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March 31, 2011


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AMERICA THE WELFARE STATE? The wealthiest Americans -- 1 % --pay 40% of the taxes. While at the same time 50% of Americans pay no tax at all. That is an alarming statistic. Somewhere along the way America has become a welfare state--like it or not.


55% of the Baby boom generation about to retire say they will retire and have enough money to live on. Ok good for them.

40% of the Baby Boom generation say they do not have enough money to retire and live on. Ok they will continue to work at least part time and take some jobs from the new people coming on line. Not so good.

25% of the Baby Boomer generation says they will NEVER retire. Obviously these come from both segment 1 and 2 above. OK that means that 25% of the Baby Boom generation WILL NOT give up their jobs to the new people coming on line. BAD--these are the jobs tht open up and allow advancement and higher incomes for the present middle class and open opprtunities for the kids coming out of college and High School.

Thus, the system gets further slowed in creating jobs and unemployment may remain high for a long time.

EUROPE HAS ARRIVED HERE----And thus, if you consider these two factors--welfare states and lower retirement rates we have reached the system of Europe where when they run out of money and try to cut benefits the people riot in the streets. Ask your self this: Why is it that 3 Dems Obama,Reid and Biden cannot agree to a mere $61B cut in the budget--3.5% of the deficit in order to keep the government running for 6 months? Pass it and let's get on with the start of next year's negotiations.

IF NATO---dithers much longer Gaddaffi will have all his tanks hidden inside the cities, have killed the civilains we said we went into this thing to protect and declare victory.


Without regard to the state of the world the President chooses to let us know officially that he is a candidate for reelection. And, time to start campaigning for the job. Has he ever stopped campaigning?

$1.6 Trillion shortfall and our politicians have--almost agreed--to a $33 Billion dollar cut in spending. Let's see that is 2% of the deficit for this year. Marvelous. Did any of these people watch the elections in November?

And now Quaddafi is calling for a cease fire and negotiations. Meanwhile US warplanes end operations today and perform refueling duties. What was the purpose of this intervention, again? Turkey is evacuating the wounded freedom fighters by ferry despite Quadaffi's request to wait for a cease fire to do so. It's nice that the opponents talk. Meanwhile Lame Duck Secretary of Defense begins to get louder and louder in his complaints about the mission in Libya for US forces. Should be a parting of the ways soon.

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