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April 07, 2011


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Was this afternoon's speech a trial balloon designed to be delivered at a time when no one would hear it? Far from prime time?
I listened carefully but even the math confused me. What is a $4T cut in the deficit over 12 years? $400B a year? Leaving $1.2T times 12 added to the national debt? Bringing us to $28 Trillion? Why do we need to wait until 2014 to review our targets? Where have we seen any of the Trillion dollar reduction in healthcare costs as a result of Obama Care? I thought we already accounted for the waste and fraud savings in Medicare and Medicaid? Now we counting it again? Don't the wealthy already have limits on deductions? There is a max deduction on mortgage interest. There are no medical deductions for the top 1%. There is a limit of noncash deductions for the top 1%. People making $250,000 and running businesses with their credit cards for financing are not wealthy. So, Mr. President when you say you (At $4M+/year and Warren Buffet at $???B/Year) can afford a tax increase and loss of your deductions--don't lump the $250k small business owners in the heap. Check with all the California Celebraties who cheat on their taxes and see if they want an increase. And, my favorite line: we all pay our fair share but some of us can afford a little more. Sorry but 50% pay zero. Is that their fair share?

This was mostly a negative speech about the Republican proposal and the consequences of anyone's plan but yours. It was a negative view of an America after cuts. It was a review of how we got here leaving out the contribution of the 2004-2008 Democratic Congress of which you were a memeber's contribution to the debt.Remeber you voted against raising the ceiling?. And, it was a view of an America "investing in your vision" seen by others as more spending. Your description of how social security is a major portion of the spending failed to remind Congress that they stole that money from our retirement accounts. What would happen to me as an employer if I failed to pay my payroll taxes and instead used it to save my company? JAIL!

Yes I believe it was another attempt to "test the waters" before you go prime with it or flush it. The same kind of wishy washy approach you made to Libya. General Powell taught us a lesson after Vietnam: if you are going to fight then fight to win and have an end game clearly in mind. What is our end game in Libya: turn it over to NATO and watch em negotiate with Gaddafi?


Oil & Gas exploration and production is on fire in the US mainland. Little noticed 9 months ago the administration began to loosen controls on exploration for fossil fuels in the continental US (possibly with the exception of Sarah Palin's Alaska) and now the oil & gas exploration and production companies are on the hunt for $100+ a barrel oil. Why? Perhaps this was done to offset the loss of production from the off shore rigs the president flip flopped on. Or to help constrain the rise in gas prices by summer. Or perhaps it was the natural process that happens every time the price goes above $100. Who knows? What we do know is that economics will naturally drive companies to invent, create and release new solutions to consumer problems in return for profits. And, so it should be. Government constraints usually create artificial markets and high risk for companies who chase them. Was that Senator Schumer calling for the release of oil from the Strategic Reserves yesterday? Is that a Democrat feeling the pinch of highr gas prices? Wait until interest on the national debt hits the economy, Senator. Perhaps a visit to the White House will explain this behavior for the left.

With Trump rising in the polls (OMG where do the Republicans get em?) Governor Romney decides to jump in. As much as I like that he is a businessman; he-- like Trump-- appears to be more of a detriment with his link to Massachusettes Medical Planning. At this point polls are meaningless with 10-15 half declared Republican candidates.


Rumor has it Obama will now say that his vote against raising the Debt Ceiling during the GWB years was a mistake. Really? Now that it is his debt it's ok? Now that they are his wars it's OK? Now that he has 50% of the country on the dole tax free closing in on Ireland it's ok? Now that he has a multitrillion dollar healthcare plan in place--it's OK?

Smoke and Mirrors everywhere in both parties. Politicians-- our dedicated public servants at work!


At a meeting last week of 12 of my Search Firm Owner Friends all 12 reported activity across the country and across most industries in hiring. It isn't straight up but there is a pulse in the American economy. If you have quit looking for a job--take another look. You might be surprised.


It is just amazing to me how we elect people to serve and they just go on playing political games as if nothing really matters except them. During this "fund the government" process the politicians took it to the wire each time in incredible suspense as if we thought the world would end if the government was shut down for the weekend. In the end they played their political games about winning and losing over a few billion $. Dems offerred $33B in cuts and Repubs wanted more. In the end after what appeared in the media to be Herculean efforts on the part of the Congressional leaders we settled at $38B. And, put the controversial programs on hold for later negotiation. Those totalled less than $1B. Dems had control of both houses and the Whitehouse for 24 months. They did not bother to pass a budget preferring instead to spend without limits using GWB's crisis as their excuse. Now they have rung up the spending to a Trillion $ higher level than GWB's last year and "can't find a dime" to cut.

AND NOW -------

Paul Ryan comes forward with a plan to cut $6 Trillion over ten years. Republicans have NO POWER to implement this plan with no control over the Senate and the White House veto in the back ground. So, why propose the unattainable? Politics--why else?

And, right on que just a few days after launching his reelection campaign the President will address the nation on the budget---unimportant for 30 months--to unveil his new plan to work on Medicare cuts and get the country on the path to fiscal responsibilty. Didn't Obamacare just cut Medicare $500B or so? And, how we doing on all that FRAUD ($400B) we were going to find if we passed Healthcare? Where is that initiative? (Replaced by the new 1600 IRS agents who promise to audit the top 1% of Americans). I wonder what 1600 FBI agents could find in Medicare fraud or one IRS auditor assigned to GE's books?) This is exactly what the country needs with gas up another 19 cents this week and NATO unable so far to get Quaddafi out of Libya. More political debates on fantasy.

So, politicians will talk of massive spending cuts with the President creating all kinds of smoke and mirrors to protect his current extra Trillion dollars a year in spending. They'll pretend to debate raising the debt ceiling which they will raise every year. And, they will work for compromise on nothing important. Why should the Dems? They have nothing to gain and with Dems holding blocking control Repubs can do little about it. So Repubs will try to win public sentiment to inflict another blow to Dems in 2012. And, those serious "new" Congress members who promised to come to town and change things will be shown how it really works in Congress. It works for the old guard while the people and the freshmen watch in frustration and listen to the insane blame game.

Of course the fastest way to cut the deficit is for the economy to get healthy increasing tax revenues. Anyone remember the promise to create jobs? It's the economy stupid! And now the Dems have gotten the Repubs to focus on Debt and not jobs. Another political trap sprung by the Dems and fallen into by Paul Ryan, the Tea Party and the Repubs. Dems are smiling now.

Repubs should be on JOBS, DRILLING and the ECONOMY.

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