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January 21, 2010


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Good point Flyover. He is very poor without a script as we saw in Massachusettes. He's good with smiles, hugs and high fives though.

The speech appears to have done nothing for him or his party. The "I" man once again gave us lessons in what we aren't smart enough to know. 96 I's. He basically ordered a Congress he cannot even get a bill through --DOMINATED by his own party-- to deliver a JOBS bill on his desk in short order. And, then to follow with an Energy bill to develop those long term clean energy jobs. Reid and Pelosi, by now must be feeling like short order cooks. And, wondering what kind of a leader cannot manage to get the votes out of his own party to pass his legacy legislation. Then, The "I" man lectures the Supreme Court. This is the guy who believes so much in the legal system that he trusts it to get convictions of the world's most lethal terrorists.

Remember Obama's first speech to Congress where Pelosi jumped up and down 200 times like a jack in the box? Well this time we had Vice President "Clown Face" Biden looking like a fool behind him.

And, as I predicted his first move was to claim that "he" was responsible for collecting most of the TARP money and assure us that he would get back the rest of the money by TAXING the banks--oops I mean charging them a fee. He was clever though in crediting Bush for giving it out while he claims he was appalled at the Bank bailout. Excuse me? Appalled---the world, according to Obama, was on the verge of financial meltdown. He was still talking that way when he sold us the Stimulus Bill and the takeover of GM. Enough for today. I'm going home and rewatch the speech so I'll feel better tomorrow.

As a plumber, those leaks are not leaks. He deliberately pokes a hole in the information pipe and calls it a "leak" before any big speech. He's testing the waters to see what pundits say and then rejiggers the pipes. There is no there there. That's why he has to have the teleprompters. Doesn't know what he's going to say ahead of time.

Here we go--we can't even get to the speech before they're leaking their own copy. So we are going to freeze spending on all the items he just finished raising huge amounts. Just so he can claim to be "fiscally responsible". In the end five years of freezing these accounts will save a few Billion dollars while we have a $1.4 TRILLION dollar deficit.

Then the committee on weapons of mass destruction comes out and gives him an "F" on being ready for biological or nuclear attacks. He claims the grade is "not fair" and in fact tonight he will announce his new initiative to address this problem. This response will, in his mind, raise his performance to an A-. Remember just a week or so ago he gave himself a B+ on his first year in office and said if we get healthcare it'll be an A-.

The American people have given him three report cards so far: Virginia--"F", New Jersey--"F" and Massachusettes--"F" . Just in case you think they gave him no warning remember they gave him "F's" all summer at town hall meetings.

Anyone notice that several people on Fox including Greta and several Republicans are now using "Smoke and Mirrors" to describe Obama's performance. You think they are reading this site? Bo, can't wait to read your post speech article.

Life is getting very tough in the Administration's house. Expect much Bush slamming tomorrow. And, people taking credit for much Bush did. For example the Iraq successes. for example 8 years without a second terrorist attack. For example stabilizing the world's banks--TARP was a Bush program. $700B of emergency aide for the banks. Of the original $250B, 500 US banks borrrowed $204.8 Billion and 54 of them have repaid $96.2B leaving an unpaid balance of about $100B much of which will come back. That's not much of a price to pay to "save the world". Knowing that Bush's program is going to be a positive Obama is "demanding" the banks pay it back to try and get credit for it. Sorry Mr President but you should spend your time explaining your $780B stimulus bill and your cash for clunkers program. And the purchase of GM. Not, trying to claim credit for what was already happening. Explain to the taxpayers the role Dodd and Frank played in the Fannie/Freddie failures. Explain the role ACORN played in your election. Explain Atty General Holder's fascination with terrorist's rights and platform public trials. Explain your favoritism to union contractors on Government work. Explain the tranparentcy issue. Explain the PORK riddled bills you sign. Explain your role in news bias as you boycott Fox News and promote NBC. Explain your decision to send two easily convicted terrorists to Algeria where terrorists train. I look forward to your speech to see how you spin this social agenda promoted in the name of economic recovery and rapidly being exposed as a spending orgy. Explain your declaration of the Tea Party people as far right crazy zealots. Oh and yes--one last thing: when can we start exposing and ending that $400B in Medicare fraud now that healthcare is on hold? I can see the smoke coming from the capital building now. The spin will likely start with your introduction of Senator to be Brown.

