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February 04, 2010


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Obama and his folks send up trial balloons all of the time...just to see how the public/congress/Liberals will react. He never comes out with strong policy oriented statements. He is a miserably poor leader. Might be a nice guy but he sucks as a leader.

Right on que--foreclosures were up 15% this month. And, the first splash of Commercial defaults are being announced. Mortgages fell below 5% yesterday. Time to refinance once again for many people.

Let me clarify my remarks on the fed raising interest rates yesterday. I understand that the Feds need to respond to China's threats to sell our debt. thye have nearly a Trillion dollars of it. And, in accordance with Obama's plan we will need them to take on a significant portion of the $10 trillion we will borrow in the next few years. China's holdong of our debt puts Obama in the position of having to listen to them and even worry about their threats when he supports Taiwan with arms. (which may be the real reason for the Feds announcement.) It puts him in the position of being very careful when he criticizes their patent infringments, their pollution, their human rights abuses, etc. He also is in a very weak position when he needs their help with UN issues like Iran and North Korea. I understand that and I want to make it clear.

My point in all this is not the policy and planning---it is the broadcasting it on MNSBC leading the public to believe rising interest rates are coming. Of course they are coming--they are at zero today. If and when the economy recovers we all know they will rise but let's let the economy recover first. Managers and consumers will only begin to spend if they see some positive signs things are going to improve and government is supporting business not exploiting it.

Yesterday, congress quietly issued a warning that $1.5 Trillion of commercial foreclosures is coming in the next 36 months. And that is on top of rising home foreclosures --I've heard perhaps as many as 6 million in the next few years. Citibank announced that they will allow foreclosed propety owners to stay in their house for 6 months hoping they can turn things around. Not a pretty picture for lenders and the real estate industry.

It's the announcements I'm disgusted with and the whole level of broadcasting anything they feel like by this administration without thinking of the consequences. Look at the crap Brennan has created with his line that we critics of Obama are aiding Al Queda. He shoots out an op ed piece without anyone "thinking about it" first. Holder decides to Mirandize the Christmas bomber without asking Gates, , Pineta or the Homeland Security people.Gibbs is doing hand puppets in his press conference. Obama comes up with small business plans without consulting people on both sides of the aisle to get some "fresh" ideas.
There is no coordinated effort to get positive messages and programs to the public and to business. Just a bunch of independent people making statements independently. To me that is a direct refelection of the lack of Obama's leadership and the result of him putting together an Administration of amatuers from the intellectual community with no real world experience. The only solid players he has are Gates (from Bush) and Panetta who opposes him half the time.
That's my point on this. For me leadership at the CEO level is mostly communication of a vision and system that competent managers and staff can understand and execute efficiently. Obama is failing badly.

Today the Fed Chairman, fresh off his rehiring, proved he belongs in the incompetant Obama economic team. He announced a new plan for the Feds to "raise interest rates to banks" which will raise interest rates on the "invisible" commercial and consumer loans. Now just to keep us calm he has said we are months away from doing it but we should plan for it. So now that we are recovering so nicely from this recession we should add to increased interest rates to the agenda of things this administration is passing to us along with increased taxes, healthcare costs, energy bills, etc.

What in the hell is going on? Does anyone in this administration understand the role of manager confidence and consumer confidence in the US economy? For the Fed chairman to even think about raising rates let alone speak about it in the middle of the worst recession in this nation's modern history is madness. How does this administration expect to stimulte the economy when all they do is talk taxes, spending, higher interest rates and increased costs of operations? We need motivation not depression of managers and consumers' confidence. As much as I'd like to believe this administration wants a recovery I am coming to the belief that as Governor Wilder has stated the whole group are incompetant at anything except getting elected. Now I know he said we are months away from raising rates but who the hell needed to hear anything except we are doing everything we can to get this economy turned around! He should be fired--today!
The reduction in unemployment was simply an increase in people no longer looking. We will get a further false gain with the 1 million people hired for the census but then right before the election unless we get a real upswing in confidence we are going to get a spike as those people are laid off.
I can tell you that despite our big increase in interviews the employers are not yet hiring and the recent downturn in the markets has not helped confidence. Now we have this idiotiotic statement. November cannot come soon enough.
Eight more inches of snow today. Congress is closed for the week. The Fed Government closed for the third day in a row. Global warming has now been changed to a more acceptable term "climate change" more easily defended as the climate changes every minute of every day. Is everything "smoke and mirrors". Man I'm really starting to miss the guy who called our enemies the "Axis of Evil and used the "war on Terror " label. At least I knew his priorities.

