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November 18, 2010


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I really don't think people making between 250K and 2mil need a tax break that the rest of us will have to pay for. IT IS A MYTH THAT TAX CUTS PAY FOR THEMSELVES. (there is plenty of literature on that point). What they mean is more borrowing from China.

A question - What does "secure the borders" mean. How is that to be done? What constitutes success?

Please!! The proposed nuclear treaty has been around for a long time awaiting a vote. It is Reps who are playing with fire. They know what is in it, but are again playing the "party of NO!"

Couldn't agree with you more on that point. however, as I recall Senator Kyle is from Arizona. Now that is a state that might not really feel like accommdating Obama's desire for international respect given his refusal to accommodate Arizona's desire for domestic security from international immigration across it's southern border. Could we have a little payback going on here? Or, simply a Senator saying "two can play the power game here, Mr. President."? You see, while Obama ignored Arizona and the Republicans for the first two years of his presidency he is now seeing the folly of his arrogance. The Republicans will soon make his agenda irrelavant for 2 to 6 years if they want too. And, an arrogant President who ignores the power of Congressional leaders and State Governors is doomed to look impotent to world leaders and voters sooner or later.

So what we have here is an incredible opportunity for bipartisan negotiations to solve at least three problems at once for the good of the American people and actually show that politicians can get something done. Call this the Thanksgiving Day proposal:

1. Republicans agree to ratify the treaty.

2. Obama agrees to secure the Arizona border.

3. Republicans and Obama agree to extend the Bush Tax cuts for all people making less than $2M a year, extend the capital gains tax rates and extend the estate tax rates for 5 years to get it past the next two election cycles and allow US Corporations to do some midrange planning.

4. Republicans agree that once the borders have been secured for 2 years that they will agree to a new look at amnesty for immigrants in the country for more than several years provided they have no criminal record.

That's a win-win for the American people and both parties.

The nuclear treaty with Russia should be above politics; however, it would seem that there has been enough time for evaluation by the Senate and it may well be Senator Kyle who is trying to extract some concession with the pressure of a more Republican Senate looming. One would hope that this is not part of a pattern for McConnell's "top priority, defeat Obama" strategy.

Obama is pushing for an accelleration of his Nuclear treaty with Russia. daring Republicans to turn it down. The Republican leader Senator Kyl says it will take some time to study it and most Republican Senators agree. Obama has ,as he did in Afghanistan, assigned Biden to work night and day on it. Why the rush? Clearly his international sature is tarnished by the election results and he needs something to bolster it. After the Asian rebuff the Bo outlines here, I would think the the European trip is not going much smoother.

And, of course, the Senate which ratifies these treaties, is going to look much different in January. So, in keeping with his strategy of making the Republicans look like obstructionists, Obama wants to rush to conclusion the ratification of this treaty and force the Republicans to reject it. I fully support the reduction of nuclear arsenals but I resent the playing of political games with national security. And, it is clear that is what this move is. The danger here is that the Republicans will be forced to at best delay the vote or at worst fail to ratify the treaty making Obama look even weaker in the eyes of NATO and Russia and, of course, Iran. One should not play political games with this at stake. And, Republicans are right to take the time to read the treaty---we rushed through healthcare in just the same way.

Meanwhile, Americans are waiting for a determination of their tax status. More on that coming soon.

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