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July 15, 2010


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What can you say anymore about this Administration?

Yesterday the Administration feeling the pressure from the likely political strategy to turn on their supporters' playing of the race card against the Tea Party forced the resignation of an official of the Agriculture Department without any due process. They did so based on an 'edited version' of a video showing her making admissions that she failed to give full support to a white farmer. They reacted so fast that they actually told her to resign along the road and before the story was on the Beck Show that night. And, she did so despite telling them it was out of context. These are politicians! They are used to "sound bites" edited by news people and opponents to be shown out of context. It appears that a tea Party supporter edited the video and released it to "payback" the Dems for their charges that the Tea Party was a bunch of racists. And the NCAAP junped on her case immediately as well. Now all are trying to reverse it. With this Administration there is no due process, they don't read the laws and they circumvent Congressional powers and the rulings of the judges in the Gulf.


It turns out the Kennedy had only 30% of his administration from the private sector--the lowest in history. Until Obama came along. The Obama administration has only 8% of it's appointees who have had a job in the private sector. All the rest--92%--are from academic and government positions. Is it any wonder they are having a difficult time understanding small business and creating jobs? Here are some little known inhibitors that we small business owners are facing as a result of 18 months of legislation and executive decisions:
PAPERWORK I: This year we will be required to calculate and report on our employees w-2 the cost of the healthcare coverage we provided them. Why? So the government can enforce the penalty against those of us who provide no coverage or enforce the penalty against those who don't buy coverage for themselves or tax us if the amount exceeds the "Cadillac limit". And, it will require more Government workers to file and process the information.
PAPERWORK II: Next year (this was contained in the healthcare reform bill of all places) we will be required to prepare and submit a 1099 for all purchase over $600. I'm racking my brain to figure out why and the only thing that comes to mind is this is preperation for the "value added tax on all purchases to come. Oh yes and it will create a further need for more government workers to file and process these forms.
HEALTHCARE TAXES: We will be required to either cover our employees or pay a penalty for not covering them. If we have less than 25 employees then the government will credit us with 30% of the cost of the coverage. What will we opt for a $10,000 net coverage cost or an $800 penalty not to cover them? Universal healthcare here we come.
COBRA COVERAGE: We are required to cover Cobra recipients costs and file the form for them until the Federal Government can reimburse us about 100 days later.If they think you owe any other taxes then they keep the money and credit it against those. Ever try to get your money back from an IRS mistake?
UNIONS: Union companies are given preferred provider status on government contracts. We are already in line behind minority owned companies. Lower capture rate equals higher cost for us.
OIL DRILLING: We now have the Federal Government defying a Federal judge and continuing the ban against oil drilling in the gulf costing thousands of jobs.
BANK AUDITS: The Feds have put the banks under the audit gun creating an atmosphere of no loans and high interest to American consumers and small bsuiness owners. As a result the Banks are restricting Credit Card purchases, lowering limits and imposing 29.99% interest whenever possible. Less capital, less consumer demand,higher interest.
TAX INCREASES: The Administration will likely allow the expiration of the Bush tax credits which will further increase taxes on Americans and inhibit the economy and job growth.
ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: Every illegal who crosses the border into the US creates pressure on the wages of those who are here and likely either cost someone a job or a wage cut. The Administration refuses to close the border.
CAP AND TRADE: And now the cap and trade legislation is coming to the floor of the Senate. This bill designed to punish oil companies from providing us the resources we need to run this economy will be brought to a vote. Oil companies didn't invent the demand for energy --they responded to it. Unrecognized by environmentalists and the Administration is that the minute the market demands a different fuel and will pay for it the oil companies will lead the way to provide it. That is the way the free markets work. This legislation should not pass. It will increase taxes on the energy sources that the administration wants to discourage--namely oil. It will likely put many in the coal industry out of work. It will increase the cost of production for most businesses. It will take money out of the pockets of American consumers. And it will do nothing to advance the alternative fuels.
If it contains the Carbon Trading units provision then it will likely set up a multimillion/Billion dollar payday for Al Gore and Soros. This is either their best shot with all the anti-BP sentiment from the spill or it is their last shot at passage fearing November results.

