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May 06, 2010


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Note to flyover: I always liked John Kasich who is running for Ohio Governor. He was a fiscal conservative and pretty much a straight shooter.

I like the word frustrated a little more than anger, Bo. I realize that the parties are pretty much controlled by seriously opposite points of view on the solutions and allocations of money to most major issues. Perhaps what bothers me most is that the middle 50 % of the voters are left shaking their heads at the lack of bipartisan action to address the country's problems. Instead we see nothing but attempts by the far left and the far right to impose their will on the rest of us and little willingness to compromise.

That in a nutshell I believe is the reason for so much anger. The result of this situation is that the country is either frozen in indecision or is dominated by the fringe of society (left or right). Most of societies problems require asset allocation decisions: Not too much and not too litle in order to maintain fiscal responsibilty and address each of the needs. The fringe 25% demand that their agenda be funded at the expense of the others and that does not lead to moderate long term planning. So for example we alternate between the "war on drugs" and the new Pelosi approach of "drug education and treatment". On immigration we argue whether to give "amnesty" or "ship em back". In terrorism we debate "seek and destroy" versus "get to know em better through dialogue, Miranda rights and milder interogation methods". ETC

While Sarah Palin is seen by the left as a far right leader her base of Tea Pary people are upset when she supports a more moderate conservative candidate. Moving towards the center and bipartisanship, where most of us seem to want to see issues addressed and solutions formed seems to be dangerous politics. And, meanwhle the deficits increase, the debt mounts, illegals come in, drug use increases, teen pregnancy mounts, Iran goes nuke, more people are now on food stamps, unemployment persists and no one can plug a failed oil well. No wonder we're angry, Bo.

Hey, Brother Bill. The ebbs-and-flows between progressivism and conservativism are reasonably frequent. Unfortunately, I am old enough to remember the renaissance of conservativism brought about by Bill Buckley. It was dark indeed before Buckley. Keep plugging with your blog.

My "take" is that many of us (me included) and the media were sorely distressed by lack of stewardship from the combined Republican Congress/Presidency and vowed that the scoundrels needed to be tossed out. The media moved from hypercritical reporting on the Republican establishment into a mode of praising anything suggested by the liberating Democratic establishment. Or, maybe the "cause of the day" is changing so rapidly that the news media cannot assess what they are seeing (i.e., what is given to, or staged for, them)or analyze what it means. The attention span is too short and the resources are too limited (and maybe inherent biases are too strong?).

My hope is that the "Near Death Experience" of Greece will cause our media and public to understand the inevitable USA endgame unless we stop our profligate spending. It is easy to be sympathetic for every carefully packaged cause crying for government dollars (federal, state, or local). So difficult to truthfully assess likely costs, just say "no" if there are higher priorities, and be prepared for the inevitable accusation that you are a "racist" in doing so.

My best wish is that Greece's painful situation linger so long, with such disturbing images,that it occupies our attention span long enough for a USA concensus can be established concerning the inevitable consequences of spending beyond our means. Certainly it will be our citizens, not the Democratic establishment, that will drive such a concensus. Unfortunately, the initial performance of the media is not encouraging--videos of a mob of "protestors" setting fire to a bank, causing 3 employees to burn to death. The mob did not remind me of Ghandi, or Martin Luther King, or the Tea Parties. Who were these "protestors" who came armed with gasoline bombs? If a true cross-section of Greek citizenry, Greece indeed is in trouble.

Thanks for this blog. I'm generally an easy going type of guy who just wants to hang with family and friends but am just so d--- mad at what is happening. Anybody know of anyone in Ohio I can support in November? Thinking positive is really hard right now. Throw the bums out...all of 'em. But let's be sure the new ones are not just a repeat of the old.

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