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November 11, 2010


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Harrycat--I havn't the time to postulate what they might or might not do. The strategy is clear: Obama needs to make the Repubs look like obstructionists while he, Reid and Pelosi guard the chicken house and the eggs they've laid. He will compromise just enough to look like he's cooperating and try to limit the damage Repubs can do. Repubs and Dems have solid contenders for his throne. If he does not get the economy moving and inflation shows up he is Jimmy Carter II. The Commission report will be food for debate. But unlikely for compromise. Most President's lose a few key people at the 4 year mark. Obama's staff has abandoned him. We shall see how crafty Obama can be in the face of stronger opposition. My guess is that he will use EPA to make his energy moves and play the blocking game in Congress.

Bill M. - Not too early re Simpson-Bowles to consider what is possible and what is not. There are many legs to this table. Pull out too many and it will fall. Success will call for both (all?) sides to compromise for the long term good of the country. All must be on the table for this to work, and the consequences of failure are catastrophic. Dealing with our debt must not be put off to another time. Now is the moment.

Not fair to blame Obama for earmarks, they have been around for generations. Both sides will have to agree what constitutes an earmark and then not put them in. Both parties are at fault.

The view from this point in history shows Obama coasting in to a second term. He will not be challenged by anyone in his party, and who will the Reps send against him. There appears to be no one of national stature.

harrycat: I'll wait for the final version to come out. Good to see Obama is now against earmarks after signing off on $1T of them in his first two years. And, by his own admission he should have set the tone for bipartisan gvernment when he took office. What a smoke and mirrors man he is. The far left deserve him as they now twist and turn as he tries to find a way to get reelected.

Hi Bill,
I received your book and I will read and review it. I lost your email address. Please sent it to my email address.

All readers - print out a copy of the Simpson-Bowles proposals and prepare to discuss. Enough with the platitudes and bomb throwers. What are we all prepared to do? and sacrifice?

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