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June 24, 2010


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Hi fly over---I have heard that speculated several times from friends. But I'm not sure McChrystal would do it that way even if he felt it appropriate. One reporter who knows him well did say that something is wrong with the way it happened because McChrystal has always been very careful not to say things around the press. However, as I recall he was pretty agressive in speaking his mind while Obama was "contemplating" his strategy last winter before announcing the surge. So who knows for sure. I believe we will know in the months ahead if he writes a book and/or comes out challenging the current civilian policies. He will definitely put country first if he believes things are not right.

When I read what McCrystal and his gang said around the Rolling Stones reporter, I thought "Why would you be so stupid as to say that stuff around such a liberal press?" Then a friend gave me an article by David Brooks (no way would I pay to read the NY Times) that made a lot of sense. Now I think that McCrystal wasn't so stupid. This was on purpose because he is afraid for his troops with this administration. The only way to get their attention was to fall on his sword. Like BillMcCormick said in his comment, some good may come of this and maybe it was "planned" good.


Here we are with 6 weeks or so to go to stop the leak with relief wells that will drill into the gusher and pump it full of mud to stop the leak---and as Bill Clinton added yesterday--"maybe". Then, to my shock he adds casually: if that doesn't work then we may have to let the Navy stop the leak by blowing it up. Almost jokingly he adds of course they won't use a nuclear weapon. I'm afraid this oil spill is all about money. Money from the billions of dollars of oil they don't want to lose. For more than 60 days people who know the defense department well, including myself have been asking why we didn't use explosives to stop the leak? Diamond miners, coal miners, gold miners, underground nuclear test engineers, road construction crews and deep penetration munitions experts among others should have been called in in the beginning of this disaster and consulted on a way to stop the leak using explosive technology. Let's just hope and assume that you must not be able to shove an explosive charge down the pipe and would have had to drill a 2000 foot tunnel anyway. So that is the reason it wasn't done. I heard the argument put forth that the administration was afraid the blast would open up the sea floor making things worse. Only if some incompetant engineer is allowed to position the explosive. Explosive experts in the military and the mining industries could design explosives that are precise in doing what they need done. Someone wants this oil to continue to be available to pay the bills for the spill is my guess. At 2.5 million gallons a day the US shoreline will be subjected to another 100 million gallons of oil between now and then. And then there is the question of why Bill Clinton is discussing this issue? Where is the "I" man?


The "I' man sent a team of 5 to Arizona to explain his new strategy for securing America's southern border. Arizona's Governor left the meeting feeling something between laughter and betrayal. The "help' that the Feds are offering the southern states? 72 national guardsmen for New Mexico, 525 for Arizona, etc for a period of 6 months. Repair (not construction) of 22 miles of existing fence. Border area signs--see You Tube--that warn people that the border area is dangerous. And, far less money than we give to Mexico. No advance copy of the briefing slides. Nor as of last night any copies to be left behind. Anyone have to wonder why America is reeling from partisan political solutions? This is a great demonstration of why Republicans cannot get anything done with Obama --his response and his promises are smoke and mirrors political tricks. His real response: Sue Arizona over their approach to illegal immigration enforcement. Soon he will have many others to sue as a Democratic Governor yesterday signed a bill into law requiring the state to check the immigration status of all state prisoners and turn in the illegals. And, why is Hillary Clinton announcing the lawsuit in South America?

BIDENISMS: From the assistant Leader

Our vice President, the model for millions of school age children, once again displayed his "colorful use" of the English language and his quick temper by calling a Custard Store manager a Smart Ass during a political photo op stop when he jokingly said "the (custard's) on us ---just lower our taxes and we'll call it even". The VP waited a minute and then went on the attack. Eventually, he came back and told the guy he was just joking but for all of us who saw it replayed it was a clear demonstration of Biden's temper and lack of cool. One heartbeat away from the Presidency.


