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September 09, 2010


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Hate her or Love her Sarah Palin is the most powerful political force in America today. Not Obama or the RNC has the power of Palin. For the Democrats she is the force that sweeps them out of office. For the Republicans she is the face of change as she ignores the RNC strategy of backing the most "electable " candidate in favor of the candidate who represents the Republican party she envisions and believes the voters will make them electable. For the Tea Party she is the closer who comes on in the 9th inning to endorse the candidate that reflects their values and finishes the job of getting most of them elected. In Massachusettes it was Obama versus Palin in the 9th inning. Palin shut him out. In Wisconsin and Nevada it was Palin versus the RNC in the 9th inning and Palin shut them out. Not Obama nor Hillary nor Romney nor McCain nor Huckabee nor any other figure on the political landscape is so influential and relevant in today's eletric environment. Don't be surprised in the election ahead to see Palin endorse and elect a Democrat or two who she beieves represents her values better than the Republican candidate. She is a breath of fresh air in a smoke filled arena of "good ole boys working deals for power". She stands for fiscal conservatism, a strong America internationally, family values, small government, individual freedoms and the American capitalist economic system and she will reform both parties at the same time using the power of the voters. Liberal comedians, politicians and press must be wondering about now what force have they awakened with thier cruel comments and jokes. Who's laughing now?

As a businessman I have spent 40 years searching for ways to satisfy our customers. Through those times I have started and managed four significant companies: A retail chain where the public was the cusromer. A business travel agency chain where business travelers were the customers. A data storage company where the customers were IT Executives in major corporations. And, a major Executive Search firm where the customers were the candidates we recruited as well as the clients who interviewed and hired them. All distinctly different sets of people. One thing they all had in common: they were free to chose to to continue to reward us with continued business of fire us. I learned early in my career that in order to understand and satisfy the customer you had to follow one simple rule: give the customer what they want, better than the competition and for a fair price.
Yesterday, I saw the results of an ongoing MSN poll and was shocked at the results. Had it been a Fox poll I might have given it less credit. But, an MSN poll should be slanted toward the left at least slightly. The poll of around 280,000 internet users asked the user to rate Obama's performance based on school grades A through F, simple enough. Here are the results:

A 17%
B 6%
C 5%
D 15%
F 57%

As a CEO this message from my customers would be clear: you are not doing what we pay you to do and we are not going to use you in the future. I would act to save the company instantly. What I would not do is go on vacation. I would not lecture my customers that what I am selling is the solution they need despite their feelings. I would not accept the excuses of my employees for their performance. I would not blame my competitors. Competitors rarely influence your performance and always are critical of what you offer. I would listen to the customers and change the product or services we offer to meet their needs. The change Obama offered is not the change they wanted and now he and the Democrats must change or pay the price: "Out of Business". I think that many Democrats are beginning to realize that the change they thought Obama offered was something different than what they foolishly voted in and they are now trying desparately to convince voters that they too were misled. And, they deserve what they are about to receive as a punishment for voting in a healthcare bill they didn't understand, voting for $780B in pork projects, letting the far left Pelosi,Franks,Dodd,and Reid control the party and threatening even more budget busting programs on top of a mounting national debt.

The results of this poll indicate that the landslide coming could be of historical proportions. With only 21-26% of the voters happy and clearly 72% dissatisfied or angry it is possible, perhaps even likely, that the polls are underestimating what is going to happen in November.

It is indeed unfortunate for America that when we finally elect a black president giving most of the population hope that we could come together and solve our problems that we get someone who comes in with an academic agenda of using the power vested in him and the liberal leaders of the Congress to impose solutions on the majority of Americans who are clearly not satisfied with what they have been asked to buy. A true leader brings people together to solve problems inviting participation. From the beginning the "I" man knew it all and listened to no one. A major opportunity for the country lost I think. It will not surprise me if the Democrats turn to Hillary in 2012 but to no avail as Americans have lost "trust" in the current Democratic leadership.

