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January 08, 2010


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In a race to beat the Massachusettes election results Dems race to get it done.

What it really comes down to is that the way the Dems have proposed to control the cost of insurance premiums is to impose a tax of 40% on Americas employees who work for nonunion companies (mostly small businesses) if their premiums go over $24,000 a year. to avoid this happening employers are driven to provided less and less benefits each year until finally employees are getting mediocre care. If that doesn't describe the European and Canadian systems in a nutshell I don't know what could. This system really has nothing to do with controlling healthcare costs it is all about covering the uninsured by taking the money from those who have coverage now. As employers we did not need the government to help us degrade our healthcare quality to lower costs--we can do that ourselves--without the tax. What a fraud! Save us, Massachusettes--go vote !!

So here you are fresh off the press:

Officials said the agreement was thrashed out over more than 15 hours of negotiating at the White House, ending after midnight. Participants included AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka; Andy Stern, head of Service Employees International Union; Anna Burger, head of Change to Win, and the leaders of unions representing teachers, government workers, food and commercial workers and electricians. Obama's deputy chief of staff, Jim Messina, was the lead White House bargainer, although Vice President Joe Biden also was involved periodically.

These are the people who are really crafting your Healthcare bill. Forget the big medical and pharmacuetical companies. They're just hostages to Obama and the Labor Unions in America. If America doesn't read anything "socialist" into this then we should all retake History 101.

As predicted right here it is reported that the Unions were given a "Nebraska pass" on the cafeteria tax. Another blow to America's Small business owners and their employees. And, the Democrats claim to be for the "little guy"? What a mess this bill has created. McCain predicted last night that even if it passes then after America sees it, witnesses the unfairness of it all and votes in November that it may be repealed before it is fully implemented. let's hope Americans begin the process with a surprise in Massachusetts next week. If you agree call, text or email everyone you know if Mass and get them out to vote.

So here we are with Obama, Reid and Pelosi huddled together in the Hwite House making their secret helthcare deal while Fox point blank asks John MCCain if he would be willing to join the group and help craft the bill. McCain answers directly 'We have never been invited to help craft this bill and now I'm sure it is too late. However, we would be willing to sit down with them and restructure the bill to make sense." With support for the bill now at about 40% and Harry Reid sending out urgent calls for money for Democrats to support their "Ted Kennedy" replacement candidate in Massachusettes from the onslaught of right wing fanatics, the Dems are clearly in full panic mode. Not only is there a small but finite chance that the Republicans could actually win that seat but the fact that they are even challenging has got to be making the negotiators edgy that they will lose some support for their bill to very nervous party members in the House and Senate.
At the same time Fox featured their newest analyst, Sarah Palin, in one on one interviews with O'Reilly, Beck and Hannity. When asked what she thought about Exxon making $45B in profits last year she said in a very business like manner: 'We anticipated that when I was Governor of Alaska and negotiated a share of the profits for our people. Havn't seen any of that from the Administration.' So, while Obama avoids Fox interviews and hides in the White House (he hasn't had a press conference for 5 months) striding only to the podium occasionally to lecture us with "I" have things totally in hand, Fox features two prominent Republican candidates weekly: Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee. This format, with Obama hiding, offers the players open season on his ideas and performance as well as the Dems.

Meanwhile the White House has clearly launched MSNBC on a PR offensive to promote how Obama has saved 2000 jobs in America with his stimulus bill. I'm sure they are using Biden logic and software to verify this claim. And, they are now offerring that because the terrorists (soon to be referred to as persons of little interest) are acting alone and using such primitive weapons with little coordination we are to believe that Obama has routed them and degraded their ability to strike. Did they not just "trick" our CIA into the slaughter of a handful of our best agents in Afghanistan? Are we not having to strike them in Iraq, Pakistan,Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia? Did they not just shoot 30 soldiers in Texas on our own Army base killing 13? Did they not almost bring down another US plane but for the actions of the passengers? Have we not been reduced to putting American Special Forces soldiers on trial for allegedly punching a terrorist in the stomach based on a complaint form the terrorist? Punching a man in the stomach? That's a war crime? The man had just slaughtered a family--we should have given them medals for not killing him. Meanwhile if we catch the guys who beheaded our people on the internet we'll give them lawyers and a soap box to speak from while we watch the beheading on TV and listen to why they hate America so much they want to do it. Ted Koppel meanwhile offers that by overreacting to the threat of blowing up an airliner we are playing into their hands. the logic being that they are trying to instill fear in our people. Wasn't it the passengers, Ted, who took the guy down? Did Americans stop flying that day? No, I think it is prudent to ask the government to focus on the threat. Hardly an over reaction.

