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March 10, 2011


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Anyone remember this quote from President Obama on March 3rd? "With respect to our willingness to engage militarily,...I've(note the I word) instructed the Department of Defense..to examine a full range of options. I don;t want us hamstrung....Going forward,we will continue to send a CLEAR message: The violence must stop. Muammar Gaddafi has lost legitimacy to lead,and he must leave." Inspired by these words the rebels fought on waiting for the President to choose one of the military options. Eventually as their resources dwindled they requested help with just a no fly zone. And, now two comments by the rebels as they see their hopes shattered and the torture chambers lurking:

"These politicians are liars. They just talk and talk but they do nothin."
"The Western nations have "lost any credability".

In the middle of the Middle East crisis, the Japanese disaster and a stock market in turmoil Hillary announces this morning that she will not stay as Secretary of State for Obama's next term should he be reelected. And, she is not interested in running for President. Now that has to be pure Clintonese for I think this President is in trouble and I'm bailing out. To run in 2012 0r 2016, perhaps?

In the meantime, we find that the Japanese have not told the administration the truth about the radioactive levels in the plant. SO, once again the Administration is rushing to evacuate Americans from? JAPAN! Aren't we spending billions of dollars and exposing hundreds of rescue workers to help this country--and they don't square with us? What kind of State Department do we run?

What does America stand for anymore? Where are the competant people to run our government? Secretary Gates says we need to extend our troops in Afghanistan and the next week General Petraeus says to Congress that despite its fragile state we are on schedule to pull out our troops. Why do we always hear double talk from this administrtion?

Leaderless and incompetant and perhaps even competative in their motivations. HELP!!


1. What to believe. With one segment of the media reporting as if the nuclear plant(s) in Japan were on the verg of exploding with the force and pollution of an atomic bomb and a range of nuclear experts saying this is "no big deal" just a meltdown inside a protective cylander blown out of proportion by the media, what are we to believe? Shall we give up on nuclear power? That seems a little idiotic with hundreds of plants around the world and much of our Navy powered by nuclear plants. It has worked for 40 years--why not just learn the lessons like we did form 3 Mile Island and press on? Panic is usually just good for investors who remain calm.

2. What our leaders are doing? Hillary is in Egypt marching with the demonstrators for democracy reminding the Egyptian army of their reform promises. Meanwhile next door the USA is ignoring the rebels cry for miltary assistance while Quaddafi issues threat after threat against us and slaughters more of his people. And, the President? He contiued his Nero role yesterday with 3 radio addresses in key elction kick off states on subjects dealing with neither Japan nor Libya. And, then held an event with ESPN to fill out his NCAA Bracket commenting on Pitt's perimeter game.

3. Biden, back from overseas and tasked to negotiate a budget deal, spent the day having a Train Station named after him which was built with "STIMULUS" dollars. A train station is a good token to be named after Biden--that's where everyone goes to "get out of town".


The streak continues for the President:

1. Magnitude 9.0 quake hits Japan and devastates the northern area. Estimates range from $15B-$50B to repair the damage to America's second largest debt holder. So another of the potential sources of deficit funding are gone.

2. Nuclear reactors in Japan continue to deteriorate. Six is the latest count in danger with two in serious trouble. Already radiation has leaked to contaminate not only Japanese citizens but Navy sailors as well. Meanwhile in the USA the anti nuclear people are calling for the shutdown and review of nuclear energy policies for some of America's 104 reactors. With 104 in the USA, 55 in Japan and 000's more throughout the world did planners never consider that statistically we were going to have these things happen? Of course they knew. Man cannot live risk free. If we take nuclear off line now that the President has sharply cut back drilling permits what exactly will power the US economy? No oil, no coal, no Nuclear equals no economy and no life. Windmill sales should soar.

-- Buy Ford stock. The US carmaker should get another shot in the arm with Japan's carmakers in uncertain status as the aftershocks continue to come. Japanese auto parts for all those American owned Japanese cars may be in short supply for a while.

-- US engineering firms and capital equipment companies should get a lot of that $30B or so needed to rebuild Japan. And, US manufacturing companies should get a bit of a boost as well.

3. The United Arab League has endorsed the No fly zone. So now we have the UK, the Arabs and France on board. But, not Hillary? Meanwhile the Ghaddafi troops blast away at the rebels. Interesting isn't it that the Obama administration demonized Bush for waterboarding the worst of the terrorists but stands by confused as Ghaddafi slaughters thousands of his own people. And, if that isn't bad enough can you imagine the torture techneiques he will use and is using on the rebels? I doubt he uses waterboarding--much too mild. Come on Mr President at least bomb the runways and take out the tanks and give the rebels a fighting chance. What exactly are we saying to the freedom fighters of the world?

