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June 03, 2010


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The USA seems tired of being the world's cop and guardian angel. Maybe a "good thing", provided that we also become energy and $$ self sufficient. Please recogonize that there is a price for USA disengagement--a stabilizing influence is lost. Iran may lob a nuke at Israel, or North Korea may sink one more ship than South Korea can tolerate. Let's trust that the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans will provide a protective barrier. If we do not "buy in" to our historic view that the USA is an "exceptional country", we should retreat and worry only about ourselves and our children.

Blaming Bush for everything that a Democratic Congress has done is really getting old. Forget the Presidents. For the most part a continual more money every year for everything "needed at home" to garner reelection by the Congress which has been controlled a majority of the time by Democrats has resulted in an ever increasing amount of debt for the American people. Presidents either are leaders or not. And that is what they do. Congress controls the money, the programs and the laws. Bush and Obama were in bed with oil. And, so are the Congressional memebers. Their oversight is political showmanship. Barney Franks and Chris Dodd failed miserably to oversee home ownership and lending rules. They were simply continuing Bill Clinton's policy of a "home for everyone". Obama pledged to regulate the oil companies and he did not. It was his administration who approved this deep drilling platform without adequate safe guards. That is not to say that there are not thousands of them out there just like it approved on Bush's watch. So, Obama got unlucky but he campaigned to bring safety to the process and failed to live up to it. Fairness is immaterial in a world of incompetant leadership. President's don't choose their emergencies: they either lead us through the crisis or they stumble and are replaced. The American people had a chance to replace Carter and they did. They had a chance to replace GWB and they chose to keep him. In 2012 we'll choose to keep Obama or not. In 2010 we'll fire a warning shot in the Congressional elections--or we won't. Obama has his chance to lead on many fronts and so far he appears to simply "blame someone". It is definitely in the interest of the country to keep BP solvent. Obama has to play that card carefully. A bankruptcy may leave the financial responsibilty once again on the backs of the American taxpayers. We'll see if the union organizer can stop the campaigning long enough to manage the crisis.

In the interest of fairness, it would be necessary to take note of the Bush administrations coziness with the oil industry. That, coupled with a atmosphere of non-regulation by the regulators in all areas of government, have played a significant role in BP's (and probably others) lack of attention to the possibility of a catastrophe and lack of anything like an adequate response. A thorough examination will tell us that lack of regulatory oversight, particularly in the oil industry, was a major contributor to this disaster. Attempts to call this Obama's Katrina are misplaced. This is Bush's second Katrina.

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