How can we justify the lives of the people in Haiti with the fact that Pete Carroll is making over 5 million dollars to coach a football team? And our bankers are getting huge bonuses after we raised our national debt to bail them out. Our own teachers need to have a two income family in order to live a basic life.

The government wants to tax small businesses which then raises everyone's costs. The people in Wisconsin are angry and it looks as if the people in Massachusetts are also. I know I am. I am a businesswoman and if my clients were as angry at me as the average American is at the government, I would no longer have a client. I'm no fool. I would change the way I did business pronto. What hubris our government has.

If any of you has any extra dollars, please find a charity that you trust and contribute toward the Haitian relief. We often think we are "poor"...we don't know poor. While the world mocks the US, we are the country that comes to the aid of others,,,and not just our government. Individuals like you and me. We have nothing to apologize fot!

Good luck out there Fly Over. You are right the average guy and the average small business owner has no help in Washington. And that is because Washington is all about political favors for big business and interest groups with money they are willing to donate to campaigns. Nothing could show it more than President Obama, fresh off the "Terrorist Project of the month meeting with Labor Union leaders again on healthcare. The unions play a big role in Chicago Politics and they are not happy with "their" President Obama who is crafting a healthcare plan with a "big" 23 % tax on cadillac healthcare plans. The word yesterday was that the tax will apply to plans with premiums of more than $8000 for individuals and $23,000 for families. Ironically as a small business owner my company's plan has premiums of $8020 and $23,333 respectively. So, unless the tax is on the premiums above the thresholds, our people will see a tax of $1800 and $5300 if the plan passes this way. (It is likely that Labor Unions will get a pass like Nebraska.) As owners we will protect our employees by "LOWERING" the benefits to keep them from being taxed--does it make sense that we want employers to give employees less coverage? Only if you want to eventually drive all employees onto a national health plan. Secondly, if owners do not lower benefits to reduce premiums below the tax line then we risk the potential that our employees will opt to drop family coverage for their kids to lower the tax. Is that what we want in America--people dropping coverage for their kids ?? So get to your represenatative and show them the folly of this logic. This is exactly why America needs more time and discussion to craft a bill that works for everyone. I can guarantee you that taxing our employees is far below "taxing the rich". So another of the President's pledges not to tax people making below $250K "BROKEN". Let us count the lies.

On a second small business issue: the $685B defense bill that passed Congress contained a miniscule $125M dollars for Small Business Loans through the SBA. $125M is 75c per person who works for small businesses in America. Was this a token so the President can claim to be helping Small businesses in America? Or was it the beginning of the real solution to the economy: loan guarantees and capital to Small Businesses who really can put Americans back to work?

In the meantime FLYOVER your description of the community effort of those of you in the midwest to help your neighbors and get through this is a reminder of just how great this country can be if we can elect a leader who uses the word "we". Good luck out there.

I'm still hunkered down. The Midwest is totally hurting but the neighbors are great and we are sharing chores, dinners, etc. Yard sales keep the kids in clothes and when one of us makes a casserole, we always make enough for some other family. In that way, things are good.

Can't figure out what is happening in the US. The legal thing with the Gitmo folks makes no sense nor does plea bargaining with the pantybomber. Watch a legal show on TV...hang the guy. This health care bill is just plain stupid and I don't understand the whole cap and trade thing. What I do understand is that if you leave the average guy alone, he will find a way to make things work. He doesn't want the government solving his problems anymore than he wants his mother-in-law to solve them. It's his life and he just wants to run it...not get in anyone's way...help his neighbors.

