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December 03, 2009


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On your Global warming note: Scientific investigation stands on it's own merit. When people interprete it then politics and opinion cloud the results. The dinosaurs disappeared for some reason: perhaps a meterorite, perhaps global cooling, perhaps the rise of mammals, perhaps a virus but no one yet knows for sure. Nor do we now know that global warming as a result of man is threatening the earth. It probably is but will it warm the earth faster than it is cooling naturally? And now that scientists have decided to become frauds it will be harder to have a nonpartisan community to tell us. And Al Gore made $106 Million on this crusade? At one point in my company history we were searching for a name that honored the Executive Search process: Diogenes was considered. Modern leadership and sports heros reminds me of that deliberation. Diogenes was the Greek who searched the world for "one honest man".

You stated it best, Bo, in your opening sentence: " The American People " had two priorities--- Unfortunately, President Obama had different ones and now that the polls are threatening his party's majority he is talking jobs and economy while Harry Reid works Healthcare and he uses Afghanistan as a smokescreen. At the same time he goes to the jobs summit and begins to lobby for business leaders to support his energy bill and cap and trade which further increase the cost of doing business in America. There is a dramatic difference between the priorities of the American people that put him in office and the priorities of his left wing administration. To get a true picture of the American economic problem you simply have to listen to Donald Trump as he again yesterday described the credit crunch in America brought on by bailed out US banks. Bank America is prepared to repay $45B of government aide --that is good but where do you think they got those dollars? From lowering credit of their customers.
Small business owners all over the country are being squeezed and they see further costs coming in Healthcare, energy, cap and trade and lending restrictions. SBA loans were down 48% this year. The Bush tax cuts are expiring next year. So, 99% of America's businesses who employ 76% of Americans are in a declining revenue/increasing cost spiral. This cannot bode well for hiring.
And then the pure immature and arrogant attitude of this administration was on display as the US Chamber of Commerce was not invited to the Job Seminar while the Union leaders were all there.

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