CUT THE DEBT $1 Trillion TODAY: Obama could cut the US debt by $1 Trillion Dollars today. All they have to do is put the $500-600B of TARP money back in the Treasury as it remains unspent. Then take the $400B of unspent stimulus money and cancel it. Saving America $1 Trillion in Debt and debt service instantly. But NO-- the Administration needs to keep the TARP money out so they can keep it allocated against GWB's final year deficit and look better when you compare their $1.6 Trillion deficit against it. And they need to keep the $400B stimulus money available to dole out to the states for political leverage as we head to the elections. Republicans wanted them to use it for extended unemployment benefits but no, no---those cruel Republicans wanted to vote down the extension, POLITICS SUCKS! Just a week ago Obama gave $2B for solar panel production to companies in Illinois, California and Arizona--curious choices in an election battle?
In the end my friends we are being led down a very worrisome and frightening path. Job creation--not even in the plan unless you work for a union or the government or both. Thanks for staying with me on this.

Why are all these charges of racial comments and actions coming about? Perhaps when Obama was elected America was inviting this dialogue about race. Perhaps as America neared a 50-50 split between white Americans and other races it was needed in order for balance to occur. Perhaps the policies of the liberals being passed by the Congress and championed by the President are giving many white Americans the feeling that they are being imposed on them. And, perhaps the minoritites are challenging the opposition to these policies making us feel once again as if the days of the civil rights movement have returned. Perhaps the reversal of the dominance of the white male in American sports with Black males dominating football and basketball and Latin males dominating baseball and soccer has changed the atmosphere. Perhaps the images of so many mixed dating and marraiges has created a lot of uneasiness in America. These are different times and a dialogue of the change coming from the equality of the races and the mixture of them in society is needed. We don't need much reminding of the horrors of the Klan. But, it is different to see the New Black Panther calling the white girls dating the black men white whores and challenging them to kill them and their babies.
For things to change and acceptance to come about leadership is necessary from both sides and the middle. Ironically, I think this is the reason most of us were so hopeful when Obama, a mixed race man, was elected. We hoped he would lead from the middle. But it hasn't happened so far. Instead the leveling of the playing field tactics had the opposite effect. We hoped he would be seen as a mixed race President but he is not. He is seen as a Black President (by most) as a result of the imposition of the leveling tactics. This weekend a South African golfer won the British Open in a dominant fashion. And, carrying his bag was a black caddie. On the final green they hugged. South Africa has come a long way. Ironic that Clint Eastwood's movie "Invictus" was just released on DVD. One would have hoped that Obama would have seen the movie and understood the message that Eastwood delivered about the dangers of "payback" in race relations.
Our company is in the professional services business. We employ some exceptionally talented minority people. One day I was talking to one about Obama and mentioned that he had a special view of America in that he was of mixed race parents and a mixed race President. Instantly, she smiled and said "he's a Black President." I asked why that was said and was told if you have any Black in your blood then you are considered Black. That thought had never crossed my mind before. If you are 50% white and 50% black then why are you considered black any more than white? I'll leave that to you to figure out. But from then on I began to pay attention to forms. For example when the census form came out this year it asked me to chose white, black,hispanic,asian,etc. There was nowhere to check mixed. Interesting, I thought, that our government makes us categorize ourselves and our children. What does that one little thing do to our racial attitude? Why do we need to ask about race? Who really cares--or I guess that should be: who should really care? Is it only to provide information for special programs to divide us like affirmitive action, or labelling geographical zones or voting polls? Or to qualify for special loans or grants? And, so how do people choose? How do they even know? I grew up being told that I was half Irish and half Scotch. But was that true? I don't really know. I only knew two of my grand parents. So who the hell knows for sure about the generations before them mixed in their blood. I know people who have 8% Indian ancestory--so what?
I am in total agreement with securing America's borders and for enforcing immigration laws against illegal immigrants as well as employers who encourage them to come here for jobs. Yet, as a fight promoter in the 70's I was in awe of the determination and skill of the Mexican fighters(many illegal) I watched train and fight in the ring. The same holds true today of the Mexican entraprenuers and their workers who perform well in many industries in America. They are, like the immigrants before them, the blood and sweat of the country. But, I believe, they need to come here legally. And at a pace that can be assimulated into the workforce without driving down the wages and taking the jobs of the people here before them.Without overloading the social services systems. Secure the borders. Deport the criminals. Then, when that has been proven develop a program for legal residency for those here now. All who enter in the future illegally: deport. End the safe haven cities. Until the influx of illegals is ended race relations will suffer.
The government, beginning with the President, should review the need for race oriented questionaires and end them. It could be suggested that we be allowed to check "mixed" as an option but then aren't we all mixed? And, the policies of payback should be modified to become more accepted and understood as necessary for the good of all Americans regardless of the mixture of our blood. Thanks for the thoughts, Bo.

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