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October 21, 2010


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It is interesting to watch the President's strategy as he tries valiantly to recapture the magic he had in 2008 and get his base to the polls. As I watch him this time it comes clear to me how much he misled Americans to get the job. In 2008 it was all about an America for all of us rich and poor, black and white and Republican and Democrat. It made everybody feel like we were going to end the divisive battles and work together to solve our problems. Now, in the last week of 2010 all he can do is remind us that he was elected to change America and that his vision of change which has so deeply polarized and divided us by race, by economic status and by party is now in danger of being dismantled. That his vision of change will not come about because the opposition is going to win unless his base of minorities, labor union members and liberal Democrats rally to the polls. But, it is too late. The independents who were looking for the 2008 vision he sold so well are disillusioned by the divisive one sided approach he took to implementing a different vision that came from some hidden place in his mind. Gone is the hope of an American leader replaced by a liberal leader for some. Gone is the hope of transparentcy replaced by seret meetings and bribes. Gone is the hope of bipartisan meetings and solutions replaced by mandated,forced legislation and lawsuits pitting the states against the Federal government. Many who would have voted for "anybody but Bush" are now in the "anybody but Obama's people" mindset. And, they along with the Republicans will be out in force. This time the vision is clear--stop this man and his blind followers. We shall see how bad it is next week. Not many words coming from Biden. Clinton has uttered the back in 1994 words: here's what I had to do afterwards. Hillary is silently waiting for 2012. Nov 2nd I think I'm going to be pretty good at drinking beer.

Out here in Ohio, the sign makers, the advertising guys and the news media are raking it in. Hope they all remodel their houses and call me in as a plumber. Now that would be stimulus!

First a note for Harrycat: Clint Eastwood indirectly labeled President Obama a con man last week by saying he has little leadership or governing talent instead basically laying out plans he thinks people want to hear that will keep him in office. I'm sure these words shocked him Hollywood friends.

Bo, The money spent is unimaginable. But it does show how important the policies and programs these elected officials influence are to the special interest groups. The unions both public and private have been the biggest beneficiaries of this liberal onslaught of legislation and executive orders. So it is not surprising that US Corporations have made their move to counter. Corporations are subject to taxation without voting representation and therefore they vote with their pocketbooks. In the end the money spent helps assure that the messages of the candidates are seen by the voters and that is a good thing. Perhaps it even stimulates the economy a little as well.

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