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September 30, 2010


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Harrycat--I will take a crack at it but I am on a trip and may need a day or two. Bill

OK, I guess no one wants to take that one on.

How about a survey?
- As a Rep, would you be ready to trade an increase in taxes, cuts in entitlements, and a cut in the military to work toward cutting our deficit?
- Will the national Rep party go along with something like that?
- If both are "no", what do you propose to prevent us from going bankrupt?

A challenge to Reps: Why do you dislike Obama? Be specific.
- Fiscal policy? TARP was under Bush. Would you prefer to not have bailed out the auto industry with the resulting loss of millions of jobs? Should there not have been a Stimulus program as the world economy went over the brink? Should Healthcare not have been passed even though the Congressional Budget Office said that it was cost neutral?
- Social policy? What has he done that upsets you?
- Is he just not "one of us"?
Again be specific. I am tired of hearing "socialism", "Nazi", "unAmerican".

Good points save one. I believe the public desperately wants specifics. It is the political parties that don't dare stick their necks out.

Excellent commentary.

A truly effective pledge would have been short, pointed -- and principled.

The Pledge comes across as what it is: a tepid document drafted by a committee. Almost, but not quite (thank goodness), RINO lite. But close.

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