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April 01, 2010


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Great comments. Obama is very much as you describe him Lisa. I get that from inside his administration. Leveling the playing field is his prime agenda. Thus, liberals especially progressives jump on the wagon. He is a "me first" sales person with the characteristic that the ends justifies the means. I his case the means is to decieve. He remembers his promises --he just selectively keeps them. He jumps from project to project leaving the details to his friends.
He did not need to read the HC bill just get it passed. As Bill Clinton told the Senate--a bad bill is better than no bill--(I think he got that philosophy from Hillary :)) No the war will be to change it to reflect something the opposition cannot eliminate. Thus, the war to can it is on.

I'm not sure that Obama's reading every word of the health care bill would have been a good use of time. The bill is very long and very dense - a tough read. What he does have is lots of people who have read the bill and, better yet, can interpret it. I don't think most business CEOs would dive into the documents like that. They have people.

You all are giving me hope and perhaps I can pull my head from under my pillow. This blog has put me onto the "Real Clear Politics" site and there was an interesting article by Krauthamer (a Washington Post columnist) about Europe. The US focus forever has been that Europe is our friend. Our heritage is European and, more particularly, British since the "dustup" was with them in our early history and the first people here (other than the native Americans) were mainly from there. Anyway...Obama's orientation is Hawaiian from his grandparents, Maylasian from his mother and African from his father so his interest and inclinations are not where our other President's have been. He has insulted the Brits, snubbed others in the EU, ignored Israel, and cuddled up to leaders that former Presidents would have avoided. I don't have the theory that he is trying to "sell us out" but perhaps it is just his orientation. It is not that he is African American either since neither Colin Powell nor Condolesa Rice have that orientation.

For those of you who have read his books, his other piece of backkground that is probably relevant is that he moved a great deal. So did I because my Dad was military. When you move a lot, you learn to make friends quickly and to do that you have to fit in, be pleasant and agree. He has the additional background that his family was not stable. He lived with his mother in Indonesia some of the time and with his grandparents some of the time. This is neither good nor bad but just adds more movement to his life I watch him flit from issue to issue, run all around shaking hands and patting backs and avoid doing the "stay in place and deal with tough issues" thing. (The last push on health care being the exception) It fits his orientation. He wants to be liked so he says one thing to one group and another to the next group. He continually sells. And, from experience, when you do that, in the end you don't remember what you said to whom and you have pleased very few for very long. He is smart. He is a consummate politician but I would feel so much better if he sat still and listened. By his own admission, he did not read the health care bill from start to finish. Yet he signed it into law. How much better I would feel knowing that he actually read it word for word. I don't know if any of you sign an important document without reading it, but I do not. Somehow our government has exploded and I yearn for a more simple way of thinking of things. Back to Basics, please!

Another bellweather election is the April 13 special election to fill the Florida House seat being vacated by Robert Wexler. This seat, like the Kennedy Senate Seat, is owned by the Democratic Party. The Republican Party is running a viable candidate, Ed Lynch, who was impressive in an interview I heard. A strong showing by Lynch would be another indication that Democratic Party control of the House may be at risk in the fall election. The District is heavily Jewish, so the recent dustups between the Obama administration and Israel can only hurt Ted Deutch, the Democratic Party candidate.

Happy Easter to all Bo's loyal readers. May the (Democratic) Easter Bunny deliver you all you wished for this season. I can only wish that the US Government could lay a golden egg and pay for all these programs.

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