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November 05, 2009


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So hurdle #1 has been cleared and finally we see the Pelosi Healthcare dream come true. Will the Senate pass it? It's a tough call. Probably not as Pelosi would like but you know that Obama will be in his full court press mode to get something passed. Then the strategy will be to mix things up in the joint version hoping that they can twist enough arms and bribe enough players with "pork" to get it through. Then watch the small businesses as they shed people trying to pay for it all. Chapter 2 is on the way.

Hi All, Just got a note from my parents regarding AARP and the Healthcare bill. They have written to AARP and canceled their membership since AARP is supporting the bill. Mom asked that I write to anyone else who might be an AARP member and suggest that they do the same and be sure to tell AARP why they are canceling. As Dad said, Triple A gives many of the same benefits as AARP plus they unlock your locked car and tow it when needed.


PS Sorry this is not a response to the latest blog. Will do that later but parents wishes come first.

To me this election was mostly carried out by the realists among us. Realists know the economy drives everything for the nation just as a good job provides the basis for a family to prosper and enjoy life. Realists have seen enough to know that this Administration and this Congress are headed the wrong direction. Rather than focusing on economic problems and taking small steps to adjust the healthcare system in America they are hellbent on changing America by redistributing wealth, inhibiting capitalism and spending money we don't have. Increased spending leads to increased taxes eventually and that leads to economic pain. The realists came out. The progressives stayed home. And, it can only get worse for the in crowd. If this was a victory for the liberals then I hope we see many more in the immediate future. Dream on--Nancy!

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