It appears the Clinton's can sense the real possibility of a Jimmy Carter style collapse of this administration and they are wasting no time in planting the seeds of blame on Obama. The announcement of the Arizona lawsuit by Hillary almost pushes Obama to have to do it. (I wonder where they have Holder hiding these days?) And, the subtle suggestion by Bill yesterday that they could have stopped the leak with explosives will make sure that Obama will face the "why didn't you do it?" question from not only the right and center but the left as well. Brilliant--now Bill is moving on Obama's base. Obama is an excellent smoke and mirrors man. He can back out of his promises with the best of them. He is intelligent. But, he is no match for the polical cunning of the Clinton's or the intelligence of Bill Clinton. The model for political manipulation of liberals is to move in and befriend your enemies. Then get them to like you. Once they like and trust you they will allow you to get close. (McChrystal fell for it with Rolling Stones) Obama put Hillary in the job she wanted in order to keep her from being the VP and to get her on his team. Then he downgraded the job with his special envoy's to do her tough jobs. But she still has a megaphone to the world and like a skilled political surgeon she uses it. With Haiti Obama let Bill Clinton get inside and become his advisor/spokesman. Now he is paying the price: both Clinton's are in the spot light and planting the seeds for a 2012 move for Hillary if they see weakness. Bill Clinton is the VP. Biden is the show monkey. And, Obama is organ grinder.


General McChrystal announced his retirement yesterday. America is the big loser for the loss of his brilliant command in the field but may win in the long run. Axed by a fellow liberal (reporter) when he let his guard down McChrystal may in his final hour have delivered his most valuable message of his 34 year career: He told the world that there is a disconect between the military and civilian leadership in the Afghan war planning and execution. This message will not be ignored. And, the book that will surely follow and the interviews will likely become instant messages to the American people. Some reporters will now search for the meaning of his discontent.

Harry: I do not know about the periodic psychological tests for senior military leaders - I never attained that level. From a life's experience, I would conjecture that McChrystal was much too intense in his physical, sleeping, and eating habits. The good thing is that the issue was not policy, it was about the military's perspective on the politicians that they had to deal with. The fact that McChrystal was out of line doesn't mean that he was wrong.

My Progressive friends and family members encourage me to adopt the old McFadden song, "Don't Worry",Be Happy" as my mantra. Tough for a financial conservative when the Party in office decides not even to try for a budget in the face of a $1.5 trillion budget deficit. Too tough to show financial restraint in the face of midterm elections with other spending bills on the table? Unfortunately, the Gulf oil crisis and McCrystal debacle have given Mainstream Media an excuse to avoid commenting on this unusual abdication. Really cannot blame it on "Republicans" when the Democratic party controls the White House and both branches of Congress". Health Care Reform was passed without Republican Party participation. Let's see what Andy Stern, former head of the bankrupt SEIU union, proposes from the Commission. I will try to "Don't Worry, be Happy", but feel an obligation to pass on a viable economy to our next generations.

Your comments on Canada are eye-opening. I am intrigued by their version of the VAT which is being tossed around the US as the cure for our financial problems. As I have mentioned before, my issue is that the VAT is hidden. So Canada has a way to use that tax, let everyone know the tax and what it is every time they purchase goods or services in a very transparent way? Does anyone think the US will ever be that transparent? Too bad it is so cold up there. And it sounds as if they re-elected the very people who cut their services and balanced their budget. Enlightened group, those Canadians. Any idea what services were cut?

I am astounded by McCrystal's promotion of an atmosphere of profound disrespect for his superiors. This is completely counter to all he has been taught and to the oath he took. What could account for this? Hubris? Megalomania? Some sense of infallibility? This kind of insubornation could lead to real disasters. (ex. McArthur's plans to attack China during the Korean War against Truman's wishes)

I presume that senior commanders are subject to mental examinations from time to time over their careers to detect whether they are stable and suitable for command. Do you know if this is so?

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