I simply am speechless! The amount of money this President is spending (tax payer dollars) for absolutely everything is astounding. And who is going to pay for it? All of us. The true insult is that he has hired his former campaign people to "keep campaigning". Will he just run the country? Did anyone else see the clip where he used a teleprompter to speak to an elementary school class? It would be funny if it were not so frightening. Why don't more people see through this sham? If he gives one more speech where he shakes his finger at me, looks down his nose, and then dares to tell me what is best for me, I will be sick. And, yes, I know. I'm going to be sick a lot.

Unbelievable. Now we're not only buying the votes of US Senators but we are buying the votes of the public. Today Obama announced his proposals to double the childcare tax credit. Require employers who do not have retirement progrms to open savings accounts for them. Giving people who care for elderly relatives $100 Million. More administrtive costs to employers and more money added to the deficit. Obama has taken dead aim at the employers who do have Unions and the people above $100k in this country and he is not going to back off. More smoke and mirrors my friends. The State of the Union speech should be a thing to behold. Keep your hand on your wallet and bring a fire extinguisher. Can any one explain to me how this will create jobs or stimulate the economy?

Could there be some hope on the horizon? Despite the announcement that Virginia unemployment rose to 6.9%. Despite the 16% drop in housing sales. Despite the President's blasting of the banks over Executive pay right on top of China's cutoff of lending that triggered a market backslide last week. I can report one glimmer of optimism. For the 35 years that I have been in the Executive Search business the best indicator of "things to come" has been the number of interviews that our firm arranges per quarter. this number has been in steep decline since September of 2007. The number is finally on the rise. If the pace holds for a few more weeks then it will exceed all the quarters of 2009. This could be good news for the economy. In all the years since 1974 this event has forecast a rise in hiring within 2 quarters. The reason it takes a quarter or two is that the increase in interviews indicates that managers are beginning to "consider" adding some key people. It takes a while for them to actually become confident enough to pull the trigger and do it. American managers are risk takers and they like to get a jump on the competition when we come out of recessions. They begin to look early which is what I think they are doing now. Another characteristic of managers is they always over do their cut backs, laying off more people than they can do the job with long term. Sooner or later the people being asked to carry the extra load wear down and some hiring has to be done. After 2 and a half years of carrying the extra load some of this is happening as well.

So, if Obama and Congress will leave us alone for a while and put his agenda on hold then perhaps we will get some poitive movement by summer. Let's hope.

Amazing isn't it? One day on the road with his new smoke and mirrors campaign based on jobs and the President came away so worried that he immediately recalled his 2008 campaign manager and put together his old team for the 2008 elections with orders to help with Congressional and Governor races. One year to the day and he's back at it. This President cannot change course on the issues he just changes horses and campaigns more. America needs a leader not a salesman. When we elect a President we expect him/her to focus on our problems and solving them. Not focus on selling us the next round of proposals and keep blaming his lack of success on the past President. His compentancy, motives and experience were in question from the start. Now the experiment has run off the road and the American people are pretty clear on what they got.

So he must have heard America sream "It's the economy" for the third time. Today was dedicated to jobs in OHIO. Or was it? His first thought was that we need to give small businesses tax credits for hiring--- and the next thing and we need tax credits for people who make their homes energy efficient. Small businesses don't need tax credits--we have enough losses to cover the next 5 years of profits if we ever get back there. We need capital. We need it from banks and the SBA. And, in order to get the bank to give it to us we need some help with guarantees. Bankers don't like our dwindled cash positions and our red ink. We can already write off the cost of the new employee. We need to be able to pay them. Energy efficiency improvements to homes? Humm--Sounds like a piece of the energy/cap and trade bill. Let's stay on JOBS. Forget the bait and switch routine, Mr President.

Then he says "I am always going to fight for the hard working Americans not the well off". What an insult to the entraprenuers of America. If there are a group of people in America who work harder than the owners of small businesses I'd like to meet them. And, by the way, the reward for taking all this risk and putting in all the sweat is that someday you will be well off. That is the American dream. That is capitalism. So Mr. President these are NOT mutually exclusive groups of people. It simply shows me how little you know about the economic system we live in and how much effort you put into trying to divide America instead of uniting it. How can you ever be bipartisan if all you do is divide us? It always a campaign, isn't it? Why Ohio? Because you cannot win in 2012 if you do not win Ohio. And, Ohio is traditionally the state that delivers the Presidency to the Republicans. The only thing transparent in this administration is the true strategy of this Chicago crowd.

