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November 13, 2009


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Bo, I found Joe. He was on a talk show last night joking around about NY traffic. He's in charge of Afghanistan policy? And, Hillary is headed for Afghanistan while insisting she's ready for tea with Sarah Palin! ??? And, who's working the Iranian situation where they are now executing their activists??? Am I daffy or has this Administration lost all sense of focus and responsibility?? Maybe they take their direction from Bill Clinton who urges the Senators to pass any old healthcare bill whether it's good or not. Just another Trillion for the tax payers and businesses to pay for. Why not? Meanwhile the President gets rebuked on global climate change and gets a lecture from a Communist dictator on deficit spending. 2010 can't come soon enough. HELP

It is becoming more and more clear to me each week that the left wing of the Democrats have no confidence in the American free enterprise system to provide any services to society that can be provided by the government. They are incapable of distinguishing between the controlled socialistic approach to markets and the benefits of the competitive approach of capitalism. Perhaps the excesses of Wall Street have blinded them. But the excesses of unpunished irresponsible oversight and criminal behavior of Congressional and Administration members as well as the featherbedding approach of the government system itself make government performance in providing goods and service ineffective. It is precisely this lack of competition that has allowed insurance carriers to take advantage of small businesses and drive insurance rates up artificially. This healthcare bill does nothing to change that.

Left unchecked the leftists will apply their social strategy to energy, environment, military system develpment, healthcare, schools, pay systems, all infrastructure design, etc. I listen with amazement as the President holds court for the Chinese students telling them we have a duty to handle climate warming. As if the people in China who make $130 a month living in a country that will soon consume 50% of the world's food, pollute's their air and water and openly copies all the world's patents are all of a sudden going to develop a set of ethics for their communist government to follow. Obama doesn't dither he simply likes to hear himself talk. Especially in places where no one challenges his ideas. In America he is just an idealistic, inexperienced academic who shys away from the debates and runs for cover in Illinois, Michigan and overseas leaving Nancy and Harry to fight the battles for him and deferring to Bill Clinton for creditability. We never had a stimulus plan just a reward for his leftist buddies who supported his election. No wonder it has not worked. Claiming the mess was more than we thought--on George Bush--he debunks those who question his economic nonplan. Meanwhile his Generals sit waiting for a decision on Afghanistan. Afraid of the political consequences of his decision evidently, Obama sends the boys back to the drawing board to see if they can come up with the option he wants. That way he can blame it on them if it fails. The last time I looked Biden was on the Foreign Relations Committee and throughout the campaign declared himself the expert Obama so badly needed at his side. Palin was too naive to help McCain. Biden was said to be in charge of Afghanistan. And so where has Joe gone?

And, for month after month I've heard of the hundreds of Billions we were going to save on Medicare fraud. So when do we start? Do we have to pass the healthcare bill to begin to arrest those scamming the system? where are the feds? So far the most dollars saved during the Obama year has been those saved by Fox News in disclosing the fraud at ACORN. Is there any wonder Virginia elected a Republican Governor by 20%?? Republicans took Joe's New Jersey? And, Republicans won 6 of 7 judicial elections in Pennsylvania? Debt and debt service are crushing America. And now all we hear to save us is "Taxes". What a mess.

Dithering could be good. I worry about the direction his team would take us so perhaps doing very little is a good thing. Understand the problems regarding international but I think he is not strong enough to do the right thing so dithering prevents him from doing the wrong thing. I also hope we can keep the healthcare bill in the dithering state since no one seems to, as Bill has stated, have an over all vision that will truly benefit the country.


One gets the feeling with Obama that he simply doesn't care about anything. As far as I can tell he is very noncommital in his seemingly random attention to what is happening. Dithering is a good word. I like dabbling as well. He dabbles and moves on. He takes a stand on nothing. When he gets in trouble like healthcare--he sends in Clinton. I think he is trying to insulate himself fron risk. Unlike Reagan and GWB who told you what they stood for whether you liked it or not, Obama tries to sell you on a position that isn't ever backed up with action or even consistent focus. These are not the characteristics of a leader. Rather they are a symbols of an academic. And, I think that Obama has no idea how to solve these problems or how to organize his administration to do anything but theorize.

By now with his popularity sinking like the Titanic he should have gotten the message: it's the economy. Focus on it. In trouble with Healthcare he rushes off to attend to the Japanese and Chinese.

And, as if to show us he's tough minded he has Holder set trials for the 9-11 Terrorists in NYC. And gives the military the Cole's bomber. What an illusionist he is.

Bill -- one more region to add: SE Asia and APEC -- The Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing and North Korea visit of this week. This is a key region that feels slighly neglected after Bush II. There is also some current disappointment with Obama not visiting Jakarta and leaving the APEC summit early this weekend. There is a hope here that he does formulate a vision quickly and move forward with resolve on a very key area.
Franca Gargiulo

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