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October 28, 2010


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Nicely done in Ohio--Flyover! We shall see what evolves now.

Great night for Ohio! The family is doing the high-five. 18 congressional districts and 13 are now Republican. We won the governor and the senate. Can't tell you how great this was for the kids. They saw our hard work change the state and saw democracy in action. Now it's back to work and hoping for new things out of Washington.


Big night for Congressional Republicans? ---Republicans gained the headlines but little else in Congress. In what appears to be a big night for Republicans the only power actually given by the voters was the power to stop the runaway liberal machine. And, perhaps the position to embarrass the President into looking bad in 2012 by forcing him to veto Republican legislation on job creation, spending cuts, immigration controls and healthcare modifications. However, Harry Reid's victory in Nevada and retaining control of the Senate has effectively insulated the President from having to do this because the Dems can now simply vote the House proposals down in the Senate avoiding the President's use of the veto pen. Senator Reid has 6 years to take the heat for the President -- that's his job and Nevadans gave it back to him.

Big night for Republican Governors--this is where the GOP has deeply wounded the Obama machine. The onslaught of Governor wins have done two things for the GOP and the country: First, the Republicans can now draw the lines in many states and gain the advantage of incumbancy in 2012 House elections. They can also gain control of the state systems for primaries and elections. Second, they can if they choose individually begin to turn the states around fiscally and as Governor Chritie (NJ) has done address the major problems facing state and local governments.

Democrats should have learned to be what you are or pay the price? Conservative Blue dog Democrats paid the price for failing to be what their constituents thought they were: Conservatives. When they allowed Obama, Reid and Pelosi to implement unconstrained liberal programs on the American people they failed the people who put them in office assuming I guess that all Democrats/Independents would be delighted with the liberal programs and the fiscal impact. They paid with their policitical lives--out of office last night.
And, the liberals who really are liberal, like Harry Reid, who stuck to their guns and defended what they did mostly held their own becasue their base is liberal. Barney Frank, Pelosi and Reid all won rather easily despite serious challenges.

What will the Lame Duck Congress try to do? Maybe nothing or maybe the last attempt to pass more liberal programs and hold them in place in the next Congress. They could make an attempt to pass immigration reform, Cap and Trade (already passed in the House), and as I suspect most likely to pass a permanent extension of the Bush tax cuts for the middle class only claiming the move for the Dems versus the incoming Repubs and leaving the tax cuts for the $250k plus people to be renewed by the Repubs so they can once again claim the Repubs only care about the "rich". If any of these are attempted then I would hope that the betrayed "Blue Dogs" will make the last stand at the Alamo and say "No". Finally showing the backbone they should have in the last 18 months.

In the end it was at least a return to more balance. I suspect that Obama, Reid and Pelosi knew when they passed all their programs that this would happen to some degree. But, they saw the opening to shove the legislation through and being the shrewd politicians that they are they knew that opening may never come again. This morning I suspect that they are smiling just knowing that they did not lose the Senate and can protect their programs. Obama has to be delighted that he will not be forced to the use of the veto too often. But, there is a chance that the smile may be short lived as perhaps some of the Senators will actually decide that 2012 is not far away and lack of cooperation with Republicans will further anger independents and they will be the next sacrificial lambs of Obama. After all Liberman is an Independent and Alaska's independent is really a Republican and West Virginia's new Senator is up for reelection in 2012 and he is no Cap and Trade fan. A conservative move to center by him and he could be the rising star of the Democratic Party. A liberal move and he will have betrayed his promises to WV people.

Update: It was just reported that the Democratic workers at our poll have gone home. They left the flyers on the table. Is that a good sign for Biden?

This might be a strange election: I went to the polls at 7:00AM EST. The polls had been open for one hour and there was no line, barely a trickle of voters coming in and all of them refusing the offer of a sample ballot from the Democratic booth located just outside the poll door. Granted there is only one race to vote on: the incumbant Republican conservative versus the local Democratic swimming heroine with the popular name Krystal Ball. It was difficult for me to vote agaisnt her since she swam against our kids for many years. But---the nation came first so I pulled the trigger for Wittman and moved on to some state constitutional amendments that were too worrisome to vote yes for. So even though the Republicans wanted a yes vote I voted no on all of them. If as I suspect the Democrats have conceeded the outcome and stayed home then the outcome could be brutal for Obamaists. If I was simply there too early or if this is a race with a predetermined outcome then perhaps there is nothing to be learned from my early observation. But, the people who were there had no time for anyone and were clearly determined in what they were doing. That may say it all.
Interesting discussion yesterday with some of my friends who are teachers union members and also airline union members. These people always tend Democratic. But, this time they were going to vote Republican for two interesting reasons:
1--they already had helthcare and they saw Obama's interference as threatening to what they have.
2--they have not seen any indication that the economy is getting better and their friends, wives and husbands are worried about their jobs so they have decided to help them change things.
Now I have seen the Union friends I have in both Virginia and Nevada turn against the Democrats. If that is true nationwide then this will be a wild night. I wonder if Biden is still guaranteeing that they will retain the House?

For those Democratic friends of Bill Bowen's: Bill and Harry Reid exchanged signed copies of their books :) with very pleasant words. And, I sent Senator Reid a good luck message today. I hope the voters spread the political wealth around tomorrow and "Joe the Plumber" can open up a business once again. America is a wonderful place when we stay in balance and force the politicians to cooperate on the issues. No matter who you support I hope you VOTE.

Many of my relatives and friends have read "The Target" and enjoyed it.

Bought your book. Great read! My wife is reading it now and says her book club could really get into it. Lots to discuss.

We're holding our breath until the election. We have HOPE and heading back to the constitution is what we hope for. Spent a lot of time this past week passing our stuff reminding people to vote. Wife will do it this weekend while I do the kids sport stuff. Whole family is into this election. It's a good example for the kids.

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