Leadership? This is truly sad.

dot 5: To the contrary, according to Newspaper accounts, over half of Wall Street money has been going Republican.

It continues to be a misadventure for the President:

1. Today at 11 AM he was supposed to address the country on energy concerns. Then yesterday his Director of Intelligence publically told the Congress that the rebels cannot win against Quaddafi. He did this I guess without letting the White House know what he was going to say. Immediately, the White House intelligence czar refuted the assessment saying it was a "One dimensional analysis". Meanwhile demonstrations in Saudi broke out and today you can bet oil prices will rise again. Meanwhile Hilllary says without international approval we cannot aid the rebels except with humanitarian help. Well, Hillary send lots of Tombstones--forget the bandages. Russia is not going along with a no fly zone. And, Hillary says EU must lead. Well, the french are on board, having already recognized the rebels and exchanged ambassadors. UK is signing on. Obama was quick to offer "all the resources of the US military in the Pacific and FEMA" to aid Japan facing the earthquake devastation this mrning. Do you know what the Libyian Air Force consists of? 80 aircraft. 80 Aircraft is a turkey shoot. I would bet that 30 of them can't get off the ground. And, another 30 would fly straight to Malta. Do you remember when Reagan was president and they sent aircraft to attack our carrier? We shot them down and Reagan bombed Quaddafi's house. Where in the hell is the leadership hiding"? I can't wait for the press conference which I am sure will now focus on the tsunami headed for our shores. This is the most confused Administration in American history.

2. Biden showed up on the air. 45 minutes after the President issued his support for Japan Biden comes on the air from whereever he is and said exactly the same thing. How many confused voices do we need to hear? I'm sure Hillary will be on before 10am.

3. NPR radio our national voice of the left has fired the two top people for their unbelievable incompetence and bias actions.

4. Our only Muslim congressman went on TV and cried because we lost a Muslim firefighter in 9-11 and he didn't want his sacrafice dishonored by the hearings on terror. He was a true hero but he wasn't alone. We lost 2000+ Americans of all religions that day. And, it was 20 radical Muslims who killed them (and your friend). Any tears for them Congressman?

It is getting about as bad for the President as it can get:

1. Jobless claims are rising.

2. Gas Prices are rising.

3. Quaddafi is thumbing his nose at the Administration and Europe as he pounds the rebels with tanks and airplanes. Hillary says we need an international agreement to take action.

4. Wisconsin Republicans pull a move that was reminiscent of the healthcare fiasco pulled off by Democrats. Meanwhile Democrats scream that democracy was stolen from them. Who walked out? With men at the Alamo like these representatives Texas would be a Mexican state now. Maybe next time they'll do their arguing from the Senate floor and take their medicine.

5. Congress is looking at the link between homegrown terrorists and their religion. I hate to say it but Holder will likely be on the stand next explaining his refusal to prosecute black intimidators at the 2010 polls.

6. Gates wants to extend the troops in Afghanistan.

7. Sean Penn seems to be taking President Clinton's role in Haiti and has organized his new friend, Dictator Chavez to help.

8. Obama's poll #'s are falling fast.

9. The US deficit for the month of February was more than $200B. And Democrats and proposed a $6B cut in spending. Bush's deficit for 2007 (the year) was less than $200B. 2011? More than $1.3 Trillion.

10. Egypt is no where near organizing for democratic elections in a few months.

11. Asked by his own party to take the lead on spending cut negotiations Obama promptly appointed Biden as his lead negotiator. Biden left that day for an overseas trip and is not back yet.

12. Since ordered by the courts once to approve drilling operations the administration has (last I heard) approved one permit.
Meanwhile the CEO of Exxon announced yesterday that Exxon spends $34B dollars a year on new production and development of oil. That is an example of the magnitude of the investment and job creating potential of the PRIVATE sector that is being wasted by attempts to drive America to a clean energy policy before the economics work.

13. China's economy shows signs of weakening. Who will fund our debt if the Chinese can't?

14. Spain another of the EU models of clean energy policies is about to default on their debt.

How about another speech, Mr President? Perhaps review your qualifications to lead? But, despite all this the good news for him--no Republican leader has emerged to challenge seriously. The economy is still showing somes signs of recovery. And, some states are getting their houses in order.

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