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October 09, 2009


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The Obama view of the world we live in seems to be more that of a European country than that of the American President and leader of the free world. He seems content to simply "let be" most of the world's problems and focus his attention on "fixing" the world's past perception of America's leaders. Not just GWB but all of them. It is as if he has taken heart of what the Europeans always say "well 2000 years make you realize there is more to fix than can be done so let the 200 year old American cowboys take it on." What they fail to add is "and we'll benefit if it works and critique it if they fail." Obama rightly or wrongly seems to be trying to turn us into a European country as quickly as he can.

He is softening our international positions on war, on economics, on human rights, and our leadership positions. At home he is working hard to increase the role of Federal Government in virtually everything we do including Healthcare, environment, Energy policy, Executive Compensation, Wall Street rules of engagement, Union advantage in Federal Contracting, etc. It has all the appearances of Europeanizing America,socializing industry and redistributing wealth. Hidden taxes and unprecedented spending
are leaving conservatives and seniors in shock.

Americans, I think, prefer to lead rather than follow. They prefer to challenge rather than appease. They prefer capitalism to socialism. The demographics are changing and Obama may meet with some success but he also runs the risk of challenges abroad that divert his attention away from the economic problems at home. And the financial ramifications of huge deficits and uncharted debt increases could present challenges that he cannot foresee. I hope the next superstar is in the wings prepared to change the world's greatest nation's course if need be.

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