The defining moment in Obama's Presidency for Democrats and Republicans may very well come this week with the headsup meeting between Democrats and Republicans on Healthcare. Independents will likely be watching very carefully at this meeting to see who is playing fair:
Is Obama really looking for a bipartisan solution to healthcare issues that the people will actually support or is he "gaming" the Republicans into refusing to help "improve his bill" so that he can say see I tried but they are voting "no no matter what I offer."
Or, are Republicans actually offerring something more in line with the American people's vision of mandatory acceptance of preexisting conditions,national pools,tort reform, insurance portability, etc? And, will Obama reject them based on his grander notion of a healthcare takeover and expanded coverage?

Whichever party wins this showdown will likely carry the independents in November and win a majority of the elections. For me it will be an opportunity to see if Obama is really going to compromise and govern or if he is still playing his deceptive games to get his programs through despite the people. And Blue Cross Blue Shield decided to add to the drama. I think I heard that they announced a 39% increase in their premiums today citing the poor economy and increased costs. Funny, they just raised my company's premiums 39% a month ago when we renewed coverage.
Much the same scenario is being carried out in the media as Obama has now "taken ownership" of the terrorist trials and is now trying to come to a decision as to whether he will try them in NY or not. this way when "he: decides to move the trial he will be seen as "overriding" Holder and listening to the people.
Sarah Palin was seen as much more credible on international issues in her interview with Wallace on Fox this week even by Democrats. And of course the Tea Party people love her. Her strategy to take on the Republican party's "selected" candidates in favor of her own may set her up to be the Toby Keith of the Party. Or it may be a subtle way of actually taking control as the front runner by showing her power to upset the "in crowd's" choices. John McCain was quick to call her in for the campaign in Arizona when he needed to take a "right turn". She is definitely the "player" in the party right now. Her move to Fox News certainly countered Huckabee's advantage with his "folksy" Fox show as she is now the resident "interview of choice" for Greta, Hannity, OBrien and other Fox people when they want an opinion on something.
If you missed it Greta had an interesting first half interview of Gates last night. Catch tonight's 2nd half. Gates says things are turning our way in Afghanistan. He says it is basically a waste of time talking to Iran. Every President since the revolution has tried and failed. Getting agreement on tough sanctions will take a few weeks of negotiation. And, he believes we have about 1 year before they have the bomb. So it appears Obama is going to have a nuclear Iran on his watch. Not a warm thought for Democrats I'm sure.

The understanding here in South Carolina is that Joe Wilson did not lie. He was correct at the time. Our Post & Currier newspaper has explained that Nancy Pelosi did a quick "fix" on the house bill "To Make It So" (for you Star Track fans) a day or two later.

There is a lot of good news for fiscal conservatives (of all persuasions) to celebrate at the moment!! The Global Warming crowd has been quieted because their prophets were caught in gross lying. So, our politicians will be hard pressed to pass "Cap and Trade" legislation, which certainly would have disrupted our economy further. Doubtful that OBama will use an EPA "discovery" that "carbon dioxide is lethal" to further his agenda--the kickback would be brutal.

New York has forcefully caused OBama to reconsider holding terror trials in a Manhattan District Court. Gitmo did not close during 2009 as promised. What is next for Holder and Obama to assuage the left fringe,their political base?

Lost in New Orleans supurb victory over the Colts were the Saturday primaries. Mitch Landreau, a highly respected candidate, overcame his "whiteness" for a landslide victory in a city that had not elected a candidate so afflicted since his father. And, the City Counsel candidates had a "cleansing" as well. The City has rebelled against petty political infighting that has paralyzed New Orleans for the past several years. No visitations from Acorn, Jackson, or Sharpton to convert a political contest into a racial trial.

The media is becoming increasingly critical about our unsustainable debt. The public vigorously rejects Obama-care (or Reid-care, or Pelosi-care). Obama's honeymoon, and ability to cram down a left wing agenda, is past. Lets hope the result is not paralysis, but a more thoughtful attitude toward governing by both Democrats and Republicans. Our Country will need it during the next few years.

