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February 04, 2010


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Of course the Left lies. Without lying and emotional appeals the whole agenda implodes. Nobody would vote for it on its own merits. I'm beginning to think he wants to destroy America as it exists so it can be rebuilt in accordance with the progressive model. America is one of the last major impediments to a one world government and the dike is beginning to leak.

Middle of the night here in Ohio and I'm trying to balance the checkbook. Read today's blog and wondered...I'm trying to keep it together and our President goes to basketball and football games. who is minding his store? I know...Pelosi and Reed and all of those committees and groups he appoints that we did not elect. don't get it. And really don't get the fact that everyone talks about how smart he is and he doesn't get it.

Brilliant! It could not have been said in any better way. Wish it were on national TV. Perhaps the Tea Party group can organize and make a difference in the next election. We want honest, straight forward people from BOTH parties. The Republicans need to get it right as do the Democrats. This year has reinforced my belief (as well as others) that having a single party control both House, Senate and Presidency is a dangerous thing. Keep writing.

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