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September 23, 2010


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First--it was Woodward not Bernstein that made the Obama comments.

Second, Harrycat, the Pledge was in my mind a poorly thought out political ploy to respond to the public's desire for smaller government,lower debt and jobs orientation through tax reduction. But the guys who wrote it will likely do it if given the chance.

Contrast that to what the Democrats have done. Spent huge amounts of money they don't have. Committed to huge expenses they do not have the money to pay for. Saddled businesses with higher taxes and expenses that restricts their desire to hire.

One is a poorly worded promise. The other is fact, reality and a done deal.

And now in desperation the "I" man turns further left as he once again spends his presidency campaigning for more time.

What I am talking about is a policy statement by one of our major parties. This is what they are promising if elected. Is this all they have? It seems a recipe for more debt.

Last night I watched in amazement as liberal journalist and author Carl Berstein of Watergate fame made the following statements about Obama after his observations of him interacting with his staff:

1. Obama invites his staff members input but then makes all the decisions himself as he clearly believes that everyone around him is less intelligent than himself. (Confirming my knickname for him of the "I" man). This was in reference to the observation that Obama not his Generals created the strategy for Afghanistan.

2. Obama has no confidence in the advice of Hillary Clinton, his Secretary of State. This explains the reason that Hillary is "banished" to the minor projects of State while Czars handle the Middle East and Iraq/Afghanistan. He keeps her irrelavant so as to minimize her potential competition for 2012.

3. Obama uses Biden's experience on the Foreign Relations Committee to keep him from making foolish mistakes. That makes sense given the limited experience Obama has in Foreign affairs..

Couldn't agree with you more, Harrycat. Sounds almost as unbelievable as Healthcare for all, Trillion Dollar stimulus package a year, bigger governemnt, tax incentives for insulating your house or buying an electric car or junking your junker. Or tax cuts for the middleclass. Or bailouts for Unions. Or energy taxes on all of us. Or banning the use of coal. Or banning offshore and on shore oil drilling. Or giving away 31 million jobs to illegal aliens from Mexico? Politicians are magicians: they can give us all everything we want without paying for it---but then the smoke clears and we see the BILL! You prefer this approach?

When will Reps get serious? The Pledge to America seems to say:
1. We need to reduce the deficit
2. Entitlements will not be cut
3. Military will not be cut
4. Tax cuts for those over $250K will continue
This is deeply unserious. Deficits do matter (contra Cheney and Rove). Is it only about winning? This reminds me of high school football. Hooray for our team with no thought behind it.

Watching Biden, Obama and Clinton (Bill) on the campaign trail is a lesson we should share with our children on what not to do. Biden, it seems, is the Democratic bully charged with "chewing out " the party faithful for their lack of conviction that the Obama programs are what they wanted and needed for the country. So he lambasts their critism and lackluster response to what has been delivered. Obama and Clinton spend most of their time bad mouthing and making fun of the Republican and Tea Party women candidates who are challenging their incumbants. That seems to be a strategy of desperation as women appear more and more visable in the Republican party and can easily backfire when the women who supported the Democrats for all these years begin to understand the lack of respect that these two leaders are showing for women in general. After all, Sarah Palin, their most feared adversary, is certainly not folding her tent and going away. To the contrary she is gaining leverage and making huge gains in changing the landscape of American politics for women. Sooner or later the moms of America will wake up and see that they may have been exploited for their votes by the elite intellectuals of both parties. But, the Democrats are likely to suffer most for their open disdain for women running against their men friends. And, what does this say to our children supposedly so loved by the President and his education based policies? Bully your friends and belittle your opposition to make sure you win at any cost. Forget open and honest debate of the issues. But then isn't that the way we got here--Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi buying and bullying their friends behind closed doors ignoring the debates with the opposition to pass their legislation Americans are about to reject? Fortunately, not too many children watch these cartoons or is it really just a circus? And, for my liberal friends I add GWB closed the doors on Democrats too on the War issue but the venomous language was never present.

So, will this work? No. This election is 75% about the economy. And the other 25% is about the effect this administration's actions will have on the economy in the future: The impact of Healthcare taxes, the increase in energy costs, the increase in debt service and the impact of potential tax expirations. I see no indication that the independents and Republicans will consider anything else. And, as many voters in Nevada have said 'I'm not voting for Sharon Angle, I'm voting against Harry Reid because he put through Obama's
programs. And, I'd vote for anyone running against him'. So, unfortunately for most Democrats the public is not really voting against them as much as they are voting against Obama but he isn't running this year so they take the bullet. It is interesting that in my lifetime Obama is the only President I believe who would not be reelected after only 18 months in office. It took Jimmy Carter about 40 months to reach this point. If things continue this way then the Dems could lose 100 or more seats in the House and control of the Senate. No wonder Biden is angry at his constituents.

The young guns Pledge to America seems to have offered more opportunity for attack by Democrats and Conservatives than benefit it could have provided in presenting the Republican's positions on sticky issues. Why put something out if you cannot defend it?

It is ripe for attack by even Fox news people in it's length --41 pages--and lack of specifics on the major issues of the future namely entitlement programs impact on the future debt of America. It promises repeal of the Obama healthcare bill but does little for those of us who want healthcare reform to contain costs and develop national competition across state lines. It does call for securing the nation's borders but does little to address the problem of "guest workers" for seasonal agricultural purposes. It's calls for government cost cuts seemed very general and confined to discretionary spending. (22% reduction) It leaves the Defense budget alone as if there is no room for improvement in the Defense budget efficiency. Those of us who have served know better.

In the end it indicated to me that no matter how hard politiicans try not to be politicians they cannot succeed. The Young guns are an impressive lot but they too are afraid of the electorate--or their leadership to tell it like it is. Unfortunately it reminds me of the President and all his campaign promises only to close the doors and ram stuff down our throats. This is exactly why incumbents in both parties are in trouble. And, politicians are disrespected. Sarah Palin should have written it.

Here is what most of us really want:

A government that provides security for our country from enemies both foreign and domestic.

A government that takes as little from us as possible to do the job and leaves it up to us as states, counties,cities and individuals to provide for the common good of our citizens.

A government that intrudes in our lives as little as possible while providing a justice system that enforces our laws and protects us equally from criminals, exploitation and our government.

For me that would be enough of a Pledge to America. Most everything else would be to manage the system to do this in good faith remembering who government really works for and to benefit.

Another opportunity missed I'm afraid.

Bill, I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the Tea Party's (as represented by Red State) criticizing of the Republican young guns Pledge to America. I think that would be a good follow up to this blog.

Thanks! I know I'm not a kook and I know that others in the movement are not crazies or racists or off the wall religious ... just looking for financially stable government, basic rights to the things promised in the constitution...safety for our families. Let us work out the details ... not the government. Appreciate the take on the tea party.

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