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February 24, 2011


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We get a $4 Billion cut in spending on a $3.7 Trillion budget in return for a continuing resolution to fund another two weeks of a $1.6 trillion deficit? That reduced the deficit 4/1600 or 1/4 of 1%. And reduced the national debt growth by 1/35 of 1%. How do we put up with these politicians who make meaningless attempts to solve the nation's problems? No wonder Paul Ryan and Michell Bachman voted against it.

And, in a clear deterioration of her power more than 100 Democrats voted for the resolution ignoring her call to vote "no". I believe a few Dems are seeing the messages sent by their fellow Americans.

In a possible turnaround the Libiyan forces loyal to Quadahfi (another spelling) retake a few cities in the east. What a tradgedy it will be if the US misses this opportunity to take him out. Warships are headed their way so perhaps Obama will actually start a war--the left must be shaking their heads now.

History and elections combine for some pretty crazy situations. A few exampples that Obama finds himself facing:

1. As a Senator he opposed raising the debt ceiling. Today he champions it.

2. As a campaigner he promised to close Guantanamo prison and end military rials. Today it still holds the worst of the terrorists and military trials are going forward.

3. A critic of the Bush effort to end Saddam's cruel rule over his people he is now faced with the potential slaughter of Libya's citizen's by another cruel dictator possessing chemical weapons. Now handcuffed by his base from taking action to intercede Obama sits on his hands to watch the drama play out.

4. As a campaigner he was determined to end the hostile way in which Bush handled North Korea and Iran promising instead to gain respect through negotiations and end their aggressive ways. Today Iran races toward nuclear weapons and North Korea entertains Governor Richardson as our ambassador of peace.

5. As a campaigner he was to bring us together and promote a new era of comperation, bipartisanship and transparency. Today he leads a closed administration, regularly promotes the minority interests of unions and illegal immigrants and associates with a Congressional leadership that wins at all costs. Bipartisan disputes have not been this bad since the Vietnam War.

After watching the way that Pelosi and Reid paid off the Congressional members for their votes on Healthcare and Obama bipasses Congress and the courts, why are we surprised at the walkout tactics employed by the Wisconsin Democrats?

History has a way of quickly exposing the true character of
politicians. And, when the reality hits home the candidate returns to true form in a survivorship mode.

Democratic Leadership has been forfeited to far left defense.

President Obama has never really been able to mask his true identity as the leader of the far left wing of the Democratic party. And, after two years of using his mandate for change to impose his agenda on America his bold gamble was rejected dramatically by the voters of America in the 2010 elections. In response he has been called upon by Americans to change and lead America in what are perhaps tougher times than those he encountered prior to becoming President. Times that require skill and negotiations to solve critical problems at both the national and local levels. Times that require a restructuring of the entitlement promises made by past generations of politicians to aging baby boomers, union members, public employees and special interest groups funded by generations of earmark spending and regulatory protections. The Democrats for the most part accept this and are like all of us looking for leadership from the President. But, it is not to be. Obama is a leader of the "left" and anything he does that appears different than that is smoke and mirrors designed to get reelected. He has abandoned not only his promise to be a leader for all Americans but perhaps worse he has abandoned his promise to lead the Democratic party. Instead he has gone into a four corners stall for time to let his gains be implemented. The longer he stalls on the healthcare program the more of it becomes implemented by law in the states. The longer he stalls on immigration the more illegals arrive and the more babies are born in America to illegal parents. Obama will not and can not lead the Democrats. This is a replay of Jimmy Carter and at a very unfortunate time. Jimmy Carter gave rise to Ronald Reagan and Obama will give rise to a more conservative Republican than most of us want. But, the country has no choice if we are to get to fiscal responsibility. Moderate Democrats should be alarmed and look for their own alternative to Obama in 2012. Someone willing to lead the party and America not exploit it. But, at this point the Unions will back Obama and seal their own fate.

On Libya--what is preventing Obama and Hillary from taking strong stands against Qaddahfi? (I have now seen 4 different spellings of his name--after 41 years no one knows how he spells it?) We chartered a Ferry to get our people out and waited for the seas to calm? Are we going to use sanctions to prevent him from slaughtering thousands more of his people? And then if he does regain control of the country because we failed to support the opposition what will we do? And, what will he do? Let's hope that we have decided not to let that happen. As I mentioned last week this situation can bring back images of Hungary if he regains the advantage.

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