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November 26, 2009


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Isn't it interesting that the debate on Healthcare begins today and the President will make his televised decision tomorrow night on Afghanistan? The smokescreens of this administration make me think I'm watching a David Copperfield special.
And then there is the interesting story of the party crashers at the White House. If any one of us entered the White House without permission I believe we would be in jail. So if terrorists or assassins want to get the President all they have to do is dress up? It is interesting, it leads you to think that an Arab bomber dressed as an Indian guest might have passed right through. A Pakistan terrorist might have gotten the President, the Indian Prime Minister and the VP all at once. Would that make Pelosi President? (I forget my line of succession history. ) The Secret Service must be very embarrassed but why are the people who did this not in jail?

Why not go against the wishes of the majority in America? This seems to be the preferred path to change for this President. After all, liberals by their very nature are pretty much anti everything the other 75% of America believes in. So when they get their chance to embarrass other political leaders they do so without consideration of anything but their agenda. I expect to see this behavior in everything they do until the majority rules once again.

The rush to close Gitmo at the height of their emotional power surge has been greeted by Americans holding firm in their resolve to keep the terrorists away from their hometowns. Holder may not foresee any problems but Americans witnessed the OJ debacle and they are not so trusting of America's judges and juries to get it right.

The complete absence of defense of Sarah Palin by the Women's group's in America is another example of the hypocracy of the Liberals. Her popularity continues to dim the accceptance of liberal attacks but it does not slow their continuance.

From Terrorists rights to Healthcare to labor union favortism to immigrants to environment to fiscal responsibility the liberals push America against the grain of public opinion. The question is how far can they move the bar before they are stopped by the independents?

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