And watching the shenanigans in DC is too much. The folks in Nebraska understand it...Nelson should be doomed. Does anyone get out of Washington or the East and West Coasts long enough to see what real folks want?

My new term yet to be defined by Webster as "the destruction of capitalism through the implementation of socialism using Chicago politics, California financial planning and propoganda emphacizing transparency and the economy in a bait and switch con."

This week Harry Reid was caught in the space warp between evaluating potentially "electable" candidates behind closed doors and the politically correct behavior that seems to guide our law enforcement, international relations and security policies in the Democratic party. Politics is definitely tough place to simply say what you mean and let it speak for itself. Instead you have to immediately apologize and pretend you made a mistake in judgement.
Had these words been attributed to Sarah Palin what would the black leaders have said about it? No one supports Obama more than Harry Reid but his words to help Obama become the candidate of the Democrats have ome back to haunt him. And, ironically, the situation is exposing the hypocracy of black Democrats in dealing with racial comments by politicians.

85,000 more jobs lost. It's the economy stupid. How can the economy recover after $2-3 Trillion are added to the national debt. With employers facing increased utility expenses? With the threat of an Energy/Cap & Trade bill that adds billions to the cost of doing business in America. With a pending healthcare bill designed to punish those employers who provide coverage with taxes, penalties and insurance company pass thru taxes? Forcing people to buy insurance taking more money out of consumers pockets. It is asking a lot of us in business to bet on the future and hire new people just so America can make a left turn without damaging the economy. In other words we are supposed to give the people jobs so they'll be happy Obama is doing all this? And, for their part the Democrats in Congress just allowed 50 tax deductions for people and businesses to expire.

I believe it is unlikely that the economy can handle the strain of all this added expnse and grow at the same time. For a while all our clients can sell to the Federal government but until the government can balance it's budget we are just digging a financial mass grave. The state governments are cutting jobs at an alarming pace. The Federal government cannot bail them out. And now the teachers and road maintenance people are beginning to get laid off. And, that's in Virginia where we have a $6B deficit and only 6.5% unemployment. What is poor Michigan doing? And, the Terminator--the least republican Governor of all is finally screaming about the "Nebraska " deal. Why not California?--he screams. SO, behind closed doors the rumor is that the Nebraska deal is being cloned to cover more states. In other words the Federal Government is taking on more debt tp pay for the states.In other words Medicaid and Medicare formerly shared programs are becoming Federal programs. Just to make sure we get this Healthcare bill passed.

A couple weeks or months ago there was a jobs summit and the promise to get small business in America who employ 76% of the people some capital or loans. Where did that go? Another "Project of the Month"? Bank of America keeps running ads about all the small business loans they are making. At the same time they are paying back their money they owe the Feds. Where are they getting all this money if they have to raise rates on credit cards? By lowering credit lines of small business owners and consumers I suspect. Mine has been lowered three times in 12 months. More smoke and mirrors to make us believe everybody is helping us out there.

Every week we hear it's getting better. We're losing less jobs. It's because there are less to lose. You notice the lawyers on TV now have switched ads from workplace injury suits to hourly wage violations. They are searching for willing customers to sue their employers for giving them more than 40 hours/week so they can pay their bills when their spouse is out of work and to avoid hiring a second part time person or paying overtime. But we should sue that employer for trying to accommdate an employee and stay in business. Small business owners survive by adapting. Suing them will not create jobs. Anything in the Healthcare bill about frivolous lawsuits? Nope. Congress is full of lawyers. And, they might need a job soon.

Bo, what a way to start the new year--HELP!

