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March 03, 2011


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Hillary today: "We understand the urgency of this and are looking for ways to support the opposition. we are rushing our humanitarian aid to them." OMG -- America has been reduced to the role of watching the slaughter of thousands of people while offering blankets and bandages to a people who will soon need tombstones and asylum to escape torture chambers. The no fly zone was blocked again today by Germany and Russia and China.

Saturday only 24 hours after the earthquake devasted Japan and threatened nuclear poisining of their people and with Libya and the mideast in flames Obama delivered a radio address on women's advancement in the US and played his 61st round of golf since assuming the office. Still no leadership on the budget and spending. I feel like I'm watching Nero fiddle in a void of indifference on a leaderless ship.

What to do next? How long will we watch as the terrorist dictator slaughters his people before we take action? In a matter of a couple hours I suspect the US with one carrier of aircraft could put Libya's airforce out of business. And, give the mercenary force supporting Ghadfi a lot to think about. On the other side of the coin we will have one more country with oil to worry about emerging as a Muslim state of some sort. Perhaps better to help them than ignore their pleas for help. Or, since this is EU oil perhaps we let them do it.

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