When you face the firing squad you will say and do most anything I suppose. Obama is a changed man. He is now a middle of the road moderate independent. He is all for the small business owner. Can't hurry that aide to us fast enough. He is all about tax breaks for the middle class. As long as he can raise the taxes on small business owners to pay for them. Huh? Is that circular or what? On Memorial Day he couldn't visit Arlington Cememtary to honor the fallen heros of the past. But, on 9-11 he goes to the Pentagon (rather than NYC) to honor the people killed in the pentagon on 9-11 while reminding us that it would be best if we simply accepted the Mosque near ground zero. Was he really honoring our fallen or saying it's ok if the Muslims erect their monument to their heros there as well? I don't pretend to believe that the President has any sympathy for the terrorists who killed our people but I do believe he is cinvinced that it is better to appease the masses of Muslims than to deny them their wishes. And then on the campaign trail he complains that the Republicans are "treating him like a dog". Where was his defense of the personal attacks by liberals on Sarah Palin and her family? Once again the circular actions of the I man. Smoke and mirrors. Now being held accountable for his policies the man complains rather than defends his actions. He blames rather than debates the merit of his chosen path. And, along comes Hillary once again to remind the loyal opposition that the "debt we are racking up" is a serious security threat to our ability to act as an independent nation--something that never crossed Ronald Reagan's mind. Once again Hillary separates herself from her boss just in case 2012 becomes an opportunity knocking. And what say the President? He is greatly concerned about these deficits and the mounting debt. So much so that it is irresponsible to renew the tax cuts on small business owners for even a couple years. Makes sense--keep the small businesses paying 39.5% while big businesses (the ones with unions like General Motors) pay only 36%. Yep--I can see it clearly now Obama faced with devastation at the polls is seeing the light and he is now a moderate, freedom fighter hell bent on fiscal restraint, border security, Iranian containment and less taxes! If we just give him, Reid and Pelosi another two years they'll straighten this mess out. Or is that more smoke I see? On the economic horizon I think the sales of fire extinguishers is on the rise!

After a recent visit to California to visit Bill Bowen I came away with these thoughts:

Nancy Pelosi's District: It is interesting that Ms. Pelosi has represented this district for so long. The District which comprises the heart of San Francisco is home to 30% Chinese, 30% Mexican, 10% Black and 30% white (a high percentage who are likely gay). This split is not representative of mainstream America and while I see no reason to comment on whether she truly represents her District's views and interests I do not believe that as Speaker of the House and 2 heartbeats away from the Presidency she represents the views of America. But then as we are seeing neither does Obama. While I scanned the newspaper to get a feel for the politics of the area I found that the city was increasing the tax on liquor to raise money to pay for the emergency room bills of the alcoholics and to provide them shelter and counselling. It is as if the city was feeling guilty for the effects of their wine industry passing out millions of wine samples every day in the surrounding hillsides. Next they will increase taxes on the medical services to pay for emergency room treatment for the drug addicts created by their newest industry: "medical marijuana for all" dispensed in drug shops throughout the state. In this city it is a $1000 fine if they find a banana peel in your garbage as you are mandated to separate organic garbage from other waste for the city compost pile. Imagine spending money on the "garbage police" to inspect your garbage. You cannot cut down a tree without government permission. And, as we drove around the city we were admiring the cable cars and wondering how their connected poles worked their way through the maze of electric wire cable above the streets. Then we wondered in this environmentally aware city who could posssibly think that maze of wires is pretty? Or what is the fate of a bird that perches on top of one? We noticed that we saw few birds in the city. Perhaps the cables serve double duty as an anti pigeon system perfectly disguised by liberals from the animal cruelty people.

California Taxes: It is no wonder that Pelosi feels Americans should be taxed more. State tax in California is 10%. Sales tax is 9.5%. If you pay 5% for social security(on $200K) and she raises the Federal tax to 39.5% then the marginal tax on everything a small business owner makes and spends will be closing in on 65% in California. And it doesn't seem to bother her that California is still spending money at a deficit of $50,000,000,000 a year. Looking at my bills from the trip I found: 10% tax on hotel bills. 9.5% tax on restaurant food. On car rentals: a concssion tax of 11.5%, a California tourism tax of 3.5%, a transprtation fee of $21, 9.25% sales tax and a refueling tax of 3.25%. Total taxes on rental car: 28.3%--welcome to California--enjoy your stay! The toll to leave San Francisco 0. The toll to come in across the GG Bridge $6 used to subsidize the Ferries for commuters across the Bay. We did find a way to save on tax in California: ship it. If you buy wine in California and drink it there you pay 9.5% sales tax. If you ship it to Virgina you only pay the Virgina 5% tax. Bill tells me that 100,000 high wage earners have left California to avoid this taxation madness. In the DC area we see more and more California High Tech companies moving major portions of their companies and their high paying jobs to our area. I can see why California is in big trouble and now they are passing it on to us. This year we paid their deficit through Obama bailouts. So now we have in effect California taxing the rest of the nation for the priveledge of being California. $50B on $3T budget(if we had a budget) is 1.66%-- The new national California tax. Sure to follow the Value added tax.

In contrast to: Bill's notion that California will continue the madness: I have a Dream. I dream that the republican devastation at the polls in November will be so dramatic that only minutes after the polls close in the East (around 3 pm PST) televison will be announcing the results and California liberals will be so stunned and devastated at the pending results that the afternoon crowd will go to the wineries and drink rather than go to the polls while the independets and Republicans will be so inspired as to come out in record numbers and continue the victory rout at the polls. The result in my dream? Jerry Brown goes down in flames. Barbara Boxer losses. Republicans make gains in the state legislature. I have hope for you Bo. And, thanks for the visit.

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