Yesterday was a good way to see the Obama strategy more clearly:
Remember the comment by Obama's right hand man Rahm Emanuel "Rule #1: Never allow a crisis to go to waste." So we nearly lose an airliner and 300 more civilians in this "Terror's war on us" (my new politically correct name for the politically incorrect "War on Terror" from GWB) and Americans declare another crisis. After 3 days of partying in Hawaii, while the Director of Security was snow skiing, Obama emerges to take the podium and declare once again "I" am in charge, The buck stops with "me", this was a "systematic" failure that "I" will not tolerate, and finally "we are at war----quickly followed by the politically correct-- with Al Queda" lest anyone think we might be at war with other Muslims like the Taliban. So rule #1 is employed "make a photo op out of the crisis and let everyone know that it is being addressed, personally, by the "I" man. Where was Obama on the morning of September 11, 2001? By the time I watched the replay of the first plane hit the tower I thought we were at war. When the second plane appeared on the NY Horizon and before it hit the 2nd tower I "Knew" we were at war and so did everyone in my office watching in horror. Did anyone tell Obama we never went to war or that the war is over? So, write it down: " on January 7, 2010, 8 years and 4 months after 9-11, President Obama was convinced we are at war". Were we not at war when the good "Muslim" Major at FT Hood murdered 30 of our soldiers? It only took one Pearl Harbor for his hero, President Roosevelt, to declare war and fight it with everybody in the axis of eveil in 1941--not just the Japanese. I thought that GWB had already declared war and handed the security over to Obama. Did he not see the news 7 years earlier? Or did he really start to believe his campaign rants that the war was GWB's fault for being so beligerent against the "axis of evil" and think that a few friendly speeches would change things? No, I think this is a crisis not to waste and we are being campaigned by the "I" man. Evidence?

Yesterday it was reported that Pelosi and Reid are hard at work behind closed doors crafting the Healthcare bill and that Obama has actually been helping. Meanwhile the doors are closed to CSPAN, the American people given no chance to read it, comment on it or understand it. But, amid this crisis Obama has the time to help craft it and will keep us preoccupied with security concerns while they get it done. It has been reported that he has given Pelosi and Reid orders to have the bill on his desk ready to sign by the "State of The Union" Speech. That would likely be January 26th or 27th. So we are going to rewrite this bill, one of the most important in US History , debate it, let Americans respond to it and pass it in 18 days just so the "Pres" can sign it the day of his speech? Let me comment: "Even if it turns out to be the best bill ever written--the State of Democracy in America is broken." We didn't just elect Democrats we elected a congress split at the moment about 40-60 and the 40 % are having no say in this legislation. Talk about discrimination against a minority--this is it. In fact at the moment this is discrimination against the "majority" of Americans. You'll also note that the Congress is not in session while all this restructure is going on. So how much individual consideration is being given to members? Hopefully, when they come back from listening to their hometown crowd they will slow this down. But, I doubt it this seems to be a liberal political suicide mission to get as much passed in this window as
possible at any cost before American's close it down.

Continuing with never waste a crisis: The EPA fired it's first warning shot with it's new power (from the Supreme court) by reducing smog standards. This, too, was done while we are all watching the "crisis" and healthcare but don't let it fool you it is a strong message to Congress from Obama: pass my energy bill or "I'll" use my EPA power to regulate it into existence. What's the rub--clean air is good right? Sure it is but at the cost of how many billions to America's businesses and how many jobs? In the middle of a recession? And by the way what is the penalty for violators--jail? No, fines---another sneaky tax on America to pay for cleaner air. It's the NY Yankee system: if you're rich enough to pay the penalties go ahead and pollute. If not oh well --lay a few people off. Doesn't it remind you of the $100 Billion Global Warming pact? Rich countries pay the poor countries not to emit CO2. I wonder how much smog we get from the west-east winds blowing from Asia? Or does that warm air all drift north melting the polar ice cap making a fortune for Al Gore?

The problem for those of us who are basically asking for some reasonable policies and at least the consideration of bipartisan consideration of our ideas is that there are more crisis's "not to waste" than we can overcome and keeping the focus on anyone of these issues is tough. Meanwhile "It's the economy, stupid" And each of these things they are implementing are costing us dollars we don't have, increasing debt, and eliminatiing jobs. Even when the economy does turn around the impact of these taxes, penalties,unfunded entitlements and interest on the debt will eliminate the jobs as fast as those of us in business can create them. So, America how do you like Chicago politics?

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