Twenty one inches of snow at our house. 32 inches at Dulles. Another storm coming tomorrow. Schools are full of people without power. More Global warming? One thing scientists do know is that CO2 is increasing in the atmosphere. However, it is unclear whether global temperatures are tracking anything except solar activity. Solar activity follows a pretty predictable cycle. CO2 is likely increasing both from burning fossil fuels and deforestation of the planet.

In my opinion economics is at the center of every country's approach to this subject except the US. The emerging countries such as India and China are trying to improve the lot of their people and want to waste few resources on global warming. India is now skeptical of all the so called scientific data and has announced it will do it's own monitoring of the data rather than to rely on that of other scientists. As for the "racing ahead " group that the President often holds up as models of global warming leaders I believe they are racing ahead simply because they have to. They have no fossil fuel sources to tap. They are faced with rising oil prices and long ago began to develop more efficient engines. They pay to import oil and export high mileage cars. I doubt that they have any great concern for the globe. More likely just producing what they can sell and keeping their balance of payments in line.

Meanwhile the US, led by California, has imposed all these economic inhibitors to our industries in response to the warnings of scientists who rely on questionable data. We are increasing the cost of manufacturing as well as the costs for service companies at an alarming rate and Obama is proposing even more costs. America should use it's resources to lower it imbalance in import/exports.
We should increase nuclear plants, increase exploration and drilling for oil, build a distribution system for natural gas and build at least two major oil refineries on military bases that can be safeguarded to produce gasoline and jet fuel. Forget using agriculture to produce fuel. We can use all the food we can produce as an export to offset our import costs. China will need ever increasing amounts of food.

Quick answer Flyover: Getting into Iraq was a decision Bush made based on a lot of things and who knows why for sure. he was totally focused on those buildings falling down, the people jumping to their deaths and the vision of economic ruin in the USA. He focused on little else. right or wrong he took out Saddam. But, there is no doubt that Iraq had chemical weapons and had used them on both the Kurds and the Iranians. Where they went is a mystery. Syria, maybe. The river, maybe. Buried, maybe. I have to believe that after we held Chemical Ali until he was hung a few weeks ago that we know. We have held Saddam and many top leaders of Iraq so someone knows what happened to them. As for nuclear weapons and biologocal weapons that was probably poor intelligence--but who knows? They may be right beside the chemical weapons where ever they are. But, politics is full of smoke and mirrors. Obama isn't alone. It remains to be seen if Iraq will prove to be a stabilizing force in the region long term.

Totally agree about lying. How do you answer Bush's WMD and decision to get us into Iraq? Don't trust any of them

Great job, Bo. This is one of your best. you could not have presented the message any better. Obama is a product of his environment. Chicago politics. Union organizer. Ivy league Education. Lawyer. Foreign father. Black man. His belief that he has to level the playing field makes him believe that he is "Robin Hood" and that the end justifies the means. The lies you refer to pale in comparison to the mountain of deceptions I refer to as the Smoke and Mirrors approach he takes to governing. John McCain,the mild mannered, respectful opponent in the Presidential campaign, has now taken off the gloves and is directly challenging Obama's truthfulness and even the legality of his use of Federal funds. It was McCain who held back his running mate, Sarah Palin, when she openly challenged many of Obama's claims. Now, however, in defense of America's future, both are aggressively questioning his methods. And, then "along comes Brown" who only minutes after being sworn in by Joe Biden while Senator Kerry looked on begins his term in Teddy Kennedy's seat by openly challenging the President's assertion that the stimulus bill created 58,000 new jobs in Massachusetts saying it might have saved a few but created "not one". OUCH---so much for the possible 60th vote from this social minded Republican from Massachusettes. Better go back to chase Senator Snow.

Those of us who were educated under the honor code and who suffered the loss of 103 classmates for lying and cheating are especially offended by the untruthful and deceitful language of the Commander and Chief. And, thus, Bill Bowen calls it as it is. Bravo, Bo. Well done.

And, it was nice to see so many comments. Keep them coming. Ideas are the way this country was founded and grew great, Obama has lots of reasons to be on his mission and it is important to make sure they are also America's reasons.

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