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June 17, 2010


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As I write Obama meets his Commanding General in Afghanistan. I really don't care if he turns the other cheek and gives him another chance or takes the Harry Truman stand and fires him. Either way America loses.

If he fires him the guy who knows the battlefield and drew up the battle plan is lost. And, his men take the hit.

If he reprimands him and continues the program as is then he has a "nuetered" General in command. In my mind it is the officers who speak their mind who effectively lead troops in battle. This was not disobedience or betrayal. This was a complaint about the lack of leadership coming from this White House. And, frustration pouring out of the General's aides while drinking with the liberal press. Once again we see the academic world of Obama coming in conflict with the realities of leadership requiring action.

Whatever he does it will have consequences. My guess: yesterdays poll said 71% of Americans don't want the guy fired. So, my bet he stays. But, Obama seems to want a guy who believes in his withdrawal strategy that plays to his base so he might be gone. Doesn't really matter. There are lots of guys who can fight the war. Unfortunately there is not one in Command who can lead them.

The General can always work for Fox or run for Congress as a Republican

Good thoughts, Bo. American corporations are as we all realize simply the extension of some person's dream and ambition. Early on they refelct that person in many ways: personality, ingenuity, creativity, integrity and moral courage. As they age and grow they tend to make a change reflecting the standards of conduct left behind by it's creator but altered by the next generation of leadership. And so it goes as they age and change. Eventually most are run by Boards, managers and committees long removed from the Bill Gates, Steven Jobs, Ted Turner, etc. And so their morale compass may change from one of caring about customers,employees, communities and environments to one focused on maximizing profits using every marketing, distribution, manufacturing, importing, exporting and competative strategy conceived by it's people. Just like the people in the society the are conceived in they have those who get better and those who degrade into the unethical and criminal players we all know exist in both society and the business community. Unfortunately this happens in all facets of life from the Jonestown style churches, to the SEC government agency watching porn, to the fraudulent charities, to police on the take, to the Chicago style political machines exploiting city governments,to the mob ruled unions, to the ethnic gangs threatening our communities. Most started as well intentioned individuals trying to make a change in their lives for the better. Given that:

What is the role government should play in protecting us? Unfortunately, the government undergoes this same good to maybe not so good change with time as well. In fact it could be argued that our national debt and deficit is the result of the government being exploited in a money for votes scheme that has gone on unchecked for a century. We call it Congress. But, as all of us who served in government know the cash for favors game is played throughout the Federal government where to "not spend your budget" is seen as a foolish gambit for your career. And, worse yet, to question or challenge spending sometimes referred to as "whisle blowing" is to risk career and life for the sake of your country's good. Corruption is a vice that exists everywhere.

Look at the results of the safety requirements for deep sea drilling the government regulated. Remind you of the MGM fire in Las Vegas 25 years ago? In a small way this is a repeat of that event. Afterward all high rise buildings in America were required to have fire protection systems. And now so will oil wells. Look at the security of America's borders. You would think that after 9-11 there would have been no debate about the need to protect ourselves from illegal immigration. Now just 9 years later Obama seems to think we should welcome all comers with no questions asked. The same people who lost their jobs to this flood of 30 Million illegals now vote with them. And when their children lose their jobs--then what will they vote for? More healthcare, welfare, higher minimum wages?

So, Bo, the tea Party is raising the issue of corporate regulation but there is only so much you can do to regulate without creating a government that needs regulating itself. And, I'm afraid that we have one now. The Tea party is, in a way, a citizens group to regulate the government we've allowed to be created. Obama represents the Chicago poltical machine that has controlled Chicago for our lifetime. Daley has been Mayor since '86 I believe. Is that what we want? The Tea party thinks not. Restructuring this giant organization in the face of an onslaught of Federal hiring will be a monumental task that begins in November and pushes into the follow on 2012 elections. Palin has it right --but who will be the leader with enough talent and heart to take it on with her? Who will be the next President who can govern from the middle?

In closing for today a reminder: "Let the buyer beware" is a smart way to live. Teach your kids this because they are in for one long fight.

I like golf. Would I play golf with the nation reeling from the greatest environmental catastrophe of our lifetime? Not likely. Would I play golf and then criticize the CEO in charge of handling the crisis for going boating? Not on your life. The incredible lack of common sense, critical thinking and leadership of the Obama-Biden team continues to baffle 59% of America. And, it appears that the 41% of the country that has faith in them is fast slipping to perhaps 31%. That is beginning to look like the lack of faith numbers Americans place on Congress. It appears that his 20% base is about all he will have left when his first term comes to a close. He is trending very much like Jimmy Carter. Nice guy. Cheerful speaches. Intelligent. But, doomed by unpopular legislation, irresponsible foreign policy and a crisis he can't handle. For Obama and Biden it appears they are "playing" at the Presidency and thumbing their collective noses at the public who know irresponsiblity when they see it. Two former members of the Senate now playing golf while Rome burns.

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