the Afghanistan election and rightly calling for a recall election. So what would they find if they investigated ACORN's role in Minnesota or the US for that matter?
I think that the President is challenging us to rethink a lot of positions and that is good. But, America needs a leader who leads and not just campaigns. I'm afraid he is already focused on the Governor's races and worried you are going to see two Republican gains. So campaigning he is doing. When you have a lot to hide you have to "spin" and deploy smoke screens. I'm sure the politics of Chicago have taught him well how to "cover up". Blagojevich is campaigning full time too--think he has anything to "spin"?

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