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December 16, 2010


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2011 shall bring a new look. Now both parties have the ability to block each other. After a massive spending binge bringing the national debt and deficit to catastrophic levels, the nation now faces the challenge of beginning to solve the long term problems of debt and deficits while at the same time trying to stimulate job growth. No easy task. And, both parties have the ability to prolong the crisis if they refuse to cooperate. I find it unlikely that the progressives are going to sit by and agree to a dismantling of what they have waited so long to impose on America so I expect legislative war. I hope I'm wrong and cooperation prevails.
Thanks to Bill Bowen for writing this informative blog that allows for the exchange of views among us. Hopefully, next year will bring more people into the debates. But, mostly I hope that the country begins to recover economically for the sake of the millions of small business people and the people of this country who want nothing more than to earn a living and provide for their families.
Merrry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.
Much success and a healthy 2011!


On the Jerry Brown comment: If there is any hope for a "grand bargain" in California, it lies with the former governor and Jesuit student. On the plus side,he knows how Sacramento works, understands the depth of the problem, is cheap, and has promised not to raise taxes without a public vote. On the minus side, he has a long history of helping labor, who paid for his campaign and (in the form of public employee pensions) constitute a significant part of California's problem. Coming from the opposite side, he has some of the same personal characteristics as Chris Cristie.

Interesting the way Obama works:

----Governor Richardson,not Bill Clinton, this time goes to N Korea to give them some "attention" while S Korea runs a 1 hour artillary test in the face of the nuclear threat.

----VP Biden accuses the Republicans of holding the unemployment benefits hostage for the Tax cuts and vows to revisit the Tax issue in just two short years. Meanwhile President Obama is holding court praising the new tax extension bill as a model of bipartisan cooperation.

----This is an administration that talks out of both sides of it's mouth using different people's mouths. Biden talks to the left parroting Obama's rant one day after agreeing to the tax exention while Obama now the great compromiser speaks of the benefits of bipartisan cooperation. Governor Richardson takes on the role of Secretary of State in unofficial form and runs to North Korea to "avoid nuclear conflict".

----Meanwhile while all this is going on Senators Kyle and McCain propose an amendment to the START treaty in return for passage (in true Obama bipartisan fashion) and Senator Kerry (the perfect person to negotiate with the russians on nuclear arms) in true former Obama partisan fashion insists there will be no changes allowed to the START treaty. And, so exactly why did the founders require a 2/3s vote to ratify Treaties if the Senate was just "rubber stamping" them for the Administration as Senator Kerry surely speaking for the real President Obama insists? This is beginning to look more like a puppet show designed to keep the people guessing who is in charge and what they really stand for. Unfortunately, for Democrats this is exactly the show we watched in the election process that led them to devastation. The only group who believe in them were the illegal mexicans who kept the Dems in power in Nevada and California. And, they just lost the vote on the Dream (On) Act.

----Jerry Brown now faced with the California budget mess is beginning to talk about the entitlements of California state workers gained through their Unions. Could Jerry be the next Governor to take on the public unions? Why not---did you hear nay of that from him in the elections, Bill? Perhps he's seen how popular NJ's new governor is becoming. Or perhaps he is actually looking at a balance sheet. That would be different for a California politician!

We, the Conservatives of Wisconsin are more than happy to give you the "gift" of what we affectionately called "car-speed" rail. The train was to be developed in a manner similar to the process by which we transitioned to the metric system in the 1970's. We would start with a conventional train on existing tracks while more money was stolen from taxpayers and given to "consultants" and lobbyists to "study" the next phase. I'm sure this would work....look at how well we transitioned to the metric system.

On the Year of the Child:

This Congress will have the distiction when it is finally gone of adding more debt to the US people than any in history and are attempting to leave office with a final spending binge. It appears they will punt the budget process to the new Congress avoiding for a while a track record of their recklessness. To make matters worse we have this "cast" of children being led by the "I" man, the massive income distribution spender of all time himself a spoiled idealist now executing a strategy of defending his past policies by his usual smoke and mirrors lectures of "this is what compromise looks like", my children. As if he had any willingness to comprmise unless he is forced to. the next Congress will aggressively move to make changes to his policies but the "I" man and his team are well positioned to block the House led assualt in the Senate. Watch the mirrors closely over the next 22 months as the magician performs trying to persuade us that he is indeed a "compromiser" who deserves to be reelected to serve "All America" once again.
The kids in California will be playing with their trains trying to assemble the remaining pork to join up with Nevada's high speed train "earmark" from the stimulus bill. A movie should be made when they join up with Boxer, Brown and Reid all there in the middle of the desert driving the final golden stake.
I am working on an accounting of where the stimulus money actually went. More on that $850 B rip off of the American worker in the name of stimulus for job creatin later.
And, one last note on the Tax/unemployment extension bill: anyone ever wonder if the unemployment rate would actually go down if we didn't pay people to be unemployed?

Herb's video is a remarkable display of economic evolution. One could conclude that the USA has led the world toward the "land of rich and healthy". Our technology, out military intervention in WWI and WWII, our industrial strength, our medicine and the openness of our markets have all contributed to this improvment. And, yet, the progressives would hope to see us move away from this system of capitalism, military intervention and more toward the economic systems of the trailing countries. I can only hope that my children and grandchildren have the opportunity to lead and not follow through the free enterprise system. And, not through a government led social state. I note that if you carefully study this data you will see that the US under the Marshall Plan returned Europe and Japan, despite the massive devastation of WWII, to healthy,wealthy status in only 4 short years. America is the most benevolent and powerful country on earth. Why is the left so anxious to change it?

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