Finally, he levels with us that you can sure get fooled in Washington DC by all the special interest groups. He's beginning to see it. Mr. President you should have seen it clear as hell--the stimulus bill was $700B of PORK paid to special interest projects of liberal Democrats. Sorry but you'll have to have a better day tomorrow to convince me you have any idea how to help small business. Remember the jobs summit? Didn't those union leaders give you some ideas? What was that organization you left off the invite list? Maybe the one that represents Americas businesses.

Stay tuned, America. And by the way, O'Reilly, stop begging him to come on Fox. He needs you far more than you need him--didn't you have an audience of 7 Million the other night? How many were at his townhall meeting today?

It's ugly out here , Bo. I love it--you must have studied under the same guy I did: ask the customer what his needs are and give it to him-- better than anyone else. Marketing 101. Obama 101: shove the solutions I think they need down their throats. Different? You bet. Obama could care less what we need. He actually could care less what they need. He panders to what they want: to be taken care of. By the US government. Sorry liberals but what the constituents of Obama need are jobs and responsibilty for their kids. They don't need a provider. I have six kids. They have given me 6 grandkids. I love em all. In the next twenty years I will die. I hope that what I have given my kids is the sense of survival to take care of their kids and a sense of responsibility to teach their kids to do the same. I am a small business entraprenuer. I do not expect any of my children to: "join the firm". I encourage all of them to "get a trade". If that means school then great. If that means learning a trade through an apprentice program fine. So far I have an author, a nurse, a school teacher, a psychological counsellor, a fire fighter and a junior in high school. It works. The government cannot become the provider for all needs of society--it does not work. So when Obama came to Washington to "level the playing field" for the unions, the blacks and the mexicans to "pay back America" for the 200 years of abuse he did them a disservice. He misread his mandate. No doubt Martin Luther King was a proud, effective and justified representative of our black citizens. Never did he lobby for them to be taken care of. They were taken care of as slaves. He wanted them to be given respect and liberty. Unions were formed to give workers fair wages and better working conditions. Now unions have to get a "tax pass" because their benefits are better than everyone elses and subject to the cafateria tax. Excuse me but does that remind you of the coal miners?--no? The NFL players union will likely go on strike again next year. Anyone think they are underpaid? And now about Mexicans. Of course our ancestors came to America and "kicked the Indians out of their land", confined them to reservations, and found the American dream. So now 200 years later the Mexicans invade America, basically ignored because they are willing to take any job at any pay, and politiicans think it is harmless. Harmless? If you fairly look at what it has done you will see that it is a big part of our problem. First, by turning our heads and having a clandestine group of workers take the subminimum wage jobs we reduced the pressure to improve the income of the next level up--the blue collar workers in construction, landscaping, maintenace. Then, by not enforcing the laws we encouraged the next wave of illegal immigration. And that wave took the next level of jobs in construction, maintenance, landscaping, etc. By this time they were having kids (American kids), they were starting companies in low level service industries and they were receiving political amnesty so they could vote. The result was that America reduced the pressure to pay blue collar workers higher wages. Then, gave away their jobs. If you don't think that importing 30,000,000 minimum wage workers into America in 20 years did not have an effect on our economy then you don't have any concept of economics. How's California doing financially, Nancy? And,then you have the requirement to take care of their social needs: schools, housing, welfare, medical treatment at emergency rooms, teaching english, etc. So, the next time the Democrats say that Republicans shipped all the jobs to China remind them that they imported 30 million cheap laborers from Mexico. (And they're the friends of unions?--smoke and mirrors my friends.) Mexicans are absolutely wonderful workers. When I promoted fights in Tucson, Arizona, in 1977-78 most of my fighters were illegal Mexicans. They absolutely were the toughest young men I have ever known. One of them, Nicky Perez, was 52-4 and fought for the world title 3 times. He was 19 when he came across the border in only his underwear. As long as I knew him he had me send 50% of every purse back to his mother in Mexico. America has 28% of it's black men out of work--and we have a black President. I would think he would focus on jobs not healthcare.

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